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Discovering a Jockpup


“Fuck yeah Coach, your hypnosis has us pumped up.”

“Totally. Me and my bro has never been so fit.”

I’m glad the workout hypno is motivating you, guys.

How would you like to use it to explore other desires you may have?

That’s right jocks… 

just stroking each other’s cocks as you each drift into a nice easy trance….

soon we’ll be going deep down into your most secret desires… and yet…you feel so safe to explore those here now.

It just feels so good.



That’s right Tim. Deep down, you had wanted to experience life as a dog.

Just give in to those desires now as you be a good jockpup and lick your favorite bone….

You know your teammates would love to have you as a mascot any time you wish to come back to that full pup mindset.

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Succumb to the Spiral


As they watched the spiral Coach had made ahead of the big game, the jocks found themselves starting to drift…

they couldn’t help it… it was just so easy to drift into a nice, pleasurable trance…. even as that relaxation sent a rush of blood to their cocks.

The spiral flashed words like ‘Teamwork’…. ‘Together’…. ‘Bonding’….

It felt good to be watching it together… after all, they were bonding.

They didn’t notice the subliminal messages that also began to flash… the ones to embrace the horny jock inside.

Soon they both had succumbed to the suggestions…

This was an intimacy that would only help them connect winningly out on the field….


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Presents for Santa


Santa was surprised that the elves had given him his presents early this year. 

Sugarplum had given Santa delicious eggnog. Snowflake had given the gift of a relaxing hypnosis playlist.

And Twinkle had given Santa a jock made special just for him. It seemed odd to Santa, but he decided to try it on that night anyway as he laid down.

The eggnog had made him feel sleepy, but he figured he’d throw on the hypnosis too. He had a big night of delivering toys ahead, and he needed his rest.

Little did Santa know that the elves had infused all three items with Christmas magic. The eggnog he had drank right before bed made his mind open to change. The hypnosis suggested the changes. And the jock was to cement the outcome…

That Santa would transform into a jock.

1 (26)

1 (3)

Santa couldn’t believe how amazing he felt when he woke up. 

“I’ll have no problems going down the chimneys this year!” he twinkled, followed with a “Ho Ho Ho” deeper than he’d ever given before. “And I’m sure the toy sack will feel lighter than ever!”

“You’re not afraid the kids will be disappointed?”

“No, but Mrs. Claus may be… I seem…. different somehow.”

“That’s because you’re final present for Christmas…. is us!”IMG_2875

1 (4)

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The Horny Jocks Inside Take Over

That’s right jocks. We’ve had separate sessions helping you each to let go and let the dumb horny jocks inside take over. 

You’ve both learned how to think with your dicks and you can tell even now that they don’t care how they get off.

It doesn’t matter whether you stroke or suck or fuck. It doesn’t matter that you used to each have girlfriends. All that matters is you’re both so horny as you think with those cocks now.

Your hard, thick cocks taking over. And Emmet, your jockhole is still so very sensitive.

You love to have it played with, especially when it’s other jocks working that hole. It just feels so good to give in.

No more inhibitions… just letting all that pleasure take over as you both let go of who you used to be and give in to the temptation of being such simple, fun-loving jocks.


And as good as it feels to play with each other’s jockholes, you know that it feels even better to fuck those jockholes.

It doesn’t matter that neither of you has done anal before… all that matters is you’re both thinking with your dicks as the horny jocks inside take over.


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You Look Sexy In That Hat



“I don’t get what the big deal is. Why’d you want me to try on this hat?”

“I just thought you’d look sexy in it. I was right.”

“Whoa, bro, ya know I’m straight, don’t ya?”

“I do. I also know you’ve been working with Coach.”

“What that got to do with it?”


“Whoa… what was ya sayin?”

“You feeling alright?”

“Dude, it’s all good. Just dizzy for a sec yo.”

“I’ll take your word for it if you think that’s all.”

“Me no think… make head hurt.”




“Looks like you’re getting nice and hard.”

“Fuck yeah man…. you suck it.”

“I thought you didn’t swing that way?”

“Me don’t care. Me horny.”

“Alright, bro. Let’s slip down those pants…”

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Rookie Initiation Camping Trip


That’s right Mark, just licking your new rookie’s cock and claiming him all for yourself.

This is the rookie you will be paired with for the rest of the season, and this weekend’s camping expedition will help to bond you more closely and intimately than you ever could have imagined.

Rookie, you’ll do everything you can please the jock that has picked you, for he has claimed you as his.

Mark has gone through this program himself and excelled, and you are to follow his example and fulfill his needs.

In learning to fulfill your jock’s needs, you learn to put the team’s needs ahead of your own. In becoming intimate with your jock, you discover that knowing each other’s rhythms helps you out on the court.

Go bond with each other now. There’s a long season ahead and a good jock takes every advantage he can get.


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Learning to Take that Big Black Dick


That’s right. So easy to worship that big black dick in this tranced state.

And the more you suck on it, the more you feel your throat opening up… taking more and more in.

You need to have it all the way inside of you.

Yet with such a huge black cock, you know that if your mouth can’t fit it in… there’s another hole that can.

That desire to have that cock all the way inside of you is so strong in you now, stronger than those disappearing fears about being able to take it. 

Because as it slides in deeper, your own dick stays so hard…. orgasmic ecstasy washing over you more with each thrust.


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Bathtime Bonding



As you enjoy that bath together, my past hypnosis sessions hit you.

The suggestions of the bath salts… the candles…. all the scents acting as aphrodisiacs. 

Each of you becoming so horny for each other’s cocks in this tranced state.


And by the time you’ve tasted each other’s cum in both holes, you’ll be bonded for life…

…teammates forever on AND off the field.



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Straight from the Tap


That’s right jocks, just using your toys to get off as we focus on building trust among teammates. 

There’s no one else involved as you use your own hand to work your toy.

And as you do that, you find it so easy to drift deeper for me with each thrust…. going deeper as you feel more pleasure… feeling more pleasure as you go deeper.

In this state, it’s so easy to accept that it’s perfectly natural to help each other out. I know you are both straight, and yet you don’t even have to touch each other’s cocks. Just placing your hands on those toys… as if you were still working your own toy.

Yet as you do this, you start to think about how your buddy will cum soon. And you can’t help but be curious about what it tastes like. It’s so natural to be curious.


Just allow that curiosity to take over now. There’s nothing gay about it… you haven’t even touched each other…. you’re just so curious as to if it tastes the same as your own. 

Yet as that cum hits your tongue, you realize it tastes better, full of amazing flavor… like an orgasm in your mouth.

As you wake, you’ll find yourself craving more, but wanting it fresh and warm… making you so eager to drink it straight from the tap.

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MVP Honors

hfhc397_006          The week’s team MVP always gets the honor of being in the middle at Coach’s post-game parties.
hfhc397_024          Images courtesy of HisFirstHugeCock.com – click here for more hung studs in action!