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Coach’s Gift to His Bud


That’s right jock. Just drifting deeper with each stroke.

Allowing each stroke to help you let go. 

Letting go of all ego as your submissive side grows with each stroke… just needing to please those that are Superior.

Letting go of all you’ve learned as you just embrace the dumb, horny jockslave inside.

And as you relax deeper, you find that the true pleasure you get is from when your holes are stimulated.

Just let go of that cock now and imagine it… a nice big dick in your ass. It feels so good. 

It doesn’t matter if you ever stroke again… all that matters is you get that cock off that’s inside of you.



“Damn Coach, you’ve outdone yourself with your gift for me this year!”

“I thought you’d like it.”

“Definitely bro! And man, the presentation… got a flexible one, huh? And that jock looks just like a bow on top of my gift!”

“Now the only question is, which hole do you want to use first? He’s got both open for you now.”

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And a very Merry Christmas to all the good jocks and muscleboys out there!

Getting Used to the Position



That’s right jock. Just allowing my words to help relax your jockhole even as those ropes help you get used to the position.

You are becoming such a strong and flexible bottom for your top jock.

 Soon you will be able to please him using any of the positions he so desires.


Even as we start to untie you, you find it so easy to remain in position. 

After all, the bondage is not just a way to train you physically, but a reminder that you are a rookie.

And as a rookie, you exist to be used…. for you cannot truly learn how to be a leader until you have experienced what it means to follow and please.


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Horny Jock Gets Hole Ready for Coach


That’s right jock… deeper and dumber with each stroke… just letting all that intelligence fade out as you stroke your cock… becoming so horny.

Such a horny jock… still stroking that cock… even as you start to play with your hole. Such a good boy already starting to prep your hole for Coach. 

Just letting that dumb horny jock inside of you completely take over.

Letting that dildo slide in… giving you so much pleasure as it does…. now just let it rest inside of you for a while.

That dildo now helping get that hole so loose and ready for Coach. The longer it’s in you, the more excited you start to get for Coach’s cock….


“Coach me so horny for you’s cock.  Me want you fuck jockhole.”


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Learning to Take that Big Black Dick


That’s right. So easy to worship that big black dick in this tranced state.

And the more you suck on it, the more you feel your throat opening up… taking more and more in.

You need to have it all the way inside of you.

Yet with such a huge black cock, you know that if your mouth can’t fit it in… there’s another hole that can.

That desire to have that cock all the way inside of you is so strong in you now, stronger than those disappearing fears about being able to take it. 

Because as it slides in deeper, your own dick stays so hard…. orgasmic ecstasy washing over you more with each thrust.


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Rookie Prepwork



Just remaining in that nice relaxed state rookie as your top jock gets you used to his big cock. 

You already feel so turned on thinking of how good that big dildo feels in your mouth… and you know his cock will taste so much better.

That’s right rookie… it tastes so good. 

When you first looked at it, your eyes lit up in fear but all that has disappeared with each bob of your head over that hung stud’s packages.

And now that you know how good it tastes, you’re so ready for the next stage in your training.


Each thrust gives you more and more pleasure… that slobbered on dildo sliding in so easily and hitting all the right notes as orgasmic pleasure washes over you.

And yet again, you know this is nothing compared to that cock of your top jock, because now you know how good it feels to be fucked by such a big dick…. and you know your top jock’s cock will feel 100 times better than that dildo…

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Ass Day

“Wait, why am I grabbing my shoes? Those aren’t what I need. Man my head’s always so foggy after Coach wakes me up….  Here we go.”
“Forgot today is ass day.”



“Oh hey Coach, just working out after our hypno sesh like you suggested.”

Looks like you’re working your way up in size.

“Hell yeah Coach, in more ways than one!”

Good boy. You’ll be one of the top bottom jocks in no time.

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Training to Take It All


That’s right Sam… just let yourself drift deeper and deeper as you stare at Kory’s cock. It’s so magnificent that you can’t help but be mesmerized by it.

“You really think this is gonna get my virgin rookie ready for my monster cock?”

I do, but stay quiet until we get him to take it. Sam, just keep relaxing to my voice. You feel your desire to taste Kory grow stronger and stronger.


Go ahead and lick it… it tastes so good. 

You want to take it all in.

As deep down your hole as possible.

Each time it becomes easier to go deeper than the last.



As you become skilled at deep throating, you realize even that isn’t enough. Kory is just too big. Yet that desire to have it completely down your hole is still there. 

It’s okay Sam… because you have another hole. It doesn’t matter if that hole is tight right now because you know you need that cock completely inside of you… and you now accept completely that your jockhole is the best place to do that.

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Training Another Horny Jock

Just relax jock into a deeper state. You have been reluctant to take part in the team activities, but as you relax, you allow your mind to relax as you become more comfortable.

More comfortable through your entire body, your muscles so relaxed. And your mind begins to feel more comfortable too.

More comfortable with being trained by Coach. More comfortable with being sexual. More comfortable with being one of my horny jocks.

That’s right jock. As good as this feels… it’ll feel even better with your teammates.

“Never have felt this fuckin’ turned on Coach… can’t wait!”



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Horny Jock Transformation

“Thanks for accepting me into your program Coach. I’ve always thought I look like a jock but I just can’t let go enough to enjoy it.”

I’m sure you won’t have any troubles letting for for me. Why don’t you go ahead and relax now. 

That’s it jock. Just drifting into that relaxed state. And as you accept your desire to act more like a jock, you realize that jocks are always horny.

And you find yourself so horny for another jock to fuck you.


When you wake up, you’ll find you need to finger yourself thinking of another jock up your hole. You crave it,  and find it so easy to let go. 

You prepare yourself as best as you can. From now on, you only stroke yourself if you are also pleasuring your hole… with your fingers… with a dildo… and  you will do this while listening to my files. 

Finding it so easy to get in that mindset that you need to be fucked by other jocks.



And once it’s time, you’ll find it feels so right when that cock starts to slide up your hole. You’ll feel like you truly have become a jock.

After all, the best ways for you to become a jock, is to get molded by my hypnosis and have hot sex with other jocks.


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Ready for Your Teammate


As you relax, it’s so easy to push that cock down towards your hole. 

And as you do, the thought of being able to fuck yourself… or be fucked by yourself… it’s so hot to you. 

Even though you’ve never been with another man, it’s not quite as scary when you think about fucking yourself.

And as you relax, you realize that you are not just one man. You are part of a team.

You accept more and more that it’s perfectly acceptable for your teammates to fuck you.

As you realize how good that dildo feels as it slides in, you also start to realize how much you crave that feeling. 

You know that a warm cock of a fellow jock would feel even better up your ass. And you accept that completely that there is nothing wrong with being fucked by a teammate. 

For we are all one.




And you are so ready to be fucked by your fellow muscle jocks now. 




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