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Programming a New HypnoSlave

Cass wasn’t sure what he had been clicking on. He had simply been searching porn, but this – this was confusing. What were all the flashing images? Why did the music sound more strange than normal porn music? But he couldn’t take his eyes off, and soon he was slowly stroking his cock.

I loved when fresh meat stumbled across my recruitment program….

…but the only way to know for sure it worked is if they followed the instructions at the end to come to me. Then there he was, waiting on my steps. I knew he was another recruit from my programming – anyone else would have just left a note. But he waited… even if he wasn’t sure why. He simply felt compelled to come. And he felt so safe as I invited him in.

As soon as I said that trigger though, he was out – and my programming began. As usual, I had him start by showing me his goods – how muscled he was, and how big or not he was. I wasn’t disappointed.

As he became more comfortable, I had him take off the rest of his clothes – programming his mind as he mindlessly stroked his cock. When he would wake, that initial look of confusion would soon be replaced a, “Hello Master. What can I do for you?” Yet another hypnoslave to do my bidding, and I was definitely going to make good use of him.


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Ready for Winter


“Hey Coach, I just moved to Colorado but have always been a beach kind of a guy that despises the cold.

But all my new friends love hittin’ the slopes. Can you help?”

I think we can do something about that. Why don’t you go ahead and get comfortable for me.

You love living so close to the mountains. They’re so peaceful and serene to look at. Even now just thinking about their majesty, you can’t help but just let your mind wander off and relax… 


each stroke helps you to let go of your past, and to let my words in as you embrace the new you. Each stroke helps you to feel more adventurous. 

So ready to practice skiing… snowboarding… and more, wanting and needing to get better because you seek that thrill… the thrill that exhilarates but that also brings you closer to your friends. You want to show them you can keep up.

When you next look in the mirror, you will see that new you. The you that now loves winter and all the activities one can do in the snow.



“Damn Coach, you should have seen me shreddin’ the gnar. My bros that grew up here are gettin’ jealous of my crunchy moves.

But after all that fresh pow, I’m ready to get hot and steamy. How about you join me as a thank you?”


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Click & Change

Written by DJ Jet
Edited by Coach Josh

I was a nerdy-jock in college until last month. You know, a straight-A student at uni that technically was on the football team, but I didn’t get to play much. I wasn’t a star jock, just a benchwarmer, and thus wasn’t very popular. I wished I could be more like those guys that can just relax and have fun. A cocky jock fratboy type.

One day sitting in my dorm, I decided I had finally had enough. I desperately searched the Internet for ways I could become preppier, manlier… anything that made me more of a jock than I was. As I was surfing on the internet for solutions or a manual to do that, I saw an interesting link about hypnosis and magic mumbo-jumbo for mental and body transformation. I entered into the site when a text popped up on my screen. Its title was “What’s your inner jock personality?”.  I was excited about the title of course, but also in part because the geek in me enjoyed quizzes.

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Wild Thing

The former Ivy League fratboy had shown himself to be nothing more than a bully, so Coach decided to use his inner aggression against him. It didn’t take much to suggest that rage was really a primal side waiting to be released…



“Me wild. Me shred clothes. Me no need gym. Me muscle here.”

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Feel that weight that’s been holding you back in the gym.

It feels so physical to you right now… you can feel what is holding you back.

As you relax, I want you to feel strong enough to break those chains free.

You will be able to cast aside that weight as you become your true self – the you that you’ve always wanted to be.



“Yo Coach! Thanks so much man for helpin’ me. Always wanted to be a boxer but was afraid of the pain.

But fuckin’ realized I don’t care ’bout nothin’ else. Finally made it happen and owe it to you.  Just look at these muscles you built! So awesome Coach!”


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Always a Country Fella


“Coach, I’m tired of the big city. I feel like half my day is spent stuck in traffic jams, and by the time I get home I don’t feel like working out.

I want a simpler life. I don’t know what. Maybe something out in the country. Just away from it all, with more time to focus on my body.

Do you think you can help?”

I’ll do my best. Why don’t you go ahead and relax for me… and we’ll work on giving you a simpler life.



“Mighty fine of ya t’come visit me on th’ farm, Coach.”

You like it better than when you lived in the city then?

City? I’ve allus lived in th’ country suh. Country fella through an’ through. Love workin’ hard on th’ farm an’ on mah muscle.”


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Loosen Up

image08 smaller

“Coach, I ‘m always so reserved. Uptight even. Always worried about my reputation. But I know that’s only because my dad has beat that into me – to not do anything that makes him look bad.

But I’m tired of it. I just want to let go and have fun. My dad’s an ass, so screw him and the tabloids. I want to just not care anymore. Can you help?”

Of course. Why don’t you go ahead and get comfortable…

image11 smaller

image04 smaller

“Hellz yeah Coach! This the real me! Whooo!”

So you feel much looser?

—the jock’s eyes glaze over—

“Yes, Coach. Much looser. Loose for you.”


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It Won’t Work

ylj-crissHowell-WM02 smaller

“Coach, I know you run quite the FitDimWit program and the camaraderie of your jocks feels like the piece in the puzzle-that-is-me that has remained missing all these years. However, I hypothesize that my intellect is far too vast to succumb to your vocabulary.”

But it is what you want – to be a dumb jock on my team?

“If you manage to succeed in lifting the burden of my overthinking from this overactive mind, then yes.”

Why don’t you go ahead and stroke for me then… we won’t know unless we try, but you want to try so that we will know, and I already know that you can allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper with each and every stroke.

ylj-crissHowell-WM07 smaller

ylj-crissHowell-WM08 smaller

“Me don’t feel no diff’rent.”

No? You don’t feel like you are now a horny dumb jock?

“Me ready was horny dumb jock.”

Yes, I suppose that’s true.

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Washing Away



So relaxing as you just sit in that nice, warm water.

And as the jet  streams come on, you’ll feel yourself going even deeper, everything just feeling so nice and relaxed.

Go ahead now and position yourself so that you can feel the smooth pressure of the water hitting your ass.

You have been concerned about becoming a bottom because have not yet learned to associate  being a bottom with pure pleasure.

Allow that water to simply wash away all doubts.

Anytime you go to bottom from now on, you will feel as if you have just had a relaxing bath that has washed away all worries.

You can finally let go and enjoy being the bottom you have wanted to be.




“I’m not sure why I was so nervous before, Coach.

I’m ready to receive the pleasure of your cock, Sir.”






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Setting a New PR Frtmn

“You think you can help me power up my workouts, Coach?”
If you let my words in, boy. Let’s find a place to relax in the locker room….


That’s right… just go into a nice deep sleep for me….and as you let my words in, you find yourself becoming so incredibly aroused. You can feel your cock getting so hard right now. And yet, all that energy from your cock is going to be put into your workout.


You’ll be able to pick up and lift heavier weights than ever before, pushing those muscles to grow. Being so aroused produces more testosterone that flows through your body, making you feel stronger than ever.

And only after you’ve given it your all, will you finally be able to touch yourself……

“My muscles are so sore after that, Coach, but I definitely pushed harder than ever and set some new PRs! And I think I might set another PR with how much my cock is throbbing – so glad I left it hard for the workout!”


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