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“Man, Coach, I don’t remember anything. I don’t think it worked.”

Is that so? Perhaps you should try slipping out of some of those clothes. I bet you’ll find that you relax a bit deeper as you undress.

“Yeah right, Coach, like I’m going to start feeling sleepy just because I’ve unzipped my fleece and am starting to … slip… down… ”

Yes, exactly… slip downt. And now that you know the power of my hypnosis, you can so easily accept what I’m going to tell you next…



Welcome back. 

“Bro! That felt fuckin’ incredible. Me no doubts you ever ag’n.”

You enjoy being a FitDimwit jock?

“Course Coach… so good not think. Just muscle, fun, pleasure.

Me want give you pleasure too.”

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Coach’s Gift to His Bud


That’s right jock. Just drifting deeper with each stroke.

Allowing each stroke to help you let go. 

Letting go of all ego as your submissive side grows with each stroke… just needing to please those that are Superior.

Letting go of all you’ve learned as you just embrace the dumb, horny jockslave inside.

And as you relax deeper, you find that the true pleasure you get is from when your holes are stimulated.

Just let go of that cock now and imagine it… a nice big dick in your ass. It feels so good. 

It doesn’t matter if you ever stroke again… all that matters is you get that cock off that’s inside of you.



“Damn Coach, you’ve outdone yourself with your gift for me this year!”

“I thought you’d like it.”

“Definitely bro! And man, the presentation… got a flexible one, huh? And that jock looks just like a bow on top of my gift!”

“Now the only question is, which hole do you want to use first? He’s got both open for you now.”

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And a very Merry Christmas to all the good jocks and muscleboys out there!

Presents for Santa


Santa was surprised that the elves had given him his presents early this year. 

Sugarplum had given Santa delicious eggnog. Snowflake had given the gift of a relaxing hypnosis playlist.

And Twinkle had given Santa a jock made special just for him. It seemed odd to Santa, but he decided to try it on that night anyway as he laid down.

The eggnog had made him feel sleepy, but he figured he’d throw on the hypnosis too. He had a big night of delivering toys ahead, and he needed his rest.

Little did Santa know that the elves had infused all three items with Christmas magic. The eggnog he had drank right before bed made his mind open to change. The hypnosis suggested the changes. And the jock was to cement the outcome…

That Santa would transform into a jock.

1 (26)

1 (3)

Santa couldn’t believe how amazing he felt when he woke up. 

“I’ll have no problems going down the chimneys this year!” he twinkled, followed with a “Ho Ho Ho” deeper than he’d ever given before. “And I’m sure the toy sack will feel lighter than ever!”

“You’re not afraid the kids will be disappointed?”

“No, but Mrs. Claus may be… I seem…. different somehow.”

“That’s because you’re final present for Christmas…. is us!”IMG_2875

1 (4)

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Getting Used to the Position



That’s right jock. Just allowing my words to help relax your jockhole even as those ropes help you get used to the position.

You are becoming such a strong and flexible bottom for your top jock.

 Soon you will be able to please him using any of the positions he so desires.


Even as we start to untie you, you find it so easy to remain in position. 

After all, the bondage is not just a way to train you physically, but a reminder that you are a rookie.

And as a rookie, you exist to be used…. for you cannot truly learn how to be a leader until you have experienced what it means to follow and please.


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Shower-Shy No More


“Thanks Aaron for helping Coach out with this.”

“No prob man. How come you so ‘fraid to shower with us bros anyway?”

“I dunno, I guess I just feel like guys are deciding whether or not they want me based just on how I look naked.”

“Dude, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Alright jocks, we ready to begin?

That’s right… just drifting into a nice deep trance.

Feeling so relaxed now, and so comfortable. The shower is such a comfortable place to be in.

And because you are starting to feel so comfortable… that warm relaxation washing over you… you realized you’d feel better with your shirt off.

Just remaining in a nice relaxed state as you allow your trusted friend to lift your shirt up and off of you now.



Relaxing more and more as that warm shower water hits you now. 

You don’t worry about being judged as you wear your jock, your package still hidden out of site. 

But as that water hits you, you begin to feel it stirring in that jock…

Aaron, go ahead and kiss the rookie’s chest…. each kiss making you both hornier than the last.

That passionate desire driving you wild now… you just need to fuck your buddy so bad. It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter that you’ve stripped to nothing. You just need to fuck Aaron. That desire so strong.

By the time you finish, you’ll realize that you just had sex in a public bathroom, by a friend that very much wanted you. 

And knowing this means you won’t care anymore what others think… you’re just a hot little rookie so confident as he proudly showers with his teammates.


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Good Jocks Obey Until All Have Cum


“Thanks for watching the game with me bro.”

“No prob, man, it’s fun hangin’ out with you. Anyone else comin’?”

“Nah, guess most of ’em are guests at a wedding somewhere or somethin’.”

“It’s cool, just saw you textin’ someone earlier. {RING} Hold on, my phone is ringing.”

“Hello? Coach?”

Good jocks obey.

“I am a good jock. Good jocks obey. I obey.”

Good jock. Good jocks obey until all have cum. You will remain in trance until you and your bud both have cum.

“Yes Sir.”



“Damn, I didn’t think Coach’s programming trigger worked so instantly… but I’m glad it did. I’ve wanted to get off with for a long time.”

“Yes. I must obey until we both cum.”

“Hot, man. So glad I arranged this with Coach and let him know when you were here.”

“I obey.”

“Strip off your jock, jock, and let’s get busy.”

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Ass Day

“Wait, why am I grabbing my shoes? Those aren’t what I need. Man my head’s always so foggy after Coach wakes me up….  Here we go.”
“Forgot today is ass day.”



“Oh hey Coach, just working out after our hypno sesh like you suggested.”

Looks like you’re working your way up in size.

“Hell yeah Coach, in more ways than one!”

Good boy. You’ll be one of the top bottom jocks in no time.

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Becoming the Gardener


“I’m a little uncertain about this Coach. I used your hypnosis to push me in the gym, working hard so that I could enjoy life outside of it.

But I’m having some trouble letting go of all the stress and finding it difficult to enjoy these muscles I worked so hard for.

I think I’m ready for a simpler life.”


“Whoa… me head feel fuzzy Coach.

Dunno what. Just woke up.

But it feel good.”




“You right. Me feel better in a jock.

Me love be gardener here.”


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Horny Jock in a Jock



Accepting this jockstrap trigger more and more with each relaxing stroke.

Whenever you are wearing the jock you have on now, you will become an eager, horny bottom jock.


“My hole is so ready for you Coach!”



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Sniff That Jock


Each sniff of that jock dumbs you down further… you are coming a dumb jock…. obsessed with working out…. and working as a dumb laborer to help pay your way. 

Just becoming more simple with each and every inhale of that sweat… that stench… this is the jock of a man that works out… and has a lot of sex…

Sniff that jock… and realize this is what your jocks will smell like.

The aroma of that jock continues to make changes inside of your mind… you can feel it. Making you more simple. Complex thoughts are just so hard now.

Hard… just like your cock. This is what you think with from now on. Always so very horny. Always such simple needs. Muscle and sex. 

When I wake you up, you’ll experiment with the toy I have provided for you… at first just getting used to it… but the more you feel it inside of you… the more you enjoy it.



“Damn Coach, this sorta feels nice. Never thought me bottom.

Fuck… bro this is … intense yo!”



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