First of all, if you’ve enjoyed this site – I’m glad. But if you like the fantasy, skip this page… because that is what the blog posts & captions are, fantasy.

In reality, Coach Josh is a skilled hypnotist that especially loves helping guys becoming more muscular. He has done fitness and jock related hypnosis since at least 2007, when the yahoo group At Coach’s Feet was founded. Coach Josh – or Master Josh to some – only began pursuing a more professional line of hypnosis this decade which led to the launch of fetish hypnosis site hypnosuperior.com in August 2013 (though an older version existed as a free blog) and to musclemesmerizer.com in December 2013. In spring 2014, Coach launched his erotic line of pay-per-call recordings and decided a hot jock and muscle blog would be the perfect way to help promote his hypnosis.

“Coach” in the blog though refers to the concept of Coach, and not specifically to Coach Josh – so don’t expect me to slut it up and get kinky with you. However, I’m confident in offering quality hypnosis and hope many of you find yourself working out and building muscle for Coach Josh – why work just one muscle, when I can help motivate you to work all of them? 😉


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