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Hotel Room Hypnosis

As his straight bud lightly snored, Scott gazed over at his massive chest.  He was glad that the hotel only had one room left, and that it was a room with only one bed… finally an excuse to sleep next to Mike. It was the first time since sleepovers in their little league days, though all the wet dreams Scott had about moments like this kept him from ever questioning his sexuality. He was definitely gay, and in love with his best friend.

What Mike didn’t know was that Scott had been learning hypnosis – and was about to put his skills to the test. “Just relax, Mike. You feel so safe and comfortable next to your friend. You have never felt more comfortable… and you will feel even more comfortable when I place my hands on you. The touch of your friend just makes you feel so safe, and feeling so safe helps you to let go.” Scott was pleased that his friend remained entranced as he tested the waters.

It built from there. “You are a loyal friend. You would do anything for your friend Scott. Being with you makes me happy, and it would make you so happy to see me happy.” Scott took his time, stressing the desire to please his friend over and over. As the suggestions became more sexual, Scott noticed his friend’s cock getting harder. “Your dick is telling you that you want this. Just let go of all other thoughts and think with your dick.”

“I am going to show you how good it feels when another man sucks on your dick. Only men know the right way to perform oral on each other, because only men have dicks. As soon as my mouth reaches the your penis, you will feel pleasure a thousand times stronger than you have ever felt before.”

Scott was amazed that his friend remained in trance as he went down on him.

After Scott was satisfied by his bud had thoroughly enjoyed himself, he returned to the hypnotic suggestions. “That feels like the best blow job you have ever gotten. Now that you know I am right that men give better oral, you want to help out your friend as you suck on my dick. In fact, as good as it felt to have your cock sucked, it will feel even better to suck on mine because you crave pleasing your friend. It feels so good and right to help out your friend.”

Scott was amazed as his friend eagerly took his cock. But what was even more amazing was what would come next – for Scott was about to convince Mike that fucking jockholes would give him the best orgasms of all.

Mike would never be the same again – and he was okay with that – for deep down he now knew that the best lovers start as friends.

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Presents for Santa


Santa was surprised that the elves had given him his presents early this year. 

Sugarplum had given Santa delicious eggnog. Snowflake had given the gift of a relaxing hypnosis playlist.

And Twinkle had given Santa a jock made special just for him. It seemed odd to Santa, but he decided to try it on that night anyway as he laid down.

The eggnog had made him feel sleepy, but he figured he’d throw on the hypnosis too. He had a big night of delivering toys ahead, and he needed his rest.

Little did Santa know that the elves had infused all three items with Christmas magic. The eggnog he had drank right before bed made his mind open to change. The hypnosis suggested the changes. And the jock was to cement the outcome…

That Santa would transform into a jock.

1 (26)

1 (3)

Santa couldn’t believe how amazing he felt when he woke up. 

“I’ll have no problems going down the chimneys this year!” he twinkled, followed with a “Ho Ho Ho” deeper than he’d ever given before. “And I’m sure the toy sack will feel lighter than ever!”

“You’re not afraid the kids will be disappointed?”

“No, but Mrs. Claus may be… I seem…. different somehow.”

“That’s because you’re final present for Christmas…. is us!”IMG_2875

1 (4)

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Getting Used to the Position



That’s right jock. Just allowing my words to help relax your jockhole even as those ropes help you get used to the position.

You are becoming such a strong and flexible bottom for your top jock.

 Soon you will be able to please him using any of the positions he so desires.


Even as we start to untie you, you find it so easy to remain in position. 

After all, the bondage is not just a way to train you physically, but a reminder that you are a rookie.

And as a rookie, you exist to be used…. for you cannot truly learn how to be a leader until you have experienced what it means to follow and please.


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The Horny Jocks Inside Take Over

That’s right jocks. We’ve had separate sessions helping you each to let go and let the dumb horny jocks inside take over. 

You’ve both learned how to think with your dicks and you can tell even now that they don’t care how they get off.

It doesn’t matter whether you stroke or suck or fuck. It doesn’t matter that you used to each have girlfriends. All that matters is you’re both so horny as you think with those cocks now.

Your hard, thick cocks taking over. And Emmet, your jockhole is still so very sensitive.

You love to have it played with, especially when it’s other jocks working that hole. It just feels so good to give in.

No more inhibitions… just letting all that pleasure take over as you both let go of who you used to be and give in to the temptation of being such simple, fun-loving jocks.


And as good as it feels to play with each other’s jockholes, you know that it feels even better to fuck those jockholes.

It doesn’t matter that neither of you has done anal before… all that matters is you’re both thinking with your dicks as the horny jocks inside take over.


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Put Out the Fire

“Coach said there was a fire to put out here?”

“Yes, it feels like my hole is on fire. Can you use your hose to put it out?”

Neither were aware they were both hypnotized. Each had been reluctant to be with another man. Yet, in this fantasy, it didn’t feel like sex, but a task that needed done to save a life.

Ryan wasn’t even really a fireman, but he believed he was… just as Terry believed he really had a fire inside of him. And they would continue to believe these things until Ryan had cum inside Terry. 


“Let me take a look… Oh yeah, there’s definitely a fire in there. Good thing Coach sent me with lube to help fit the hose through.”

Coach of course had also suggested amazing orgasms for them both. Neither would regret being tricked… for when Coach can help them feel that good with each other, why wouldn’t they want to keep fucking around … not to mention continue seeing Coach for more hypnosis? It all just felt so right.


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Upping the Grade



“If you want to keep playing football at the collegiate level, your grades must improve. Drastically.”

“Bro, you gotta let me play.”

“And what do you expect to do when you graduate?”

“Flex my muscles for money, man. Me not need degree. Just play.”

“Do you have your dick out?”

“Fuck dude, don’t ‘member takin’ it out.

Just had a sesh with Coach. Left me super horned up.”

“It’s cool Embry. I didn’t realize you were in the FitDimWit program. Now that I know, we have some other options.

Go ahead and take off all your clothes.”


“Now get on the desk.”

“Fuck Teach, you ain’t even my type but it feel so good to do what you say.”

“It’s professor, and that’s because Coach has made sure all you dumb jocks do anything to please us in exchange for playing sports. In fact I’ll make you a deal… the longer you can keep my dick up, the more I’ll bring up your grade.”

“Deal bro!”

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Submitting More with Each Lick



Each lick makes you want him more. You can taste how superior your Master is over you.

You have felt so independent and struggled to fully submit in the past, but the more you lick, the more you want to give in.

Submitting more with each lick… craving the taste of your God.

Of course what you crave most of all is that Superior cock… you want to taste is so badly.

Yet as you taste how good it tastes now, you know that the only way you’ll get to taste this delicious cock is to obey.

And because you crave it more and more with each and every lick, you find yourself so willing to comply and submit.

It’s so easy to obey when the reward for your obedience is so magnificent.




“Damn Coach, I can’t believe that worked.

You’ve made my slave more devoted and mindlessly obedient to me than ever. Isn’t that right slave?”

“Yes my God.”

“I love when he calls me that.”


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Shower-Shy No More


“Thanks Aaron for helping Coach out with this.”

“No prob man. How come you so ‘fraid to shower with us bros anyway?”

“I dunno, I guess I just feel like guys are deciding whether or not they want me based just on how I look naked.”

“Dude, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Alright jocks, we ready to begin?

That’s right… just drifting into a nice deep trance.

Feeling so relaxed now, and so comfortable. The shower is such a comfortable place to be in.

And because you are starting to feel so comfortable… that warm relaxation washing over you… you realized you’d feel better with your shirt off.

Just remaining in a nice relaxed state as you allow your trusted friend to lift your shirt up and off of you now.



Relaxing more and more as that warm shower water hits you now. 

You don’t worry about being judged as you wear your jock, your package still hidden out of site. 

But as that water hits you, you begin to feel it stirring in that jock…

Aaron, go ahead and kiss the rookie’s chest…. each kiss making you both hornier than the last.

That passionate desire driving you wild now… you just need to fuck your buddy so bad. It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter that you’ve stripped to nothing. You just need to fuck Aaron. That desire so strong.

By the time you finish, you’ll realize that you just had sex in a public bathroom, by a friend that very much wanted you. 

And knowing this means you won’t care anymore what others think… you’re just a hot little rookie so confident as he proudly showers with his teammates.


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Good Jocks Obey Until All Have Cum


“Thanks for watching the game with me bro.”

“No prob, man, it’s fun hangin’ out with you. Anyone else comin’?”

“Nah, guess most of ’em are guests at a wedding somewhere or somethin’.”

“It’s cool, just saw you textin’ someone earlier. {RING} Hold on, my phone is ringing.”

“Hello? Coach?”

Good jocks obey.

“I am a good jock. Good jocks obey. I obey.”

Good jock. Good jocks obey until all have cum. You will remain in trance until you and your bud both have cum.

“Yes Sir.”



“Damn, I didn’t think Coach’s programming trigger worked so instantly… but I’m glad it did. I’ve wanted to get off with for a long time.”

“Yes. I must obey until we both cum.”

“Hot, man. So glad I arranged this with Coach and let him know when you were here.”

“I obey.”

“Strip off your jock, jock, and let’s get busy.”

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Using the Pool


“Rob, what are you doing by my pool?”

“Chillax, neighbor. Ain’t harming anyone to use your pool when you go to work.”

“I suppose you’re right. Go ahead and relax for now. In fact, if you don’t mind, I may call my bud over as well.”

“If he’s anything like you, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the view. Queers are always staring at my junk.”

“Here he is Coach, all nice and relaxed. You cool with teaching this punk a lesson?”

He didn’t leave much choice.
Rob, I know your subconscious can hear me. Relax deeper as I speak to your it now. You love to hang by the pool. Not just any pool, but a private pool like this where you can swim and tan completely naked. Hanging by this pool becomes your strongest desire, the desire growing even as I speak. You are so willing to do anything to hang at this pool.


That’s right Rob, so easy to remain in trance for me. Even in this deep sleep, you know we’re joined by your neighbor. Your desire to hang at his pool is so strong by now that you’d be willing to do anything to hang there. And that means you are so willing to submit. 

As you feel your new Master touch his cock to yours, you allow yourself to let go of your free will to him. It’s so easy to just let go, knowing that only in letting go will you get to hang by the pool.

Now go ahead and stroke your cock as you suck your new Master’s cock. Each stroke taking you deeper and deeper into submission. 

The more you stroke and suck, the more you just let go. All that matters is that pool. You don’t need to be smart. You don’t need to think. All you have to do is please your new Master… obey your new Master… and when you’re a good boy, he’ll allow you to spend time at the pool.


When your new Master cums on you, you will feel completely owned. For now this is only a temporary transformation. On Monday, you’ll return to normal.

“Is that a good idea Coach? I mean, won’t he report us?”

Deep down he knows this is something he needed to experience. Either he’ll be so ashamed that he never uses your pool without permission again…. or he’ll discover an inner desire for a simple life.

“Fuck dude, I was really your poolboy all weekend?”

“Yes. I hope you learned your lesson.”

“Yeah… but… I was wonderin’ if I could keep using your pool, Sir? Will do whatever you want.”

“I’ll give you one hour by the pool if you let me fuck you first, boy. Then we’ll have Coach make this permanent.”



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