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Hairy Jockhole for Coach

Danny had been showing up late for our intramural soccer league on a regular basis – so as Coach, I kept having to make him stay late. Little did he know he kept dozing off during our chats, always making him forget just how much of my puppet he was becoming. When he showed up at my house one day saying he wanted to quit the team, I told him he couldn’t. “You can’t make me keep playing!” “Oh yeah?, ” I responded. “Watch this.” When I asked him to take off his shirt, he did. When I asked him to lick his muscles, he did. “Sir, what’s going on?” He couldn’t believe he had just called me Sir. 

Just a couple more commands until he was naked, stroking into a deep trance as I finished his programming. I hadn’t planned to complete it this soon, but we needed him on the team. And because he wanted so badly to please Coach now, he was going to make soccer a priority. Not only would he stay on the team, he would never be late again. And just to test that hypnosis, I woke him up and asked if he was ready for Coach to use his hairy hole. And boy was he.

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From Rich Prep To Boxer Thug

James was so arrogant. The rich prepboy loved to boss me around at the exclusive club where I worked.

Little did he know that I had started mixing a special drug in his drinks. It started making him so horny for me, his smirk changing to a lustful gaze. When he loosened his tie and unbuttoned a little, I knew he was mine – for the special concoction also made him more suggestive.

He came back to my place for some hot sex, then crashed.

As he slept, I played relaxing music for him. But you and I both know it wasn’t just music. There was also my voice, guiding him and transforming him.

He slowly started becoming less and less of a snob and more and more of a dumb thug. Although he was already in decent shape, he became more obsessed with working out. After a few weeks, he even went to the tattoo parlor and started getting inked up. Soon he would be a boxer ready to fight in – or throw – any match for me. 

For Jimmy, as he was now known, may have now appeared as a cocky boxer to the outside world… but whenever he came home to me, he was ready to get down on his knees and be my good boy.

We sold his condo, and I used that money to quit my job and focus on training Jimmy. Soon he didn’t even remember the condo, the club, or any of his old life. He was just a guy from the streets that was so glad I saw potential in him and is so willing to do anything for me.

Tonight is his first match, and the odds are against him – but I have a feeling he’ll win. I shipped his opponent a special case of his favorite sports drink a week ago…. mixed with my special concoction. I think I’ll give him a call to wish him luck in throwing the match right now. 😉



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Coach’s Gift to His Bud


That’s right jock. Just drifting deeper with each stroke.

Allowing each stroke to help you let go. 

Letting go of all ego as your submissive side grows with each stroke… just needing to please those that are Superior.

Letting go of all you’ve learned as you just embrace the dumb, horny jockslave inside.

And as you relax deeper, you find that the true pleasure you get is from when your holes are stimulated.

Just let go of that cock now and imagine it… a nice big dick in your ass. It feels so good. 

It doesn’t matter if you ever stroke again… all that matters is you get that cock off that’s inside of you.



“Damn Coach, you’ve outdone yourself with your gift for me this year!”

“I thought you’d like it.”

“Definitely bro! And man, the presentation… got a flexible one, huh? And that jock looks just like a bow on top of my gift!”

“Now the only question is, which hole do you want to use first? He’s got both open for you now.”

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And a very Merry Christmas to all the good jocks and muscleboys out there!

Training a JockSlave to Serve


That’s right jockslave. You long to serve your new Master. 

Even as you take care of his needs right now, the pleasure you feel inside grows.

His pleasure is your pleasure, and it feels so right to submit and obey Damien.

To know that he’ll provide this place for you, so long as you serve his every need, his every desire.

As you suck on your new Master’s cock, you know that providing Master with pleasure is your primary purpose.

You respond to his cues… learn how to read what he wants… what gets him off… and you do everything just as your new Master wants.

You are more than a jockslave that must stay fit for your new Master… you are also his servant… and perhaps most importantly, his sex slave.


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The Cleaning Slave

1 (49)

Just stroking deeper and deeper for me, and accepting with each stroke that you will enjoy being my cleaning slave. 

Whenever you’re not working on building muscle or pleasing Master sexually, you will be cleaning my home – and you will love it. 

It feels so good to serve and obey, but you won’t even realize how much you enjoy cleaning for me at first.

You’ll simply feel so compelled to start cleaning when I wake you up. The urge will overwhelm you.

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And with each cleaning task you complete, you find yourself taking off another piece of clothing. It’s almost as if being able to take another item off is a reward for a job well done.  By the time you are done, you will be completely naked. And you will realize being a naked cleaning slave feels so very right, for it also fills you with so much pleasure.
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Each task done will leave you hornier and hornier, driving you to be as efficient of a cleaning slave as possible.

For only when you have completed all tasks to my liking will you be allowed to feel my cock inside of you.


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A More Dominant Sir


“Feeling awesome as always, Sir. Thank you for helping me get more comfortable submitting.”

You’re welcome boy.

“I actually was wondering Sir… I’ve started seeing my neighbor a bit. He’s this hot older guy, but I don’t think he feels comfortable giving taking charge. Could you make him more dominant?”

If he’s open to it, we can certainly try.

“Come on, Don. I think it’ll make the sex so much better.”

“I didn’t think it was bad now!”

“It’s not bad, I just… I want you to be a bit more rough. Please, chat with Coach?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Please Sir?”

“Hmm, I do kind of like you calling me Sir. How much does Coach charge?”



Deeper and deeper with each stroke. And as you continue to stroke, you find that each nice slow stroke helps to build up your confidence.

And as your confidence builds, so does your dominance.

And as your dominance grows, so does your aggression when it comes to sex.

Aggressive in the bedroom. Dominant with your boyfriend. Confident in all areas.



“Coach, I can’t thank you enough! Of course, I love to worship my Sir in all ways. His cock, his hole, his muscles, everything.

But what really is so awesome is the way he has taken charge whenever he wants to fuck me. BEST SEX EVER! Thank you Sir!”

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