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Hairy Jockhole for Coach

Danny had been showing up late for our intramural soccer league on a regular basis – so as Coach, I kept having to make him stay late. Little did he know he kept dozing off during our chats, always making him forget just how much of my puppet he was becoming. When he showed up at my house one day saying he wanted to quit the team, I told him he couldn’t. “You can’t make me keep playing!” “Oh yeah?, ” I responded. “Watch this.” When I asked him to take off his shirt, he did. When I asked him to lick his muscles, he did. “Sir, what’s going on?” He couldn’t believe he had just called me Sir. 

Just a couple more commands until he was naked, stroking into a deep trance as I finished his programming. I hadn’t planned to complete it this soon, but we needed him on the team. And because he wanted so badly to please Coach now, he was going to make soccer a priority. Not only would he stay on the team, he would never be late again. And just to test that hypnosis, I woke him up and asked if he was ready for Coach to use his hairy hole. And boy was he.

Images courtesy of Butch Dixon – click here for more hot holes waiting to be pounded.

The Pool Stroke

That’s right jock. Each stroke relaxes you further. And as you relax, you know there is a part of you deep down that has wanted to be a dumb, horny jock. Yet, you’ve resisted letting go, afraid of disappointing others. Yet, when you enter that pool, you can simply allow relaxation to wash over you. No pressure. Just pleasure washing over you. Washing off all those fears. Washing away all that overthinking. And the longer you stay in that pool, the dumber and hornier you will become.

“Thanks for allowing me take a dip in your pool Coach. It’s quite refreshing.”

Yes. It’s such as simple pleasure but feels so good.

“I never thought about it like that. It’s like having a realize… why can’t I think of that word?”

You don’t need to think of it. Just enjoy yourself.

“Fuck Coach, I never get to just do that. But you is right.”


You getting out jock?

“Not yet bro, feelin’ so horny though I gotta do somethin.”

You still worried about disappointing your folks?

“Who care what they think. Better no think. Me young an’ horny, gotta have fun.”

Sounds like you know what you want.

“Fuck yeah… me wanna feel your cock in me Coach.”

04               Images courtesy of UKNakedMen.com – click here for more UK hunks in all their naked glory!

New Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Muscle Worship & Growth Fantasy

I’m proud to offer a new erotic hypnosis mp3 for your enjoyment! Based on a custom file but with a few of the specifics edited down to a more generalized file, this hypno file has you stroke into trance so you can better visualize the following fantasy…

You, an average guy, are working out in the gym while also watching a hunky bodybuilder perfect his physique. You finish up before him and head to the locker room to hit the showers … before you get that far, you find a potion in your locker with a note saying it will help your own muscles grow. You aren’t sure where it came from – do you dare trust it? What are the effects? Yet, you know it might be your only chance to impress that bodybuilding stud that never seems to notice you. So you take it… and well, you can guess what else is involved from the title! It’s a hot story that hopefully gives all you muscle freak lovers an intense orgasm!

This file is available on NiteFlirt & In-Charge via My Hypnosis Page – you can of course also send $22.99 to me via alternative payment options, just ask and be sure to leave the memo lines blank! Here’s a short preview of what to expect: