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New Year, New Desires


“Man Johnson, you’re starting to get some real muscle.”

“Nah, it’s nothing.”

“No man, you’re gettin’ swole.”

“Yeah, what’s your secret bro?”

“Here’s my gym buds now. I’ll show you.”

“You guys have been workin’ with Coach, right?”

“Yeah man, we’re totally jockin’ up.”

“Well, if you want to bulk up, it’s all about getting that testosterone flowing through you.

You just feel Coach’s words inside you as you work with your gym buds on getting that pump before you hit the weights.”




“Like this Johnson?”

“Attaboys. Let’s activate fuckin’ beast mode!”

“Fuck… I think I’m gonna cum.”

“Don’t do it man.

We gotta work out first, and then after we’ll get that release bros.”

“Oh hey Coach, we just had a killer workout. And we both wanna be muscleheads.”

It’ll take a while for a skinny jock like you to bulk up… but don’t worry… I have just the mp3 I can play for you.

“Awesome man! 2015 is gonna be the year of gains!”

–Soon the two jocks were giving in both to the lust and the trance, their eyes glazing over even in the midst of action… thinking about that muscle that’d be so good for flexing and fucking.


MuscleWorshipJO14smallish      Images courtesy of men.com – click here to see more of these jocks and muscle buds in hot encounters. Plus don’t forget you can get pumped up from my hypnosis with my lower prices still going on across my sites.

New Files- And At Sale Prices! And 2015 Goals

I’m running a bit behind so I’m going to just copy what I had on the musclemesmerizer site about my two new files. The erotic “Into a Musclebear” file including a short audio preview can be found here on the hypnosis page, and one called Testosterone Motivator on my musclemesmerizer site where you can also read the original post, or click below to read it in slightly modified form. Here’s an audio preview of the file to make you feel more pumped up with testosterone:

Plus don’t forget almost all my files are at lower prices across all my sites during my Holi-Anniversary Sale!

Continue reading New Files- And At Sale Prices! And 2015 Goals

Pre-Workout Stretch



It’s always such a good idea to stretch those muscles ahead of a workout**…

…getting more and more limber for all those sessions with your hot jock teammates

…staying as flexible as possible even as that mass keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Working that core…  building those muscles…. 

This becomes your new favorite gym, for everything about it feels so very right…. everybody here so obsessed with muscle…. both building their own, and lusting after the muscle of others.

Images courtesy of Falcon.com – click here for more this and other hot gym encounters plus more stroke-worthy videos.


43521_14**This is just fantasy talk. Do your research for the latest science on types of stretches for pre- or post- workout.

Ass Day

“Wait, why am I grabbing my shoes? Those aren’t what I need. Man my head’s always so foggy after Coach wakes me up….  Here we go.”
“Forgot today is ass day.”



“Oh hey Coach, just working out after our hypno sesh like you suggested.”

Looks like you’re working your way up in size.

“Hell yeah Coach, in more ways than one!”

Good boy. You’ll be one of the top bottom jocks in no time.

22_3-09       Images courtesy of BullDogPit.com – click here for more smokin’ hot jocks working their asses!

New Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Muscle Worship & Growth Fantasy

I’m proud to offer a new erotic hypnosis mp3 for your enjoyment! Based on a custom file but with a few of the specifics edited down to a more generalized file, this hypno file has you stroke into trance so you can better visualize the following fantasy…

You, an average guy, are working out in the gym while also watching a hunky bodybuilder perfect his physique. You finish up before him and head to the locker room to hit the showers … before you get that far, you find a potion in your locker with a note saying it will help your own muscles grow. You aren’t sure where it came from – do you dare trust it? What are the effects? Yet, you know it might be your only chance to impress that bodybuilding stud that never seems to notice you. So you take it… and well, you can guess what else is involved from the title! It’s a hot story that hopefully gives all you muscle freak lovers an intense orgasm!

This file is available on NiteFlirt & In-Charge via My Hypnosis Page – you can of course also send $22.99 to me via alternative payment options, just ask and be sure to leave the memo lines blank! Here’s a short preview of what to expect:

Smell of a Gladiator


Go ahead, recruit… look at your assigned jock. You will find yourself lusting over your jock… working to get muscles at least as big as his are now. He’ll keep working too, so you might never catch up… but you’ll try.

Get closer, jock… recruit, take a good long sniff.This is the smell of a muscle jock that has proven himself a gladiator in the gym. 

This is what you will aspire to be as well… working hard until you too are as strong as a warrior.



Until you reach that point, you will learn how to best please your jock… as well as Coach. Go ahead – work that cock now, and know you taste the cock of a true gym gladiator. This is the cock you’ll crave inside of you… more and more as the training continues. 


Images courtesy of BoundJock.com – click here for more of this & other hot jocks in bondage!




Feel that weight that’s been holding you back in the gym.

It feels so physical to you right now… you can feel what is holding you back.

As you relax, I want you to feel strong enough to break those chains free.

You will be able to cast aside that weight as you become your true self – the you that you’ve always wanted to be.



“Yo Coach! Thanks so much man for helpin’ me. Always wanted to be a boxer but was afraid of the pain.

But fuckin’ realized I don’t care ’bout nothin’ else. Finally made it happen and owe it to you.  Just look at these muscles you built! So awesome Coach!”


Images courtesy of CamWithHim.com – click here for hot sexy men like this live on cam!


Another Muscle You’d Love


“Dude, loving Coach’s files. So pumped for muscle and… oh my god, when did you start getting ripped?”

“Been using Coach’s files too man.”

“Your muscles are really starting to bulge, can definitely tell you’re getting bigger bro!”

“I have another muscle you might want to check out too man.”

VirginHunterPart2STG08smallerImages courtesy of str8togay.com from Men.com – click here for more hot hunks in action!

Rewards of Working Out


“Great sesh, Coach! Don’t remember much but feel pumped!”

Glad to hear it. Pablo here is going to be your spotter for the workout.

“Cool bro!”


“Great set man.

Time for your reward.”





“Damn I love this workout program Coach!”




Images courtesy of BreedMeRaw.com – click here for more hunk action!

Cigar Boy to Muscle Daddy



That’s right. Inhaling that cigar.  

And as you do, you relax deeper…

You’ve been such a good cigar boy for me, but now it’s time for you to grow up. 

now it’s time to start your journey towards being a muscle daddy.

As you breathe in that cigar, you feel it. How your chest rises and falls.

And how amazing it’d feel if that chest was even bigger. 



“Hell yeah Coach, your hypno helpin’ me get swole as fuck.

Think I’m ready for my own boy now.”




Images courtesy of LiveMuscleShow.com – click here to see the men of fantasy really showing off for you!