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The Horny Jocks Inside Take Over

That’s right jocks. We’ve had separate sessions helping you each to let go and let the dumb horny jocks inside take over. 

You’ve both learned how to think with your dicks and you can tell even now that they don’t care how they get off.

It doesn’t matter whether you stroke or suck or fuck. It doesn’t matter that you used to each have girlfriends. All that matters is you’re both so horny as you think with those cocks now.

Your hard, thick cocks taking over. And Emmet, your jockhole is still so very sensitive.

You love to have it played with, especially when it’s other jocks working that hole. It just feels so good to give in.

No more inhibitions… just letting all that pleasure take over as you both let go of who you used to be and give in to the temptation of being such simple, fun-loving jocks.


And as good as it feels to play with each other’s jockholes, you know that it feels even better to fuck those jockholes.

It doesn’t matter that neither of you has done anal before… all that matters is you’re both thinking with your dicks as the horny jocks inside take over.


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Time To Enjoy It


“Coach, I’ve been working hard to make you proud of my body and now I think it’s time to enjoy it.

You really think you can help me let go and have some fun?”

Of course jock. A bod like that shouldn’t be held back by inhibitions… and I definitely have some ideas for getting you to let go.

“Great Coach!”

That’s right… just starting to feel so horny now. Your cock so hard and yet you need more… just a horny jock getting hornier and hornier. 

Go ahead now and start playing with your jockhole. It feels so good to explore it. And you can’t wait to let all the other jocks explore it too.

And when you cum for me, these changes become permanent. Just a dumb, horny jock ready for action.  


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Horny Jock Gets Hole Ready for Coach


That’s right jock… deeper and dumber with each stroke… just letting all that intelligence fade out as you stroke your cock… becoming so horny.

Such a horny jock… still stroking that cock… even as you start to play with your hole. Such a good boy already starting to prep your hole for Coach. 

Just letting that dumb horny jock inside of you completely take over.

Letting that dildo slide in… giving you so much pleasure as it does…. now just let it rest inside of you for a while.

That dildo now helping get that hole so loose and ready for Coach. The longer it’s in you, the more excited you start to get for Coach’s cock….


“Coach me so horny for you’s cock.  Me want you fuck jockhole.”


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Straight from the Tap


That’s right jocks, just using your toys to get off as we focus on building trust among teammates. 

There’s no one else involved as you use your own hand to work your toy.

And as you do that, you find it so easy to drift deeper for me with each thrust…. going deeper as you feel more pleasure… feeling more pleasure as you go deeper.

In this state, it’s so easy to accept that it’s perfectly natural to help each other out. I know you are both straight, and yet you don’t even have to touch each other’s cocks. Just placing your hands on those toys… as if you were still working your own toy.

Yet as you do this, you start to think about how your buddy will cum soon. And you can’t help but be curious about what it tastes like. It’s so natural to be curious.


Just allow that curiosity to take over now. There’s nothing gay about it… you haven’t even touched each other…. you’re just so curious as to if it tastes the same as your own. 

Yet as that cum hits your tongue, you realize it tastes better, full of amazing flavor… like an orgasm in your mouth.

As you wake, you’ll find yourself craving more, but wanting it fresh and warm… making you so eager to drink it straight from the tap.

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Using the Pool


“Rob, what are you doing by my pool?”

“Chillax, neighbor. Ain’t harming anyone to use your pool when you go to work.”

“I suppose you’re right. Go ahead and relax for now. In fact, if you don’t mind, I may call my bud over as well.”

“If he’s anything like you, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the view. Queers are always staring at my junk.”

“Here he is Coach, all nice and relaxed. You cool with teaching this punk a lesson?”

He didn’t leave much choice.
Rob, I know your subconscious can hear me. Relax deeper as I speak to your it now. You love to hang by the pool. Not just any pool, but a private pool like this where you can swim and tan completely naked. Hanging by this pool becomes your strongest desire, the desire growing even as I speak. You are so willing to do anything to hang at this pool.


That’s right Rob, so easy to remain in trance for me. Even in this deep sleep, you know we’re joined by your neighbor. Your desire to hang at his pool is so strong by now that you’d be willing to do anything to hang there. And that means you are so willing to submit. 

As you feel your new Master touch his cock to yours, you allow yourself to let go of your free will to him. It’s so easy to just let go, knowing that only in letting go will you get to hang by the pool.

Now go ahead and stroke your cock as you suck your new Master’s cock. Each stroke taking you deeper and deeper into submission. 

The more you stroke and suck, the more you just let go. All that matters is that pool. You don’t need to be smart. You don’t need to think. All you have to do is please your new Master… obey your new Master… and when you’re a good boy, he’ll allow you to spend time at the pool.


When your new Master cums on you, you will feel completely owned. For now this is only a temporary transformation. On Monday, you’ll return to normal.

“Is that a good idea Coach? I mean, won’t he report us?”

Deep down he knows this is something he needed to experience. Either he’ll be so ashamed that he never uses your pool without permission again…. or he’ll discover an inner desire for a simple life.

“Fuck dude, I was really your poolboy all weekend?”

“Yes. I hope you learned your lesson.”

“Yeah… but… I was wonderin’ if I could keep using your pool, Sir? Will do whatever you want.”

“I’ll give you one hour by the pool if you let me fuck you first, boy. Then we’ll have Coach make this permanent.”



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Craving That Jockhole

That’s right jock, just relax into trance as you slip on that toy. You’ll find that each thrust helps to take you deeper and deeper, and the deeper you go, the more pleasure you feel…. the more pleasure you feel, the deeper you go. 

And because it feels so very good, you’ll want to experience this feeling again… this feeling of fucking a jockhole. You’ve fucked pussy before but it’s never compared to this… how amazing it feels to slip your dick into the hole of one of your fellow jocks.

“Damn Coach, I never knew jockhole could feel so fuckin’ good. When you gonna assign me my rookie?”

Some new recruits are coming in very soon.

“Awesome Coach. Does jockhole really feel that good? I mean, maybe ’til I get my rookie I can have some teammates practice on me.

Don’t wanna deny them this sweet pleasure, ya know?”


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The Laundry Trigger



“Coach sent me to get your laundry.”

“Whoa… I just felt light-headed when you said that.”

“In that case you better let me help you with that shirt.”

“Sure bro. I can help you with yours too.”

“And now for those shorts…”

Soon the jocks were filling up with uncontrollable lust.They didn’t realize that Coach’s hypnosis sessions had implanted a trigger word that only worked when in the locker room: laundry.

Any time one of the team or Coach mentioned laundry in the locker room, the jocks felt all their eyes glaze over and all their cocks shot right up.

In that moment, all jockholes were ripe for the taking, remaining in lustful trance until each teammate had cummed.


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Sniff That Jock


Each sniff of that jock dumbs you down further… you are coming a dumb jock…. obsessed with working out…. and working as a dumb laborer to help pay your way. 

Just becoming more simple with each and every inhale of that sweat… that stench… this is the jock of a man that works out… and has a lot of sex…

Sniff that jock… and realize this is what your jocks will smell like.

The aroma of that jock continues to make changes inside of your mind… you can feel it. Making you more simple. Complex thoughts are just so hard now.

Hard… just like your cock. This is what you think with from now on. Always so very horny. Always such simple needs. Muscle and sex. 

When I wake you up, you’ll experiment with the toy I have provided for you… at first just getting used to it… but the more you feel it inside of you… the more you enjoy it.



“Damn Coach, this sorta feels nice. Never thought me bottom.

Fuck… bro this is … intense yo!”



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Rookie Initiation 8/28/14



That’s right jocks. Just keep stroking each other into a nice relaxing trance.

Feel yourself bonding as a team as we become intimate with each other. Becoming so willing to help initiate your new rookie here.

And Jamison, you are so ready to join the team, knowing that it is your place as a rookie to serve the other jocks.


Just like that Jamison.

Taking turns sucking each cock, and using your hands to take care of the other two as you give each of the team MVP’s here their fair share of orgasmic pleasure.

Feel how good it feels to serve for the good of the team.




Once you’ve worked your teammates to the point of climax, they’ll shower you in cum – completing the initiation as you make the team.


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Training Another Horny Jock

Just relax jock into a deeper state. You have been reluctant to take part in the team activities, but as you relax, you allow your mind to relax as you become more comfortable.

More comfortable through your entire body, your muscles so relaxed. And your mind begins to feel more comfortable too.

More comfortable with being trained by Coach. More comfortable with being sexual. More comfortable with being one of my horny jocks.

That’s right jock. As good as this feels… it’ll feel even better with your teammates.

“Never have felt this fuckin’ turned on Coach… can’t wait!”



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