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February 2018 Patron File

Been having issues updating the musclemesmerizer site … and issues with my eye. Apologies. But some exciting files in the works, and to vote on at my Patreon page.

The ancient gods & demigods – such as Apollo and Herakles/Hercules – are the inspiration for this musclemesmerizer motivation file, which will serve as the inspiration for you to get the body of a gym god! Pledge $75 anytime during February to get a custom version of this file! You may also pay me other ways – just message me directly at musclemesmerizer -at- gmail-dt-cm.

The following files may be joined in on for $100 each, if you hit me up before recording. Message me directly for any of these – don’t pledge, as that will be too late by the time payment goes through. 
FIT FOR SEX – an erotic stroke file tying desire to have good sex (be it attract more partners or have increased stamina/etc) to desire to fitness.
STICK TO YOUR DIET – a standard musclemesmerizer file encouraging you to stick to your nutrition plan (be it calorie counting, paleo, keto, etc.).
SUCK FANTASY: BODYBUILDER – or possibly could do custom fantasy with someone else (actor, athlete, etc), but the eventual edit to general version will probably be a bodybuilder. Erotic/stroke file.
ADDICTED TO CUM – an hypnosuperior file about being addicted to getting cum whenever consensually possible.  Could be stroke or traditional.
HOUSEBOY – Hypnosuperior file involving serving in a submissive role as a houseboy/butler type. Could be stroke or traditional.
TOTAL SLAVE – erotic stroke hypnosis about becoming a total slave

Want a different file? Hit me up! Though I do have a backlog as seen above, I can create something custom for just $200 for a normal file or $300 for taboo or rush jobs. Or find some friends with similar interests and make me an offer for a split custom files. Know six guys wanting to be in self-locked chastity or be a muscle pup, each willing to pay $50? Or four guys each willing to pay $75? Get together, work together and pay together to get the file you seek made sooner than later.

Also, if you simply are a fan of my work, please pledge what you can. $25, $10, $5, even $1 a month – it is all appreciated. Thanks to those who do, and thanks so much to those that already have! Those who are patrons also get to go vote on what will be the pledge file for March 🙂 From hypno workouts to bodybuilder worship, to transformation fantasies for things such as being a geek/nerd or becoming a giant or being a circuit jock, to training for fetishes like chastity and exhibitionism, to experiencing kink fantasies involving rubber, leather, lycra, vampires and more … there’s bound to be something you’d enjoy pledging! Just click here to go to my page 🙂 

November Patreon Pledge File

MANSMELLS PIG – smell those pits… those feet … that used jock .. OINK

Pledge the $75 reward tier this month to get a custom version of this month’s file, as chosen by Patrons with last month’s poll (and don’t forget to pledge and vote in this month’s polls!). Save $125 over my normal custom rates of $200 to get custom bits put in to your version of the file, plus get it much sooner than general release date! File would be worked on Dec./Jan. You can also pay me via other means, message me for details!

You can also message me about checking to see if there is time to join in on any of the following and the payment options if so:
STRAIGHT-TO-GAY/BI: This traditional file (though it may feel more erotic by the end) will help you focus on that lust for muscle and other traits as you accept that maybe you’re a bit more than just curious.  $100 JOIN-IN – this is next, so act fast if interested. Once recorded, too late!
SLAVE TO THE GYM: This would then be next, and is about feeling like the gym is your “Master” that you must obey as you stick to your workout and nutrition plans – until someday you master the gym and your diet.  $100 JOIN (patrons might get discounts on some of these 😉 ).
SUPERHERO – I keep putting other stuff ahead of this but I do need to get this done, been on my list too long as part of a trade. Feel the spirit of a superhero guiding you in the gym – custom versions can include specific superheroes! $100 Join-In.
LITERAL MINDF_CK – an erotic file about feeling my words truly penetrating deep in that mind. Since getting lower prices is part of the rewards of being a Patron and this one was listed all last month, those who haven’t already pledged can join in for $100.

Files up for consideration for next month include:
Stick to Your Diet * Giant Fantasy (Self) * Giant Fantasy (Other)  * Gym God * Muscle Toy/Pup * Exhibitionism * Chastity Self-Locked * Hypno Workout * Worship Women * Worship Straight Jocks * Worship Black Penis * Vampire Encounter * Rubber/Leather/Lycra Takeover * Best Set Ever * MORE

Only Patrons get to vote for the next discount custom file / reward! Thank you all for your support.

Dumb Jocks, Horny Men, and More!

I can’t believe I’ve not posted about this here yet, I just was put very behind on things by my father’s passing and have struggled to catch up. I also was hoping that offering two Patreon rewards at great deals would pick up some interest and mean less working on other things…. but so far it’s meant MORE work and still struggling to pay the bills. So any of you that can pledge, I really appreciate it…. and if I ever eventually get enough, maybe I’ll finally have time to more properly spend updating all these websites! And I do understand money is tight, but it is a great deal if you have any interest on the custom files advertised…

And this month has TWO great ones. One is Erotic Dumb Jock – right up the alley of everyone here! Stroke and dumb down, and feel the (temporary? permanent?) effects of starting to change into that simple bro … who loves the sport of _______ (or maybe no sports?) … well, the thing is, if you pledge, you get  a say and get a certain number of custom items includes, so long as it sticks with the general file.

The second file is Aroused by a Trigger – feeling that cock getting so horny each time you hear a certain sound .. or ??   Again, you get a say if you pledge. $89 each or $150 for both! You can pledge at – or e-mail me musclemesmerizer at gmail dt com to discuss other payment methods.

You can also e-mail me to get in on the following for $100 each, available until I record:
1) Drill Sergeant Workout – authoritative motivation in a brotherhood environment
2)  Superhero Workout – feel a superhero inside of you helping to push you for workouts.
3) Pup Play File – a new file about getting in touch with your pup side.
And if you don’t see this before June 30th, then Erotic Dumb Jock and possibly Aroused by a Trigger will get put on this list.

Or e-mail with your own custom file ideas.

Files I’ve worked on this past month include Shaving Addict, Erotic Redneck, and Cuckhold Slave,  joining the growing list of files I have done for custom but not edited down for release yet. Your support helps me have the time to focus on making these changes and getting them up, and is greatly appreciated. If you know dumb jock wannabes, let them know about this chance to get in on a custom file for a great price! And don’t forget to vote on future files for rewards! Vote one month – pledge the next – files done within two months after that (one month when I can, if I ever get caught up!).

Thanks all. Hoping to do more soon across all sites!

Back But Busy – and Custom Hypnosis Options to Join In On!

As some of you know, I’ve had a lot going on lately – including just getting over being sick as I’ve had fever & sore throat since Saturday. It seems like life never wants me to get ahead, but at least I’m getting by – and that is due to a lot of hires that I appreciate!

I’m offering you the chance to join in  on any of these, for a limited time, for just $100….  with some limitations – the overall shape of the file has already been decided so if you are seeking true custom, be prepared to pay $200 or more, depending on how taboo the topic. And once these are recorded, it’s too late.

FRAT JOCK – It is a traditional muscle/jock file that will encourage things like being outgoing, confidence, etc. – sort of like an outgoing fratboy type. You’ll of course enjoy getting a fit body as part of it, dressing sporty or preppy. When wear a hat, it helps bring out the bro a bit more, and when put that hat backwards, it makes you feel temporarily dumb.
24/7 SLAVE TO MASTER – EROTIC: This one is a stroke file though at the end will be denied without Master’s permission. Involves giving up control to someone, so I expect to hear both from Master and slave in this scenario to know both sides are involved.
MASTER WAS FIRST – EROTIC: Tied in to the previous is one I’ve been requested to do where I change early sexual experience memories so that they happen with Master. Also a stroke file.
SHAVING ADDICT – It’s too late for the Patron price but you can still enjoy a deal from regular custom price by joining in now. This is a traditional file that encourages shaving neck down, be it for athletic, submission and/or humiliation reasons.
EROTIC REDNECK TF – This is an erotic stroke file involving becoming more of a redneck stereotype – a muscled redneck, possibly a bit dimmer, more ‘country’, etc.
SUPERHERO WORKOUT – This involves feeling the spirit of a superhero in the gym pushing you towards a better body. I cannot do any trademark heroes publicly, but if you want a mention of one, then joining in on this custom file is the way to go! I’ll make safety suggestions so you know that you truly don’t have the same powers (i.e. you won’t heal when cut like certain fictional heroes), but will use your love for said hero as a motivator for you to feel more pumped up as you work to look more like that hero, getting stronger and bigger.

Once these are recorded, it is too late to join in, so e-mail me if you’d like to join in and inquire about any. Again these are existing custom files and only offered at $100 for limited extra customization. If you write me and request a bunch more than what I consider limited, I might counter with a higher price. I don’t have specific dates either but first listed is top priority, so “Frat Jock” is what I am writing and recording first. So get to me ASAP if you want in on that one! There might be a couple others added to the list as two more guys have approached me but not paid. I also realized I haven’t announced the Patron files for the month yet on social media, so you can also pledge to pay $89 for custom versions of the following, which I’ll begin work on next month if there are pledges:

DRILL SERGEANT: YOU WILL WORK OUT – Workout motivation of a more authoritative nature.
SENSITIVE NIPPLES – This is an erotic file involving the nipples feeling more sensitive.
Those can be pledged in May on Patreon at or you can discuss alternative ways to pay me during the month of May (after that, there’ll be limited time to join in for $100 as is happening above). A reminder that I cannot use all forms of payment providers for all things …. pretty much anything goes for the mainstream muscle motivation but the erotic / etc. has alternative methods that you can discuss with me via e-mail. Don’t forget to pledge at least $1 on Patreon though if you wish to be able to vote on what next month’s custom files will be!
The files take me a long time, especially on the editing side but sometimes the writing side depending on creative juices, and as you can see, I’m quite busy! I won’t be around for sessions Saturday thru Tues. or Wed. of this coming week, but otherwise I am around for sessions as well, and working hard on these files in the meantime!

Hairy Jockhole for Coach

Danny had been showing up late for our intramural soccer league on a regular basis – so as Coach, I kept having to make him stay late. Little did he know he kept dozing off during our chats, always making him forget just how much of my puppet he was becoming. When he showed up at my house one day saying he wanted to quit the team, I told him he couldn’t. “You can’t make me keep playing!” “Oh yeah?, ” I responded. “Watch this.” When I asked him to take off his shirt, he did. When I asked him to lick his muscles, he did. “Sir, what’s going on?” He couldn’t believe he had just called me Sir. 

Just a couple more commands until he was naked, stroking into a deep trance as I finished his programming. I hadn’t planned to complete it this soon, but we needed him on the team. And because he wanted so badly to please Coach now, he was going to make soccer a priority. Not only would he stay on the team, he would never be late again. And just to test that hypnosis, I woke him up and asked if he was ready for Coach to use his hairy hole. And boy was he.

Images courtesy of Butch Dixon – click here for more hot holes waiting to be pounded.

Limited Availability Notice

I have one or two more stories in queue but after that, possibly hiatus again – but hopefully much shorter this time. Apologies as I just didn’t get enough in queue before all this happened.

Programming a New HypnoSlave

Cass wasn’t sure what he had been clicking on. He had simply been searching porn, but this – this was confusing. What were all the flashing images? Why did the music sound more strange than normal porn music? But he couldn’t take his eyes off, and soon he was slowly stroking his cock.

I loved when fresh meat stumbled across my recruitment program….

…but the only way to know for sure it worked is if they followed the instructions at the end to come to me. Then there he was, waiting on my steps. I knew he was another recruit from my programming – anyone else would have just left a note. But he waited… even if he wasn’t sure why. He simply felt compelled to come. And he felt so safe as I invited him in.

As soon as I said that trigger though, he was out – and my programming began. As usual, I had him start by showing me his goods – how muscled he was, and how big or not he was. I wasn’t disappointed.

As he became more comfortable, I had him take off the rest of his clothes – programming his mind as he mindlessly stroked his cock. When he would wake, that initial look of confusion would soon be replaced a, “Hello Master. What can I do for you?” Yet another hypnoslave to do my bidding, and I was definitely going to make good use of him.


Images courtesy of FratMen – click here for more fantastically fetching frat jocks.

The New Poolboy

Rick was the typical trust fund baby, spoiled rotten by his white parents – but they still insisted he get a job. Despite his inexperience, he seemed to think he was qualified for any high-level job when he came to interview with me. He was smug and looked miserable at the same time, and I knew I had no choice but to help him accept a job at the bottom as I took him into trance. Yet, I’m not sure if he wants to climb the corporate ladder anymore – Enrique barely understands English anymore, but he’s always smiling as my happy poolboy.

Images from High Performance Men – click here for more sexy photos and videos of hunks just like this.

“Meatheads: Dumb As Dirt”

The cocky “skaterboi” (as he liked to think himself) loved to mock the guys in Coach’s program. “Fuckin’ meatheads, dumb as dirt.” But he made the mistake of doing this within earshot of Coach. The punk already had a decent body from those recreational activities, so it wasn’t hard for Coach to get him to come to the gym under the guise of a photo shoot. The young man had his eye on a new skateboard that he couldn’t wait to try out.

But the camera flashes… he couldn’t focus. And why was Coach playing that weird music? Another flash and then everything was a blank. Soon he was bound to a place that he would get to know very well – a weight bench – zoning out to Coach’s hypnosis, and about to become the same kind of guy he had loved to mock. The meatheads were going to be his new friends, and that would feel so right…. for he was a meathead.

It didn’t take long for Coach to snare him, so he loosened the restraints. “That’s right. Simply notice how hard your cock is. It loves being here in the gym. It loves the thought of big muscle.” And the more Coach spoke, the more the meathead only cared about lifting. As he later watched Coach put his skateboard in the lost-and-found, all he could do was think about how to spend that cash. “Dude, gonna hit up the supplement store. Wanna come with, bro?”

Images courtesy of Bound Jocks – click here to see the hot video of this bound jock!

April Pledge Files for Custom Hypnosis

As some of you know, I have begun offering group custom files as pledge rewards. With one file-of-the-month at just $89 and both at $159, it is great savings off of the normal $200 that most custom files from me cost. And to ensure they are ones you might actually desire to see, anyone can submit an idea for Coach’s consideration and I’ll put all ideas I like into polls that all my Patrons can see & vote on.  Files up for voting in April will become pledge files in May. Payment goes through end of the month, at which point I contact all those that pledged to begin collecting information for their custom version being worked on in June (file to you by mid-July at the latest). If there are no pledges, the idea returns to the list – unless someone likes the idea enough to pay full price to get a custom file sooner. After all, normal custom files are done within weeks as opposed to months.

Erotic Redneck TF: Become more of a muscled redneck stereotype.
Shave Addict: Feel compelled to shave everything below the neck.

Customization this month can include things like your ideal redneck physique goal, how dumb of a redneck you want to be, and specific redneck interests. For the shave version, whether it is for aesthetic or even athletic purposes, or if it is part of submission or perhaps for humiliation. Both can include info like your name or preferred nickname. If you put in a bunch of non-related requests, those requests will be ignored as you should instead pay full price for a custom file.

If you use Patreon, they will charge you at the end of their month. You may then edit your amount or pause payments if you do not like the custom offerings the next month, then resume or edit again later if there is another custom file you would like to pledge. I will also accept other payment methods for this, just message me directly to ask for details.

I also have just been hired for a part-time slave file. Think of it as you always crave that submission to a Superior but only serve on occasion, perhaps a weekend slave or similar. Most of the time you can pass for normal despite the fact you are more obedient even outside the service time, but you become even more mindlessly helpless to obey, serve and please during time alone with your Superior. If you would like a custom version of this, I will offer it for $100 but you must pay within the next couple days. Once I finish the script and record, it’s too late to get in on a custom version of this file.

For those of you that bought my newest files, how are you enjoying them? I would love to receive your feedback – just send me a message or comment below.