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“Man, Coach, I don’t remember anything. I don’t think it worked.”

Is that so? Perhaps you should try slipping out of some of those clothes. I bet you’ll find that you relax a bit deeper as you undress.

“Yeah right, Coach, like I’m going to start feeling sleepy just because I’ve unzipped my fleece and am starting to … slip… down… ”

Yes, exactly… slip downt. And now that you know the power of my hypnosis, you can so easily accept what I’m going to tell you next…



Welcome back. 

“Bro! That felt fuckin’ incredible. Me no doubts you ever ag’n.”

You enjoy being a FitDimwit jock?

“Course Coach… so good not think. Just muscle, fun, pleasure.

Me want give you pleasure too.”

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Coach’s Gift to His Bud


That’s right jock. Just drifting deeper with each stroke.

Allowing each stroke to help you let go. 

Letting go of all ego as your submissive side grows with each stroke… just needing to please those that are Superior.

Letting go of all you’ve learned as you just embrace the dumb, horny jockslave inside.

And as you relax deeper, you find that the true pleasure you get is from when your holes are stimulated.

Just let go of that cock now and imagine it… a nice big dick in your ass. It feels so good. 

It doesn’t matter if you ever stroke again… all that matters is you get that cock off that’s inside of you.



“Damn Coach, you’ve outdone yourself with your gift for me this year!”

“I thought you’d like it.”

“Definitely bro! And man, the presentation… got a flexible one, huh? And that jock looks just like a bow on top of my gift!”

“Now the only question is, which hole do you want to use first? He’s got both open for you now.”

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And a very Merry Christmas to all the good jocks and muscleboys out there!

Good Muscleheads Strip


My hypnosis has been getting you more swole than ever. I’d love to see you strip down to nothing.

“Coach, love I keep growin’, but that ain’t gonna happen.”

Don’t worry, I won’t press it. But did you know that good muscleheads strip now.

“Yes Sir. Must strip and flex.”

That’s right… just my mindless muscle slave whenever you are triggered, and yet not remembering any of this when you wake up.

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All you want in life is big muscle. You will do anything for it… including become a muscleslave.

You want to get bigger not just because we both like the way it looks, but because love the thought of using your muscles to help protect your Master.

As you look in the mirror now, you can see it now… you are becoming a bodyguard. Allowing your mind to be so simple as you simply rely on your instincts and strengths. Building your body even bigger so you can guard even better.


“Oh just you Coach. Whatchya doin’ here man?”

I just came to see how you liked helping secure your master’s property slave.

“Love it Coach. He off pickin’ up supplies. Me guard. Just did round. How about a quickie before me check again?”


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The Pleasure of Muscle for Master

1 (22)
Continue to look at the musclemen in that book. You’ve spent many sessions staring at them, easily drifting into trance as you stare at their pecs… biceps… more. Knowing deep down you have wanted to do anything to look like them. And because of that, it’s been so easy for you to submit more and more during each session.

Submitting to me as you work out for me. Submitting to me as you eat right for me. Submitting to me knowing that I am pleased when you build muscle, and my pleasure is your pleasure.

My pleasure is your pleasure. You accept that totally now. It’s not just building muscle – any pleasure you bring me feels good. It’s when you do anything to please me. Go ahead and stroke your cock for me now, knowing that it’d please me as you do. 

By the time you cum, you’ll have completely submitted to me. You’ve worked to build the muscle for me, and I am so pleased. Now it’s time to keep pleasing me as my muscle slave. You wanted those muscles at any cost, and you accept this is the price. Feel yourself become my owned property when you cum.

1 (37)

1 (10)

Such a good muscle slave, knowing that it pleases me when you clean for me. 

Do a good job, and Master will reward you later.



“Master, I have done all you have asked. I am here to please you.”

Good slave. Now get on the bed and prepare for your reward.

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Upping the Grade



“If you want to keep playing football at the collegiate level, your grades must improve. Drastically.”

“Bro, you gotta let me play.”

“And what do you expect to do when you graduate?”

“Flex my muscles for money, man. Me not need degree. Just play.”

“Do you have your dick out?”

“Fuck dude, don’t ‘member takin’ it out.

Just had a sesh with Coach. Left me super horned up.”

“It’s cool Embry. I didn’t realize you were in the FitDimWit program. Now that I know, we have some other options.

Go ahead and take off all your clothes.”


“Now get on the desk.”

“Fuck Teach, you ain’t even my type but it feel so good to do what you say.”

“It’s professor, and that’s because Coach has made sure all you dumb jocks do anything to please us in exchange for playing sports. In fact I’ll make you a deal… the longer you can keep my dick up, the more I’ll bring up your grade.”

“Deal bro!”

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Submitting More with Each Lick



Each lick makes you want him more. You can taste how superior your Master is over you.

You have felt so independent and struggled to fully submit in the past, but the more you lick, the more you want to give in.

Submitting more with each lick… craving the taste of your God.

Of course what you crave most of all is that Superior cock… you want to taste is so badly.

Yet as you taste how good it tastes now, you know that the only way you’ll get to taste this delicious cock is to obey.

And because you crave it more and more with each and every lick, you find yourself so willing to comply and submit.

It’s so easy to obey when the reward for your obedience is so magnificent.




“Damn Coach, I can’t believe that worked.

You’ve made my slave more devoted and mindlessly obedient to me than ever. Isn’t that right slave?”

“Yes my God.”

“I love when he calls me that.”


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Spectacular Specimen



Just going deeper into trance as you look into that mirror.

Visualizing your muscles getting so big. Massive.

You can feel them inside of you now – you’re so strong.

The more you imagine those muscles, the hornier you get.

And you will use this to help power your workouts.

Each workout making you so horny … each time you get horny making you want to build even more muscle.

And when the image you visualize in the mirror is finally matched by reality, you’ll find that lust for muscle turns into a lust for your Coach…

… such a horny muscle stud incredibly grateful that Coach has helped motivate you into becoming such a spectacular specimen. 



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Good Jocks Obey Until All Have Cum


“Thanks for watching the game with me bro.”

“No prob, man, it’s fun hangin’ out with you. Anyone else comin’?”

“Nah, guess most of ’em are guests at a wedding somewhere or somethin’.”

“It’s cool, just saw you textin’ someone earlier. {RING} Hold on, my phone is ringing.”

“Hello? Coach?”

Good jocks obey.

“I am a good jock. Good jocks obey. I obey.”

Good jock. Good jocks obey until all have cum. You will remain in trance until you and your bud both have cum.

“Yes Sir.”



“Damn, I didn’t think Coach’s programming trigger worked so instantly… but I’m glad it did. I’ve wanted to get off with for a long time.”

“Yes. I must obey until we both cum.”

“Hot, man. So glad I arranged this with Coach and let him know when you were here.”

“I obey.”

“Strip off your jock, jock, and let’s get busy.”

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Licking & Clicking


That’s right… just lick Kent’s chest… each lick tasting better than the last.

And Kent, each time you get licked by Tony, you feel your cock getting harder… it doesn’t matter where… you simply love to be licked all over.

After all, he is your new Master…. it feels so good for him to claim you… to leave the scent of his saliva all over your body… 

That’s right… as good as Kent’s chest tasted… his cock tastes even better…

…it’s making your own dick so very hard.

You want so badly to fuck your new jockslave..

continuing to leave the scent of your saliva, and now also your seed…

… but first you must prep him.



That’s right… just licking that ass… getting it so nice and lubed…. 

You love tasting your new jock… and Kent, you love that your new owner is licking you everywhere… it’s so hot for you to be marked by him.

Even as you begin to fuck Kent, you’ll find yourself wanting to lick any and all of his body….  fucking and sucking…. licking and clicking…. forever bonded as Master and slave.

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