Horny Boxer – Pwrmn


And as those waves of orgasmic pleasure finish washing over you, you feel your transformation complete.

You’re no longer a junior executive. You’re a muscle stud that lives for boxing – a passion that’s left you a bit dim from all those hits to the face.


“Coach, fuck me as I flex! Gonna be so hot!”




“Love this new life Coach. Can’t wait to get in the ring! But are ya sure I can’t box naked?”


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Geek to Jock – DmFd


“Coach, I’m so glad I called you. Being a jock was a hot fantasy but I never realized how effective even your erotic recordings would be at making me want to work out. My fantasy feels like it’s becoming reality. Finally got that tat I always wanted too. How can I ever repay you?”


“Sure, I can take some photos for you with time-stamp to prove I just took them today, Sir.”


“Thanking you in person was a great idea; glad you enjoyed all our sexting. Can’t believe I was a skinny geek at the start of this year and I owe it all to you, Coach. I am your jockslave to command for the weekend, Sir.”


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Everything Checks Out



“Coach, doc says everything checks out. For a physical, he sure was thor… what’s that word?

He checked everything. Inside and out.”



“He even made sure my protein factory was working!

He says I have pot… potency?”




Coach, he’ll make a fine addition to the team just like I once did.

But do you have him on the fitdimwit track already, or has he always been a bit…. lacking?”

Actually, this meathead used to be a doctor like you, but he grew tired of the long hours. Working on getting more muscle on him, but he took to the dumbing down quite naturally. I’ve heard that’s common among high-stress professions like yours. Care to help me test that theory further?


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Untied BndJck

“Think you can help Coach? I’m not in bad shape, but I want to get huge. I just feel like I don’t have the time – work is killing me!”

I’d like to try something a bit different with you…. 


…You have felt bound bound by your busy schedule. But as I untie you, you’ll realize that nothing holds you back from now on. All that matters is muscle, and you accept that more and more with every stroke of that hard cock. For you are stroking the cock of a massive muscle monster, and you will not stop building muscle until you have a body worthy of that cock.




“Damn Coach, you were right! Can’t believe that worked. You should do all my thinkin’ for me.  I’m gonna be too busy gettin’ huge!”


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Frog Prince -Colt

“What? No way I just went under. I don’t remember a thing, Sir.”4262_10
And yet you’re naked, and just called me Sir. Let’s see if this refreshes your memory… Become the Frog Prince.

4262_13“Ribbit. Ribbit.”



“Damn Coach, that power you have is so hot! But I’ll do anything to not be turned into a frog again.

Anything you want, Sir.”




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Naked Woods




As soon as you get a mile into the woods, you’ll find yourself automatically drifting into a deep trance-like state where you simply need to strip down.

The urge overwhelms you. You have no choice. You simply must strip.




You won’t even care what happens to your clothes.

You’ll just need to get it all off that skin as soon as possible – everything except your shoes.




And the deeper you get into the woods, the more you desire to just set those muscles free.

Taking more and more clothes off and it just feels so good to obey.




And once you are completely naked from the socks up, you’ll realize you are my obedient jockslave – proud of his body – as you walk in the buff back to Coach’s house, not caring who might see that jockslave body.


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The Longer You Flex – Musclehead



“Damn, look at these muscles. Love how swole I’m gettin’.

Just gotta keep getting pumped up for Coach.”


“Damn, flexin’ my muscles… makes me feel…. like such a… musclehead.

Heh. I said head. Could use some head.”




“Dude. Flexin’ always makes this meathead fuckin’ horny.

Wish I’d cum already. Gotta get back to the gym!”

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The 69 Hat


As you continue to work that cock in this very relaxed state, I want you to think about the 69 hat you are wearing even now and how it represents everything you have wanted to be – a dumb, horny jock.

And that is what you will be anytime you wear this hat from now on. It’s as if putting it on your head temporarily snuffs out all the brain cells that make you smart. When you take it off, those brain cells can breathe again and you’ll be back to functioning normally for your job. But any time you put it on, you feel as if it snuffs out any intelligence and leaves you as a completely dumb, horny jock. 




“Fuck my cock is hard Coach! Help a bro out?”

Won’t you be late to get back to work?

“Nah, I gotta get me a new job Coach. Bein’ a dumb jock feels too awesome. This hat ain’t never comin’ off!”




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Just Watch This…

“Hey, Coach just sent us something he says he wants us to watch together.”
“Dude that’s a lot of photos. Can barely make out the words with ’em…”
“My eyes are getting fuzzy watchin’….”

Relax. Horny. Workout. Muscle. Jock. Lust.  Simple. Obey. Coach. Horny. Team. Submit. Crave. Suck. Muscle. Relax. Lust. Cock. Surrender. Desire. Fuck. Simple. Muscle. Passion. Jock. Horny.

[A half hour later…..]


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