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The New Poolboy

Rick was the typical trust fund baby, spoiled rotten by his white parents – but they still insisted he get a job. Despite his inexperience, he seemed to think he was qualified for any high-level job when he came to interview with me. He was smug and looked miserable at the same time, and I knew I had no choice but to help him accept a job at the bottom as I took him into trance. Yet, I’m not sure if he wants to climb the corporate ladder anymore – Enrique barely understands English anymore, but he’s always smiling as my happy poolboy.

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Using the Pool


“Rob, what are you doing by my pool?”

“Chillax, neighbor. Ain’t harming anyone to use your pool when you go to work.”

“I suppose you’re right. Go ahead and relax for now. In fact, if you don’t mind, I may call my bud over as well.”

“If he’s anything like you, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the view. Queers are always staring at my junk.”

“Here he is Coach, all nice and relaxed. You cool with teaching this punk a lesson?”

He didn’t leave much choice.
Rob, I know your subconscious can hear me. Relax deeper as I speak to your it now. You love to hang by the pool. Not just any pool, but a private pool like this where you can swim and tan completely naked. Hanging by this pool becomes your strongest desire, the desire growing even as I speak. You are so willing to do anything to hang at this pool.


That’s right Rob, so easy to remain in trance for me. Even in this deep sleep, you know we’re joined by your neighbor. Your desire to hang at his pool is so strong by now that you’d be willing to do anything to hang there. And that means you are so willing to submit. 

As you feel your new Master touch his cock to yours, you allow yourself to let go of your free will to him. It’s so easy to just let go, knowing that only in letting go will you get to hang by the pool.

Now go ahead and stroke your cock as you suck your new Master’s cock. Each stroke taking you deeper and deeper into submission. 

The more you stroke and suck, the more you just let go. All that matters is that pool. You don’t need to be smart. You don’t need to think. All you have to do is please your new Master… obey your new Master… and when you’re a good boy, he’ll allow you to spend time at the pool.


When your new Master cums on you, you will feel completely owned. For now this is only a temporary transformation. On Monday, you’ll return to normal.

“Is that a good idea Coach? I mean, won’t he report us?”

Deep down he knows this is something he needed to experience. Either he’ll be so ashamed that he never uses your pool without permission again…. or he’ll discover an inner desire for a simple life.

“Fuck dude, I was really your poolboy all weekend?”

“Yes. I hope you learned your lesson.”

“Yeah… but… I was wonderin’ if I could keep using your pool, Sir? Will do whatever you want.”

“I’ll give you one hour by the pool if you let me fuck you first, boy. Then we’ll have Coach make this permanent.”



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Wet & Horny Poolboy


That’s right jock… just go ahead and strip down to your swimsuit as you prepare to lounge in the pool.

And yet when that water starts hitting you, you’ll find it starts to make you feel so very horny.

Such a horny jock whenever he gets wet.

So wet and horny now, and yet able to relax deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Being in that pool feels so natural for you, even as you feel yourself letting go of all other knowledge… each stroke making you more simple.

Yet it feels so good, and you will love your new life as a dumb, always naked poolboy.


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The Touch of the Pool

“You are the man my Boss gets coached by, yes?”

In a way. I hypnotize him for workout motivation.

“Could you make some changes to him?”

I’m not really one to change someone against their will.”

“Nothing bad. Just to be nicer.”

What do you mean?

“The Boss asks me to work in jeans, but the sun beats down on me… I need to cool off. So I splash myself with water from the pool. I didn’t think it was big deal. I do it all the time when Boss is at the office. But he worked from home today and scolded me. He didn’t care that I was hot. He only cared that I touched his pool with my bare hands.He makes me wear gloves when I clean it. But he said I tainted his water.”

Is that so? I think I have an idea that will help make him more polite to you.



“Coach, I don’t understand how doing a stroke session with this goddamn illegal is supposed to help me in the gym.”

Trust me. You’ll be a newly motivated man after this.

“I do trust you, I just feel it’s inappropriate for the fuckin’ day laborer to be staring at my cock.”

Relax.  Just relax for me. 

“Coach, I can’t believe he actually signed over all his assets to me – and a contract to be my slave!”

His resentment masked his inferiority issues. I tapped into that to help him realize this is what he truly wants.

“Oh yes. Sir! I know now that you are so Superior to me, and that it is my place to serve you! I was always so moody at my job, and always so full of hate, but this feels so right.

I worship you and your cock Sir!”



“Thanks Coach! And unlike how Boss used to be, I have no problem with him touching or even being in my pool… in fact, it’s my favorite place for my new poolboy slave to suck me!”


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Waking Up Ready for a New Career


“Coach… I feel, like, all weird and shit.”

Weird? Is that bad?

“No, bro… it’s fuckin’ awesome!”

Very cool. I suppose it’s back to the accounting firm now. 

“Fuck that shit, gonna find a new job.

You know the  only things I count are reps and macros Coach – fuckin’ hate math!”

“Dude, thanks for visitin’ me at the new gig.

Ain’t it awesome? This rich dude wants me to be his pool boy.

He kinda ugly but he don’t want sex, just to watch me clean and work out and shit.

That why he put a bench out here, bro. Let me lay here and tan, or grab some dumbbells to get even bigger.”



“He at a confer…a… shit, what’s that word… some meeting crap all weekend.

Figured it’d be a good time to show ya how much me love my new life. Gotta lot to thank you for Coach!”


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