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Let the Beast Out… Just Howl


“Coach said I’d find you here.”

“I think there’s been a mistake. What are you doing?”

“You told Coach you wanted to unleash raw power in the gym, right?”

“Yeah, so?”

“The best way to do that is to let the beast out.”

“Coach preconditioned you already. All you need is find the wolf inside and let out its beastly howl. Are you ready to join our pack?”

“Head… fuzzy… Coach…. wants me…. part of pack…. good for me.”

“Very good jock, now just relax as Coach has taught you and let me prepare you for what’s to come.”

“Oh God… your wolf tongue… it goes so deep.”


HowlPart119small      “Aaaarrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!”

“Welcome to the pack. Now show you know your place… sniff your new Alpha and take in my scent!”

“Yes Sir… permission to try out my new wolf tongue too!”


But save some for me tonight… the moon makes us wolfjocks incredibly horny.”

Images courtesy of Men.com – click here for more from Men.com including the hot Howl series just in time for Halloween! The above of course is fantasy – I could only make someone temporarily think they were a bit more wolf – but damn is it hot!


Hard Muscles, Dude!


“Dude, did you get hard looking at that fitness mag?”

“Bro, not cool!”

“No way man, your dick is throbbing!”

“Don’t mean nothin’. Just been workin’ with Coach to crave that hard muscle, push harder in the gym, ya’ know?”

“Yeah, and I got a hard muscle for you right here.”

Soon both boys had succumbed to Coach’s programming. It wasn’t hard for Keith, who was already gay, to give in… but Toby had taken more work. Yet Coach’s words took over: You crave that hard muscle. You want that hard muscle yourself. When in your gym, it’s almost like you can taste it. You wish you could taste it. And as soon as you do get a taste of that hard muscle you’ve come to lust after, there’s no going back…. the desire for that hard muscle will consume you.


Before long you’ll need that hard muscle to enter you in any and all ways possible.
MyBrotherInLawSTG18small              Images courtesy of Str8toGay.com from Men.com – click here for more steamy videos of straight studs seduced into steamy sex!




That’s right jock… just relax into that nice deep trance. 

Feel yourself becoming even more of a muscle-obsessed jock… always working out… wherever you… at any time…

And the only other obsession that comes close is sex.


Even the thought of being that horny jock obsessed with sex and muscle is turning you on right now.

Feel it building up and take over as you climax and erupt in a spectacular orgasm.



“Hey Coach, I’m lovin’ the effects of the hypno. Damn, I am working out everywhere these days and getting buff as fuck!

Come back to my place and I’ll thank you.”

Images courtesy of Fratmen.com – click here for more jizzworthy jocks!


Coach’s New Jockslave 9/18


It feels so good to relax for me boy. Each time better than the last. You feel so comfortable with me.

It feels so good to submit to me. Surrendering more and more as you find yourself getting so comfortable. Comfortable with the idea of being regularly hypnotized – knowing you want it because it feels so good. And comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of me.

Welcome back boy, why don’t you go ahead and start stroking for me.

That’s right. It’s become so easy for you to enter trance right away for me. 

Submitting more and more with each stroke.

Feeling your devotion for me grow stronger with each stroke.



When you come today for me boy, your transformation will finally be complete. You will know that after months of edging in submission, that you have surrendered to me completely. Once you cum with my permission, you will find yourself forgetting you have ever been anything but my jockslave.


“I worship you, Sir.”

jackmason040                       Images courtesy of Buzzwest.com – click here for more young jocks stripping, stroking, and more!

Horny Jock Transformation

“Thanks for accepting me into your program Coach. I’ve always thought I look like a jock but I just can’t let go enough to enjoy it.”

I’m sure you won’t have any troubles letting for for me. Why don’t you go ahead and relax now. 

That’s it jock. Just drifting into that relaxed state. And as you accept your desire to act more like a jock, you realize that jocks are always horny.

And you find yourself so horny for another jock to fuck you.


When you wake up, you’ll find you need to finger yourself thinking of another jock up your hole. You crave it,  and find it so easy to let go. 

You prepare yourself as best as you can. From now on, you only stroke yourself if you are also pleasuring your hole… with your fingers… with a dildo… and  you will do this while listening to my files. 

Finding it so easy to get in that mindset that you need to be fucked by other jocks.



And once it’s time, you’ll find it feels so right when that cock starts to slide up your hole. You’ll feel like you truly have become a jock.

After all, the best ways for you to become a jock, is to get molded by my hypnosis and have hot sex with other jocks.


Images courtesy of HardBritLads.com – click here for more UK hunks.


Waking Up Ready for a New Career


“Coach… I feel, like, all weird and shit.”

Weird? Is that bad?

“No, bro… it’s fuckin’ awesome!”

Very cool. I suppose it’s back to the accounting firm now. 

“Fuck that shit, gonna find a new job.

You know the  only things I count are reps and macros Coach – fuckin’ hate math!”

“Dude, thanks for visitin’ me at the new gig.

Ain’t it awesome? This rich dude wants me to be his pool boy.

He kinda ugly but he don’t want sex, just to watch me clean and work out and shit.

That why he put a bench out here, bro. Let me lay here and tan, or grab some dumbbells to get even bigger.”



“He at a confer…a… shit, what’s that word… some meeting crap all weekend.

Figured it’d be a good time to show ya how much me love my new life. Gotta lot to thank you for Coach!”


Images courtesy of ColtStudioGroup.com – click here for more of this handsome hunk and more from one of the hottest studios around!

First Things First

Go ahead  and relax further with each stroke. And as soon as your mind has let go, you can allow your body to just let go. 

Being in the gym makes you feel so good, and so very horny. But you take that desire and first put it into your workouts.  

The more you workout, the hornier you get… but only if you put everything into the workout. 

Not working out makes you grow limp and chaste. But you want to be a muscled fuck machine, so I know you will always give it your all at each workout.



“Fuck Coach, I feel amazing after that – and my dick… God it’s soooo hard.

But, I can’t worry about that now Coach. I gotta work out first.”

Of course. Gotta focus on the muscle.

“Right Coach!”


“Damn Coach, I’m gettin’ so horned up! But gotta do just a few more….”




“Fuck it feels so good to flex after the workout, Coach.

Makes me even hornier.  Don’t think can wait til get home.”



Images courtesy of Fratmen.com – click here for more gorgeous fratmen like the muscle jock above!


Coach’s Perfect JockBoy


Are you ready to be Coach’s perfect jockboy?

“I’m not so sure about this coach.  I mean who knows what’s going to happen.”

Like I said Noah, your subconcious is what will decide what you will become.  So, really, you already know what you will become.  It’s all there in your brain.  And when you’re done being a jockboy, you just take off the jockstrap and revert to normal.

“Yes, sir.”




Let’s start by having you stroke into relaxation. 

By the time we’re finished, you’ll accept completely that you’ll feel like a new man as soon as you put that jockstrap on.

And that new man, that real you, will feel absolutely incredible.

“Whoa, fucker, I feel fucking awesome!  I feel like I could pound the whole fuckin’ soccer team.

Why the fuck was I so fuckin’ hesi-… hesi-… uh, why was I such a dweeb about putting this thing on?”

One moment, Noah.

“Call me N-dawg, coach.”

Okay, N-dawg.  Up against the lockers for me.  I gotta inspect your ass before you get out of here.

“Yes, coach!”

Oh, and then I think Nate wanted to get fucked by you later.



“Fuck yeah, coach!  I’m never gonna take this fuckin’ jock off!”

I thought that may happen.




Captions submitted by LanceFan2001 with small addition by Coach. Images courtesy of HighPerformenceMen.com – click here for more of this sexy jock and many others!

Love the Open Air

“The beach was a good idea Coach. Love the fresh air.”

Beautiful out. Easy to relax in, and just reflect about what it is one really wants.

“Yes…. I think…. sometimes this fresh air makes me wish I hadn’t given up my bike. I used to love the open road. Heck, I even enjoyed tuning it up. Sometimes I wonder what if I’d gone down a simpler road.”

Is that something you’d like?

Simply relaxing more with each stroke, and allowing yourself to feel so comfortable up there on that motorcycle. It’s where you belong. 

And allowing your passion for motorcycles to take over means there’s not much room for anything else. 

You just are becoming a total gearhead. The type of guy that loves fixing up bikes, riding his “hog,” and working out so that you look so sexy up on that motorcycle.



“One sec, Coach, just tuning her up. Then me take you on ride.”



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Images courtesy of DylanLucas.com – click here for many more sexy hunks like this stroking it & more!

Muscle Lust


“Coach, your files getting me swole! But that muscle lust one – wow!

Always hard as fuck when me workout now. See for ya’self!

But this jock not complainin’ – it give me more energy for the workouts. I is PUMPED!”


“Fuck so sweaty after that and now seeing ya there Coach…

I just gotta get these pants off….

Damn boots is in the way…

No worry Coach, me got another idea…”




“See Coach, I’m not such a musclehead where it counts!

And I’m lustin’ for these muscles to get fucked!”



Images courtesy of Colt.com – click here for more of this sexy hunk, whose muscles definitely make me lust!