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Team-Building Exercise


“Whoa Coach, that was like, truly awesome.”

“Fuck yeah bro. But I don’t remember nothin’.”

Don’t worry guys. All I did was reinforce the importance of working together. Now how about another team-building exercise?

“Sure Coach! What is it?”

Work together to achieve simultaneous orgasms.

“Bro, you’ve, like had an anal orgasm before, right?”

“You jealous?”

“Nah man, just thinkin’ about the best positions for us all. You best take middle.”

“You wanna fuck or get sucked?”

{It didn’t matter that two of the jocks -were- straight. Their conditioning made their objective more important than orientation… plus Coach had ensured it’d all feel so good.}


“Fuck yeah, we are nailin’ this. Double high five bro!”
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Only One Popsicle


You need to cool down after that long, intense workout… but Coach has only one popsicle left. You’ll have to apply the teamwork lessons you’ve learned as you share.  It bonds you even closer.

That’s it jocks. Now Alan, I know your cock probably feels so sweaty. Why don’t you hold the popsicle next to it? 

Go ahead Bruce and continue to quench your thirst after that workout. It’s so cool and refreshing. 

And the more you suck, the more you realize you don’t need a popsicle.



Enjoying a nice cock in your mouth is such a good way to loosen up and let off steam after a good workout. 

After all, there might not always be a popsicle on hand, but you always have each other’s dicks to suck.

Always feeling so refreshed as you suck until you each get that nice, creamy treat at the end, full of that special recovery protein to help those muscles really grow strong.

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Rookie Initiation Camping Trip


That’s right Mark, just licking your new rookie’s cock and claiming him all for yourself.

This is the rookie you will be paired with for the rest of the season, and this weekend’s camping expedition will help to bond you more closely and intimately than you ever could have imagined.

Rookie, you’ll do everything you can please the jock that has picked you, for he has claimed you as his.

Mark has gone through this program himself and excelled, and you are to follow his example and fulfill his needs.

In learning to fulfill your jock’s needs, you learn to put the team’s needs ahead of your own. In becoming intimate with your jock, you discover that knowing each other’s rhythms helps you out on the court.

Go bond with each other now. There’s a long season ahead and a good jock takes every advantage he can get.


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Shower-Shy No More


“Thanks Aaron for helping Coach out with this.”

“No prob man. How come you so ‘fraid to shower with us bros anyway?”

“I dunno, I guess I just feel like guys are deciding whether or not they want me based just on how I look naked.”

“Dude, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Alright jocks, we ready to begin?

That’s right… just drifting into a nice deep trance.

Feeling so relaxed now, and so comfortable. The shower is such a comfortable place to be in.

And because you are starting to feel so comfortable… that warm relaxation washing over you… you realized you’d feel better with your shirt off.

Just remaining in a nice relaxed state as you allow your trusted friend to lift your shirt up and off of you now.



Relaxing more and more as that warm shower water hits you now. 

You don’t worry about being judged as you wear your jock, your package still hidden out of site. 

But as that water hits you, you begin to feel it stirring in that jock…

Aaron, go ahead and kiss the rookie’s chest…. each kiss making you both hornier than the last.

That passionate desire driving you wild now… you just need to fuck your buddy so bad. It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter that you’ve stripped to nothing. You just need to fuck Aaron. That desire so strong.

By the time you finish, you’ll realize that you just had sex in a public bathroom, by a friend that very much wanted you. 

And knowing this means you won’t care anymore what others think… you’re just a hot little rookie so confident as he proudly showers with his teammates.


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Smell of a Gladiator


Go ahead, recruit… look at your assigned jock. You will find yourself lusting over your jock… working to get muscles at least as big as his are now. He’ll keep working too, so you might never catch up… but you’ll try.

Get closer, jock… recruit, take a good long sniff.This is the smell of a muscle jock that has proven himself a gladiator in the gym. 

This is what you will aspire to be as well… working hard until you too are as strong as a warrior.



Until you reach that point, you will learn how to best please your jock… as well as Coach. Go ahead – work that cock now, and know you taste the cock of a true gym gladiator. This is the cock you’ll crave inside of you… more and more as the training continues. 


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Gladiator Breaks Free



That’s right my muscle jock.

The hypnosis has sunk in and you accept completely that you are a gladiator.

A gladiator whose brute strength will help him to break free…

…both from the binds that have been holding you back in the gym, and in life.



Even as you listen to my voice, you feel the gladiator continuing to take over you… 

Feeling yourself tapping into that inner warrior…

…your muscles growing stronger and stronger. 

Break free, my gladiator.



You are now one of my top jocks, ready to use that warrior spirit as you help me break in new recruits. We start tomorrow, gladiator.

“Yes Sir!”


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Rookie Initiation 8/28/14



That’s right jocks. Just keep stroking each other into a nice relaxing trance.

Feel yourself bonding as a team as we become intimate with each other. Becoming so willing to help initiate your new rookie here.

And Jamison, you are so ready to join the team, knowing that it is your place as a rookie to serve the other jocks.


Just like that Jamison.

Taking turns sucking each cock, and using your hands to take care of the other two as you give each of the team MVP’s here their fair share of orgasmic pleasure.

Feel how good it feels to serve for the good of the team.




Once you’ve worked your teammates to the point of climax, they’ll shower you in cum – completing the initiation as you make the team.


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Horny Jock Transformation

“Thanks for accepting me into your program Coach. I’ve always thought I look like a jock but I just can’t let go enough to enjoy it.”

I’m sure you won’t have any troubles letting for for me. Why don’t you go ahead and relax now. 

That’s it jock. Just drifting into that relaxed state. And as you accept your desire to act more like a jock, you realize that jocks are always horny.

And you find yourself so horny for another jock to fuck you.


When you wake up, you’ll find you need to finger yourself thinking of another jock up your hole. You crave it,  and find it so easy to let go. 

You prepare yourself as best as you can. From now on, you only stroke yourself if you are also pleasuring your hole… with your fingers… with a dildo… and  you will do this while listening to my files. 

Finding it so easy to get in that mindset that you need to be fucked by other jocks.



And once it’s time, you’ll find it feels so right when that cock starts to slide up your hole. You’ll feel like you truly have become a jock.

After all, the best ways for you to become a jock, is to get molded by my hypnosis and have hot sex with other jocks.


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Lead By Example


“Coach, I didn’t know that
I liked men before you
showed me what a real
man is like.

I know I’m a real
man too, and I’d love to
help break in some rookie

Got any new recruits
for me, Coach?”



“Did I faint again, Sir?”


“You’re right, Coach.

It’s best I show the
new recruits what it
means to be a good boy
by example.

My hole is open
& waiting for you,

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Becoming a Top Jock

ylj-billyHicks2-WM01 smaller

That’s right. You’re graduating from rookie to top jock.

And that means while you’ll still love opening any of your holes wide for Coach, you’re also going to love using the holes of the latest recruits.

So in this tranced state, go ahead and take off your clothes as we transition you from rookie to top jock.

Every time you thrust that over your cock, or your cock into that hole, it just feels so good. And you accept that as good as this feels, it will feel 100 times better to have your cock in a rookie’s hole. 

This is your new favorite way to clear your head before a game and to show your rookies how you can lead by example both on and off the field. 

ylj-billyHicks2-WM10 smaller


Now go ahead and have that amazing orgasm we’ve been building up, and as you do, realize how amazing it is to be a top jock – and to feel so grateful that Coach is helping to make you more of a man.


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