Let the Beast Out… Just Howl


“Coach said I’d find you here.”

“I think there’s been a mistake. What are you doing?”

“You told Coach you wanted to unleash raw power in the gym, right?”

“Yeah, so?”

“The best way to do that is to let the beast out.”

“Coach preconditioned you already. All you need is find the wolf inside and let out its beastly howl. Are you ready to join our pack?”

“Head… fuzzy… Coach…. wants me…. part of pack…. good for me.”

“Very good jock, now just relax as Coach has taught you and let me prepare you for what’s to come.”

“Oh God… your wolf tongue… it goes so deep.”


HowlPart119small      “Aaaarrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!”

“Welcome to the pack. Now show you know your place… sniff your new Alpha and take in my scent!”

“Yes Sir… permission to try out my new wolf tongue too!”


But save some for me tonight… the moon makes us wolfjocks incredibly horny.”

Images courtesy of Men.com – click here for more from Men.com including the hot Howl series just in time for Halloween! The above of course is fantasy – I could only make someone temporarily think they were a bit more wolf – but damn is it hot!


Trick With a Treat

“Fuck yeah, I’m rockin’ this jock slut costume.
[Doorbell] Isn’t it a bit late kids?”
52914_02smallest“Damn dude, you’re no kid. Who are you?”
“I’m a trick with a treat.”

The jock wasn’t sure why his head started to feel fuzzy, but he couldn’t help but drift off into an obedient state as the masked man spoke.

“You craved that treat. Who doesn’t crave a nice treat now and then? But on Halloween, one could just give in and overindulge on those treats. Give in jock. It’s time for your treat.”

The jock was helpless but didn’t care. Even if he’d been tricked into believing it, he accepted he was in for a treat.


Images courtesy of ExtraBigDicks – click here for more hung tricks offering up treats for your eyes!

Shower Steam, Shower Scream


Letting that water relax you, deep into trance. Just a nice private shower. You feel so comfortable here, but you’ve been afraid to use the showers in the locker rooms with other guys. 

Deep down, you have felt this is because you don’t want the other guys to lust after you… you like to pretend you’re such a macho straight guy.

Yet as you relax deeper, you realize the real reason you shower alone is because deep down you aren’t afraid of their desires, but your own.

I want you to channel all that fear into a ball in the pit of your stomach. That’s right… feel it burning inside of you.

It’s such an intense feeling that you won’t notice anything else but my  soothing voice and how relaxing that shower feels.


There’s no one here but you and me, and I’m safely outside the shower.

Soon you might find yourself surprised, and when you do, you’ll let out a big scream… releasing that ball of fear from the pit of your stomach until it’s emptied out. No more fear of your desires … accepting that being gay won’t change who you are. It will just allow you to enjoy the desires you’ve denied for so long.



That’s right, releasing all that fear until you realize there’s no reason to fear showering with another man. In fact, you prefer it now that you can accept who you’ve been inside.

“You scared the shit out of me. I’ve seen you at the gym; thought you was straight.”

“Nah man, and I’ve been lusting after you but never could get ya alone!”

“Coach thought you might feel the same.”

“Oh hell yeah…. I’m never showering alone again.”

“You won’t ever go to bed alone again either.”

Images courtesy of DominicFord.com – click here for more steamy movies in 2D & 3D – and stay tuned for more spooky Halloween fun!



New Oral Fixation


“You really think ya can get me to quit Coach?”

It’s not my specialty jock, but I have some ideas such as giving you a new oral fixation. Perhaps suckers.

“I dunno Coach, won’t my teeth rot?”

Why don’t you just relax for me and we’ll explore what your subconscious desires as a substitute.

Take a nice deep breath as you stroke and feel how good it feels. You’ll be able to push yourself more in each workout when your lungs are so full of fresh air. Yet as you stroke, you know it’s more than just addiction… it’s habit. But that’s OK, because we’re going to make you desire a new habit. Think of how good it feels to have that cigarette on your lips as I count up to 10. By the time we reach 10, it’ll feel 100 times better to have something else on your lips…and because it’ll feel so much better, it becomes the only oral craving you have.


“Damn Coach, I don’t feel like a cig at all. I still kinda wanna put somethin’ in my mouth though. Can’t put my finger on it but damn I just need to suck on somethin’ good.”

Perhaps my cock can satisfy your craving.

“Mmmm, was thinkin’ that Coach but didn’t feel my place to ask… yes Sir!”

Good jock, now come smoke my pole.

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Hard Muscles, Dude!


“Dude, did you get hard looking at that fitness mag?”

“Bro, not cool!”

“No way man, your dick is throbbing!”

“Don’t mean nothin’. Just been workin’ with Coach to crave that hard muscle, push harder in the gym, ya’ know?”

“Yeah, and I got a hard muscle for you right here.”

Soon both boys had succumbed to Coach’s programming. It wasn’t hard for Keith, who was already gay, to give in… but Toby had taken more work. Yet Coach’s words took over: You crave that hard muscle. You want that hard muscle yourself. When in your gym, it’s almost like you can taste it. You wish you could taste it. And as soon as you do get a taste of that hard muscle you’ve come to lust after, there’s no going back…. the desire for that hard muscle will consume you.


Before long you’ll need that hard muscle to enter you in any and all ways possible.
MyBrotherInLawSTG18small              Images courtesy of Str8toGay.com from Men.com – click here for more steamy videos of straight studs seduced into steamy sex!


Pre-Workout Stretch



It’s always such a good idea to stretch those muscles ahead of a workout**…

…getting more and more limber for all those sessions with your hot jock teammates

…staying as flexible as possible even as that mass keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Working that core…  building those muscles…. 

This becomes your new favorite gym, for everything about it feels so very right…. everybody here so obsessed with muscle…. both building their own, and lusting after the muscle of others.

Images courtesy of Falcon.com – click here for more this and other hot gym encounters plus more stroke-worthy videos.


43521_14**This is just fantasy talk. Do your research for the latest science on types of stretches for pre- or post- workout.

Rookie Prepwork



Just remaining in that nice relaxed state rookie as your top jock gets you used to his big cock. 

You already feel so turned on thinking of how good that big dildo feels in your mouth… and you know his cock will taste so much better.

That’s right rookie… it tastes so good. 

When you first looked at it, your eyes lit up in fear but all that has disappeared with each bob of your head over that hung stud’s packages.

And now that you know how good it tastes, you’re so ready for the next stage in your training.


Each thrust gives you more and more pleasure… that slobbered on dildo sliding in so easily and hitting all the right notes as orgasmic pleasure washes over you.

And yet again, you know this is nothing compared to that cock of your top jock, because now you know how good it feels to be fucked by such a big dick…. and you know your top jock’s cock will feel 100 times better than that dildo…

134                       Images courtesy of Studport.com – click here for more studs having sex!

Craving That Jockhole

That’s right jock, just relax into trance as you slip on that toy. You’ll find that each thrust helps to take you deeper and deeper, and the deeper you go, the more pleasure you feel…. the more pleasure you feel, the deeper you go. 

And because it feels so very good, you’ll want to experience this feeling again… this feeling of fucking a jockhole. You’ve fucked pussy before but it’s never compared to this… how amazing it feels to slip your dick into the hole of one of your fellow jocks.

“Damn Coach, I never knew jockhole could feel so fuckin’ good. When you gonna assign me my rookie?”

Some new recruits are coming in very soon.

“Awesome Coach. Does jockhole really feel that good? I mean, maybe ’til I get my rookie I can have some teammates practice on me.

Don’t wanna deny them this sweet pleasure, ya know?”


img011                   Images courtesy of DirtyBoyVideo.com – click here for more dirty jocks in action!

Chav Chain

As you stroke deeper, you feel  that inner chav taking over more and more whenever you were that special chain.

Whenever that chain is on, it’s as if you never were properly educated. Just a horny lad that wants to have a good time when you wear that chain.

As I wake you with that chain already on, you will feel as if you are a chav and have always been a chav… and you won’t know otherwise until that chain comes off.

“Fuck I feel mint Coach Let’s go ave some beers and den fuck some bumtingz lads.

You’re bloody bumtingz yerself, maybe ya could just stay in and work mii ass.

This chain sick, innit? Ain’t never comin’ off mate.”


Images courtesy of BlakeMason.com – click here for more hot lads working their noodles.