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Mindless CockSlave Serum

When Tyler saw a Craiglist listing to make some extra cash with what had been advertised as “Easy Money for Harmless Drug Test,” the  jock eagerly signed up. He had a girl in every nearby town and needed the cash to keep them happy – and thus, away from each other.

As he prepared to change into his scrubs, he didn’t mind pausing to show off his hard body. After all, he knew it was all for a good cause, and it’s not like anything was going to happen.

Or so he thought.

“So what drugs are you testing on me this time, doc?” But the scientist didn’t answer and instead began taking off his belt. “Whoa, doc, I don’t mind stripping down for tests, but why are you taking your clothes off?”

“You don’t remember, do you? I’ve already injected you with my experimental serum.”

“What’s it do? I don’t feel any diff…”. But before he could answer, his eyes gazed upon his new Master’s cock, and Tyler assumed his position on his knees. The serum had transformed him into a mindless cockslave whose eyes glazed over, for he knew nothing but obedience and bliss.

“That’s, it slave. You will obey everything I tell you whenever you see my cock, and then forget it all when I’m clothed again. And next week, I’ll bring in a friend so we can test to see if you are a slave to just my cock, or to any cock.” 

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Good Muscleheads Strip


My hypnosis has been getting you more swole than ever. I’d love to see you strip down to nothing.

“Coach, love I keep growin’, but that ain’t gonna happen.”

Don’t worry, I won’t press it. But did you know that good muscleheads strip now.

“Yes Sir. Must strip and flex.”

That’s right… just my mindless muscle slave whenever you are triggered, and yet not remembering any of this when you wake up.

peterlatz12             Images courtesy of Jimmy Z Productions – click here for more bodybuilding hunks stripping down!

You Look Sexy In That Hat



“I don’t get what the big deal is. Why’d you want me to try on this hat?”

“I just thought you’d look sexy in it. I was right.”

“Whoa, bro, ya know I’m straight, don’t ya?”

“I do. I also know you’ve been working with Coach.”

“What that got to do with it?”


“Whoa… what was ya sayin?”

“You feeling alright?”

“Dude, it’s all good. Just dizzy for a sec yo.”

“I’ll take your word for it if you think that’s all.”

“Me no think… make head hurt.”




“Looks like you’re getting nice and hard.”

“Fuck yeah man…. you suck it.”

“I thought you didn’t swing that way?”

“Me don’t care. Me horny.”

“Alright, bro. Let’s slip down those pants…”

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Good Jocks Obey Until All Have Cum


“Thanks for watching the game with me bro.”

“No prob, man, it’s fun hangin’ out with you. Anyone else comin’?”

“Nah, guess most of ’em are guests at a wedding somewhere or somethin’.”

“It’s cool, just saw you textin’ someone earlier. {RING} Hold on, my phone is ringing.”

“Hello? Coach?”

Good jocks obey.

“I am a good jock. Good jocks obey. I obey.”

Good jock. Good jocks obey until all have cum. You will remain in trance until you and your bud both have cum.

“Yes Sir.”



“Damn, I didn’t think Coach’s programming trigger worked so instantly… but I’m glad it did. I’ve wanted to get off with for a long time.”

“Yes. I must obey until we both cum.”

“Hot, man. So glad I arranged this with Coach and let him know when you were here.”

“I obey.”

“Strip off your jock, jock, and let’s get busy.”

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Trick With a Treat

“Fuck yeah, I’m rockin’ this jock slut costume.
[Doorbell] Isn’t it a bit late kids?”
52914_02smallest“Damn dude, you’re no kid. Who are you?”
“I’m a trick with a treat.”

The jock wasn’t sure why his head started to feel fuzzy, but he couldn’t help but drift off into an obedient state as the masked man spoke.

“You craved that treat. Who doesn’t crave a nice treat now and then? But on Halloween, one could just give in and overindulge on those treats. Give in jock. It’s time for your treat.”

The jock was helpless but didn’t care. Even if he’d been tricked into believing it, he accepted he was in for a treat.


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Chav Chain

As you stroke deeper, you feel  that inner chav taking over more and more whenever you were that special chain.

Whenever that chain is on, it’s as if you never were properly educated. Just a horny lad that wants to have a good time when you wear that chain.

As I wake you with that chain already on, you will feel as if you are a chav and have always been a chav… and you won’t know otherwise until that chain comes off.

“Fuck I feel mint Coach Let’s go ave some beers and den fuck some bumtingz lads.

You’re bloody bumtingz yerself, maybe ya could just stay in and work mii ass.

This chain sick, innit? Ain’t never comin’ off mate.”


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The Hot Tub


“Thanks Coach for havin’ us check out your new hot tub.”

“Yeah man, it feels fuckin’ good in here.”

“Why you gettin’ so close to me bro?”

“Cuz that feel good too.”

“Fuck… you’re right.”

The jocks didn’t realize they had been programmed to feel more than just ‘good’...

…they had been programmed to be overwhelmed with pleasure as soon as they entered the hot tub.

The water would feel so good against their skin… and as they realize how sensitives their bodies felt… they’d be more and more drawn to touching each other in order to feel even more pleasure.

Soon their libidos would take over,  and Coach would sit back & enjoy watching until the time was right to join in.


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The Cowboy Boots

As you relax in that pool, you know you’ve worked so hard as a businessman to build and afford this place.

But a part of you has longed for a simpler life. It might still involve hard work, yet it’s real man’s work you can feel good about. Most importantly, you can simply just let go of who you were and become the fantasy you  have longed to be.

From now on, you will transform into a dumb, horny redneck whenever you slip on your special cowboy boots.

“Coach, ah knows ah feel mighty diffrunt when ah slip these boots on, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Ah so be hankerin’ t’thank yo’… howsabout yo’ slip sumpin in me?”


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Working Up a Sweat


“Thanks for helping me move, bro!”

“No prob! But man am I working up a sweat.”

With that their heads dropped, the phrase ‘working up a sweat’ having been implanted as a trigger by Coach. Within moments their lust would take over, but for the moment they had no idea just how much of a sweat they were about to work up together.

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Horny Skaterbois



“Like, whoa, Coach, your sesh got us totally hard.”

“Fuck yeah. Love chillaxin’ for ya dude.”

“You got some steeze, Coach.”

“Ready to go for a ride, bruh?”

That’s right my jocks… just let the horny skaterboi inside of you take over whenever you wear those hats.

Even when you take those hats off, you’ll find yourself loving skateboarding more, skater fashion more… but wearing those hats especially gets you in that right mindset of being a horny skater lad.

The only thing you’ll love riding more than your skateboards is each other.


skater-boys-in-action-11Images courtesy of SportsLadz from Staxus.com – click here for more of these boarder jocks and other sexy twinks!