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The New Poolboy

Rick was the typical trust fund baby, spoiled rotten by his white parents – but they still insisted he get a job. Despite his inexperience, he seemed to think he was qualified for any high-level job when he came to interview with me. He was smug and looked miserable at the same time, and I knew I had no choice but to help him accept a job at the bottom as I took him into trance. Yet, I’m not sure if he wants to climb the corporate ladder anymore – Enrique barely understands English anymore, but he’s always smiling as my happy poolboy.

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Wet & Horny Poolboy


That’s right jock… just go ahead and strip down to your swimsuit as you prepare to lounge in the pool.

And yet when that water starts hitting you, you’ll find it starts to make you feel so very horny.

Such a horny jock whenever he gets wet.

So wet and horny now, and yet able to relax deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Being in that pool feels so natural for you, even as you feel yourself letting go of all other knowledge… each stroke making you more simple.

Yet it feels so good, and you will love your new life as a dumb, always naked poolboy.


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