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Hairy Jockhole for Coach

Danny had been showing up late for our intramural soccer league on a regular basis – so as Coach, I kept having to make him stay late. Little did he know he kept dozing off during our chats, always making him forget just how much of my puppet he was becoming. When he showed up at my house one day saying he wanted to quit the team, I told him he couldn’t. “You can’t make me keep playing!” “Oh yeah?, ” I responded. “Watch this.” When I asked him to take off his shirt, he did. When I asked him to lick his muscles, he did. “Sir, what’s going on?” He couldn’t believe he had just called me Sir. 

Just a couple more commands until he was naked, stroking into a deep trance as I finished his programming. I hadn’t planned to complete it this soon, but we needed him on the team. And because he wanted so badly to please Coach now, he was going to make soccer a priority. Not only would he stay on the team, he would never be late again. And just to test that hypnosis, I woke him up and asked if he was ready for Coach to use his hairy hole. And boy was he.

Images courtesy of Butch Dixon – click here for more hot holes waiting to be pounded.

Good Jocks Obey 7/29/14

‘I’m so tired of working on this presentation.

Huh, it’s like Coach was reading my mind that I needed a distraction. But do I risk reading it? I don’t really have time.

Fuck, I can’t resist. What’s it say?’

Good Jocks Obey. Good Jocks Get Comfortable and Relax for Coach.

‘Head feels fuzzy…. must get comfortable. Feels good to relax and obey.’

Good Jocks Show Off for Coach.

‘Yes. I love to show off for you Coach.’

Good Jocks Are Hard for Coach.

‘I’m so hard, Sir.’

Good Jocks Are Horny for Coach ‘s cock.

‘Yes, Sir. So horny for your dick.’

Good Jocks Open the Door.




Good jock. I see you responded to my messages.

Now go ahead and show me just how much you want my cock.



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