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Programming a New HypnoSlave

Cass wasn’t sure what he had been clicking on. He had simply been searching porn, but this – this was confusing. What were all the flashing images? Why did the music sound more strange than normal porn music? But he couldn’t take his eyes off, and soon he was slowly stroking his cock.

I loved when fresh meat stumbled across my recruitment program….

…but the only way to know for sure it worked is if they followed the instructions at the end to come to me. Then there he was, waiting on my steps. I knew he was another recruit from my programming – anyone else would have just left a note. But he waited… even if he wasn’t sure why. He simply felt compelled to come. And he felt so safe as I invited him in.

As soon as I said that trigger though, he was out – and my programming began. As usual, I had him start by showing me his goods – how muscled he was, and how big or not he was. I wasn’t disappointed.

As he became more comfortable, I had him take off the rest of his clothes – programming his mind as he mindlessly stroked his cock. When he would wake, that initial look of confusion would soon be replaced a, “Hello Master. What can I do for you?” Yet another hypnoslave to do my bidding, and I was definitely going to make good use of him.


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The Naked Houseboy


Relaxing more as you stand there and soak it all in.

The more that water hits you, the more you wish to take off those clothes.

They just start to feel so damp and gross against your skin – and this is how clothes will always feel against your skin from now on.

You start by unbuttoning… the more free from your clothes you feel, the better you feel.


Feeling so free as you pull down those pants… so ready to take it all off.

As we finish your session, you realize you feel so comfortable being naked from now on… and the thought of living a life where you can almost always be naked turns you on.

Because of this, you will love your new life as a houseboy… able to wear as little as possible as often as possible, so willing to sacrifice your intelligence and so much more in order to fulfill your dream of serving as an almost always naked jock.


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