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The Pool Stroke

That’s right jock. Each stroke relaxes you further. And as you relax, you know there is a part of you deep down that has wanted to be a dumb, horny jock. Yet, you’ve resisted letting go, afraid of disappointing others. Yet, when you enter that pool, you can simply allow relaxation to wash over you. No pressure. Just pleasure washing over you. Washing off all those fears. Washing away all that overthinking. And the longer you stay in that pool, the dumber and hornier you will become.

“Thanks for allowing me take a dip in your pool Coach. It’s quite refreshing.”

Yes. It’s such as simple pleasure but feels so good.

“I never thought about it like that. It’s like having a realize… why can’t I think of that word?”

You don’t need to think of it. Just enjoy yourself.

“Fuck Coach, I never get to just do that. But you is right.”


You getting out jock?

“Not yet bro, feelin’ so horny though I gotta do somethin.”

You still worried about disappointing your folks?

“Who care what they think. Better no think. Me young an’ horny, gotta have fun.”

Sounds like you know what you want.

“Fuck yeah… me wanna feel your cock in me Coach.”

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The Meathead in the Mirror


As you look into the mirror in this relaxed state, it’s so easy for you to see your ideal self looking back at you. You’ve worked so hard to become such a powerful, muscular guy that can get by on his muscles. And because you can get by on your muscles, you know you’re finally at the point where absolutely nothing else matters. Only muscle. That man in the mirror loves when he works up a sweat getting even bigger. That man in the mirror loves when his muscles are worshiped. That man in the mirror is a total meathead. Go ahead… reach your arms out to that mirror  now….and feel him take over you.



“Fuck yeah Coach, check out my muscle. You wanna feel Coach?

Or you wanna wait til I’m even more pumped after I go lift?”



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Jock to Musclehead-in-Making

Just stroke into relaxation… it feels so good to let go for me. And as you stroke, you’ll find yourself thinking more and more about muscle. How hot and sexy you think it is. How you wish you could be so muscular yourself. 

Muscle will become all you want, and all you need to think about.

When I wake you up, you’re going to feel so huge.. simply like a nice big musclehead. Even after I bring you back to awareness that you’re currently a lean jock, that feeling will stay with you…

And because muscle is all you need to think about, you can just stare down at that cock right now… and realize that this is what will drive your thoughts from now on. It’ll get so hard thinking about muscle, and drive you to build more and more muscle.

That lust for muscle taking over all your thoughts… pushing you to work out more… making it so easy for you to eat more… so ready to become that simple big meathead. 


“Love flexin’ for ya Coach. Look how swole me am! Gotta pump up again soon!”

Awesome jock… can’t wait to see you getting even bigger!

“Muscle all that matter Coach!”



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Becoming the Gardener


“I’m a little uncertain about this Coach. I used your hypnosis to push me in the gym, working hard so that I could enjoy life outside of it.

But I’m having some trouble letting go of all the stress and finding it difficult to enjoy these muscles I worked so hard for.

I think I’m ready for a simpler life.”


“Whoa… me head feel fuzzy Coach.

Dunno what. Just woke up.

But it feel good.”




“You right. Me feel better in a jock.

Me love be gardener here.”


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Sniff That Jock


Each sniff of that jock dumbs you down further… you are coming a dumb jock…. obsessed with working out…. and working as a dumb laborer to help pay your way. 

Just becoming more simple with each and every inhale of that sweat… that stench… this is the jock of a man that works out… and has a lot of sex…

Sniff that jock… and realize this is what your jocks will smell like.

The aroma of that jock continues to make changes inside of your mind… you can feel it. Making you more simple. Complex thoughts are just so hard now.

Hard… just like your cock. This is what you think with from now on. Always so very horny. Always such simple needs. Muscle and sex. 

When I wake you up, you’ll experiment with the toy I have provided for you… at first just getting used to it… but the more you feel it inside of you… the more you enjoy it.



“Damn Coach, this sorta feels nice. Never thought me bottom.

Fuck… bro this is … intense yo!”



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Musclehead Takeover


Relaxing deeper and deeper with each stroke. It feels so good.

Remain in trance, but open your eyes and stare into that mirror. Imagine that your ideal you is staring back at you. Bigger than you already are. So obsessed with the gym. Loving to flex and enjoying a good fuck.

That horny musclehead is the you that you want to be. He’s the type of guy that loves to rub the nipples on his hard pecs… the type of guy that loves to lick his growing biceps… the type of guy that loves to work up both in the gym and in the bedroom. 



He is waiting to take over you.  Go ahead… touch your cock to the mirror now.

As you do, you’ll feel your energies being transferred. Everything that’s been holding you back… it travels into the mirror… never to hold you back again. You’re free from distractions. And that musclehead energy travels inside of you… forever transforming you.


“Fuck yeah Coach! Fuck I need to work up a sweat… wanna join me?”


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You’ve been working so hard to build that muscle. And the more you have worked out, the more of a musclehead you have become. It feels so good to be one of my fitdimwits. Now it’s time to use those muscles to make us money. Just feel all your inhibitions fade away.

This is why you have been building muscle. So others would find you sexy and want to worship you. Even pay to worship you. And you love to help their fantasies come true, just as I am helping your fantasies to become real.

“Yo, Coach, you so right ’bout this corner, man! Rich dudes walk by here all the time and almost all of ’em wanna worship these guns.

Been makin’ major buck. Got your share back at my place. Wud love to thank ya with a freebie too bro.”

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A Simple Boxer



Becoming just a bit more simple with each stroke.

You no longer rely on your brain. You rely on your instinct.

You have the instinct to get bigger and stronger as you build muscle.

You have the instincts that will help you in the ring.

You don’t think. You just fight.

Easily able to predict what your opponents are going to do, and defend from it.

Able to see what you need to do to surprise them.

Your brain will not be cluttered by thoughts. Just pure and simple, with all your thoughts related to the things that make you a better boxer…


“Yo, Coach!

I ready fo’ that big fight…

like all amped up and shit!

Gonna be a fuckin’ TKO, bro!”





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Horny Musclehead 8/2/14

Relaxing further and further into that nice deep trance.It’s so easy to just let go and accept that you have been working so hard to build muscle for Coach.

But you want more. You want a simpler life. You want to just enjoy those muscles.

Go ahead and start stroking that cock now. As you do, you find yourself allowing to accept this desire to be a musclehead. 

And as you start to stare at the dick, you realize… this is what you will think with from now on. Always so horny to build muscle. Always so horny for hot muscle action. Always so horny for Coach.



“Coach, me get buff ‘cuz of you.

Dick hard all time I see muscle. All time I lift.

It hard now see you.

Me want you fuck me.”


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Flaunt Those Muscles



Do you remember anything from the session. 

“No, Coach. I just feel like I should flex for you a bit.

I mean, I worked hard on these muscles, might as well get some notice for them, right?

But I’m not taking off the pants.”

Of course.

I bet it just feels so good to FLAUNT THOSE MUSCLES.


“Hellz yeah Coach!

I’m fookin’ huge!”

I see that musclehead. Love that you are showing me your muscles. 

I’d love to see all your muscles.

“Why’z didn’t ya say so?

Me love show you.”


“Me got one muscle want bigger.

Hit my max Coach. Need you help it grow.”

That’s why I have this lube sitting here, you meathead. I had a suspicion you’d be needing some help with that.

“What’s a sus…pe… ”

Don’t you worry about that. Let’s just focus on exercising that favorite muscle of ours….


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