“Wow. Fuckin’ amazing.”
– MusclBeast

“One of the hottest erotic files I have heard. The Mesmerizer is really good.”
– chgokink

“Totally hot induction, very clever use of words, and the fantasy was just so titillating. It felt so good to stand before coach, get naked and hard, and allow him to move your body anyway he wanted… Hot as fuck.”
– Lawry

“I LOVE serving at Coach’s feet. It feels so RIGHT!”
– Reserved Guy

“I could feel and see the changes you described and the bliss I got from my mind going away until my orgasm is something I had been seeking for years.”
– chgokink

“Orgasmic Edge is the best hypnosis recording I have ever listened to!”
– alephsub

FROM NITEFLIRT CALLS*      *Contact me first to discuss Skype/options.
“Stumbled across Coach’s site and after trying out his free files had to give Coach a call. Coach knows hypnosis, motivation, and workouts!”

“Coach Josh motivated me to workout harder and push myself to the next level to get the results I deserve. I listen to him daily and have better control over my diet am getting bigger for my COACH.”

“He is a hot man with a hot, dominant voice. Check out his recorded offerings as well.”
– stud worshipper

“The Mesmerizer is incredible. He totally understands how to control you and to make you a better person and to make you his!”

“Sexy Voice!”
– JimmyCox

“If you want to be temporarily “dumb,” [Dumb Trigger] is the file for you. After a few listenings, you will be able switch back and forth with ease. TheMesmerizer is a good hypnotist and I do enjoy his style and voice.”

“Just wanted to let you know how incredible I think your site is. I was unsure about using files, but the professionalism of your site overwhelmed my doubts. You really do stand head and shoulders above every remotely similar site I’ve seen. You are also the very first ’tist I can say I definitely responded to – in ways that go beyond your scripts, and FAR beyond what I expected….  I was impressed with the choices you made in the jock files. You avoided the weird idiosyncratic elements that I’ve seen in other files of that type, and distilled the stereotypes down pretty well…. Oh, also wanted to add that one reason I let myself trust your site was the lack of the hard-sell and claims about The Magical Power of Hypnosis!!! so common on the sites of even professional hypnotherapists. It’s refreshing, and your work speaks for itself. Now, I’ve got a workout to get to!”
– Dan Schubert, Madison WI

“Finding files that work for me was hard because I need files that don’t side-track or add BS suggestions that has nothing to do with what I want. These files take me down and don’t play around. I’ve been listening for a month now and my routine is solid. I’m stronger and a bit leaner thanks to it and it feels great to finally be motivated!”
– Pat

“I’ve certainly never had a powerful desire to listen to hypnosis recordings, but your stuff is a rush – and so are the workout simulations!”
– “Thick Rick”

“I just started listening to the recordings and already can feel the difference. It’s really amazing!  I’ve been looking for a long time for the right combination of files to get what I want, and this is clearly it. I look forward to keep working the program and getting even further on my results.”
– Mike

“Great files and great tist. I really went deep. I hope to keep it up and try more.”
– TJ

“In just 1 week, I lost 1.9 kg (4 lbs) because the files really motivated me to eat healthy. It works!”
– Damien

“Hey Coach Josh, I just want to let you know I really like your site and have been listening to your free files and purchased work out for coach as well. I believe putting yourself in the hands of a higher power, whoever that authority figure may be, can lead to quicker results. I really respond to your voice and style. I have been really pushing myself and getting great results at the gym. “That trigger phrase” helps me go beyond previous plateaus. Thank you, I’ve been looking for some help to achieve my goals.”
-Your fan, Bob