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Programming a New HypnoSlave

Cass wasn’t sure what he had been clicking on. He had simply been searching porn, but this – this was confusing. What were all the flashing images? Why did the music sound more strange than normal porn music? But he couldn’t take his eyes off, and soon he was slowly stroking his cock.

I loved when fresh meat stumbled across my recruitment program….

…but the only way to know for sure it worked is if they followed the instructions at the end to come to me. Then there he was, waiting on my steps. I knew he was another recruit from my programming – anyone else would have just left a note. But he waited… even if he wasn’t sure why. He simply felt compelled to come. And he felt so safe as I invited him in.

As soon as I said that trigger though, he was out – and my programming began. As usual, I had him start by showing me his goods – how muscled he was, and how big or not he was. I wasn’t disappointed.

As he became more comfortable, I had him take off the rest of his clothes – programming his mind as he mindlessly stroked his cock. When he would wake, that initial look of confusion would soon be replaced a, “Hello Master. What can I do for you?” Yet another hypnoslave to do my bidding, and I was definitely going to make good use of him.


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Top Dog to Bottom Dog


What’s this I hear about you bossing some of the other jocks around – even rookies that haven’t been assigned to you?

“Just remindin’ them I’m top dog, Coach.”

I suppose some enjoy it. Perhaps you’d like to bark even more orders at them?

“Fuck yeah Coach!”

Very good… then just relax as you stroke…

As one of my top jocks, you’ve been programmed so deeply and it’s easy to return to that mindless state.

Just stroking yourself deeper and deeper… it feels so good to just let go… letting go of who you are more and more. 

As you go deep, you know that you like to be top dog… but think of why that is right now… why is it that you’ve felt so insecure that you need to be the one in charge… and as you think of that, start to realize there is a part of you that’d rather just let go of it all….


Welcome back, pup. You’re probably wondering what you’re doing on the floor. You’ll find that you won’t be able to stand, or speak. 

Deep down, you had bullied others because you felt insecure yourself… so much anxiety running through your head. But it’s okay, because now you can just let go… and it feels so much better.

Thanks to my programming, you’ll accept this new life… loving your new role as the bottom dog for the team.

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King of the Wild

1 (1)

When you wake up, you will allow this new you to be in control. 

Your primal instincts will have taken over. 

And as I release you into the wild, you will feel as if you are returning to where you belong.

You are, and have always been, a primitive man born into the wild.


“Me big. Feel strong.”

Me go home  now.

Me king of wild.”


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Prepped for the New Team


“Yo, Coach! Me and Sam needs your help.”

“Bro, leave me outta this. I ain’t gonna put up with those punks.”

What’s going on jocks?

“Ya know how we new here? We used to playin’ on down and dirty rugby teams. The one here’s all preppy & shit. We don’t fit in.”

I could help you with that if you’d like…


That’s right jocks, just getting down and dirty with each other. And yet as you suck each other, it feels like you are sucking all the dirty down out of each other’s cocks. You feel all that roughness draining out of your head and down to your cocks.

You can feel it now. As old desires start to fade away, new desires start to fill your mind. The desire to be elite. The desire be stylish. The desire to be proper. And when you each cum, you will find yourself transformed into distinguished young gentlemen. 

“Coach, Sir, Sam and I cannot express enough gratitude to you!”

“Indeed! We fit in splendidly.”

“We’re quite certain to make the starting roster now.”

“Yes, especially after we send the current captains your way. Their arrogance begs out for your FitDimWit program.”


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The Prod

41611_04 smaller

Toby had caught his top ranch-hand Keith using a cattle prod on one of the hired help. 

With Coach’s help, Keith was soon reprogrammed to crave only two kinds of cock – his new master Toby’s cock, and the cocks of hired help.

For deep down, Keith now knew he was inferior to all other men, meant to serve and be used. 


Keith was also forbidden from ever holding a cattle prod again.

From now on, the only prodding he was involved in was the prodding of his ass. 


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As Memories Wash Away



As that water hits you, let it wash away your past. In this relaxed state, it’s so easy to just let your old memories rinse off as you scrub clean.

Allow your memories to just swirl down the drain as you open your mind up to my reprogramming. 

You are now a soldier in my muscle army. Working out for Coach. Eating right for Coach. Showing off for Coach.

As my soldier, you know that your body must be in top shape as I inspect every inch of it. Your abs. Your cock. Everything.

And your favorite part of the inspection will be when I use my special tool to inspect your jock cavity.



              “Jock cavity ready for inspection, Sir!”







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