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Discovering a Jockpup


“Fuck yeah Coach, your hypnosis has us pumped up.”

“Totally. Me and my bro has never been so fit.”

I’m glad the workout hypno is motivating you, guys.

How would you like to use it to explore other desires you may have?

That’s right jocks… 

just stroking each other’s cocks as you each drift into a nice easy trance….

soon we’ll be going deep down into your most secret desires… and yet…you feel so safe to explore those here now.

It just feels so good.



That’s right Tim. Deep down, you had wanted to experience life as a dog.

Just give in to those desires now as you be a good jockpup and lick your favorite bone….

You know your teammates would love to have you as a mascot any time you wish to come back to that full pup mindset.

45229_12smallish      Images courtesy of CircleJerkBoys.com – click here for more hung lads jerking and much more for the camera!

Presents for Santa


Santa was surprised that the elves had given him his presents early this year. 

Sugarplum had given Santa delicious eggnog. Snowflake had given the gift of a relaxing hypnosis playlist.

And Twinkle had given Santa a jock made special just for him. It seemed odd to Santa, but he decided to try it on that night anyway as he laid down.

The eggnog had made him feel sleepy, but he figured he’d throw on the hypnosis too. He had a big night of delivering toys ahead, and he needed his rest.

Little did Santa know that the elves had infused all three items with Christmas magic. The eggnog he had drank right before bed made his mind open to change. The hypnosis suggested the changes. And the jock was to cement the outcome…

That Santa would transform into a jock.

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Santa couldn’t believe how amazing he felt when he woke up. 

“I’ll have no problems going down the chimneys this year!” he twinkled, followed with a “Ho Ho Ho” deeper than he’d ever given before. “And I’m sure the toy sack will feel lighter than ever!”

“You’re not afraid the kids will be disappointed?”

“No, but Mrs. Claus may be… I seem…. different somehow.”

“That’s because you’re final present for Christmas…. is us!”IMG_2875

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Click here for more sexy elves courtesy of StraightRentBoys.com & click here for more of this muscular Santa hunk courtesy of ArnoldFitch.com. 

Obsessed with Muscle

Just relax and feel how strong you’ve been getting for me. Go ahead. Picture yourself looking in the mirror. Turn around and see how your body has shaped up. You have so many reasons to be proud. You are a beast. And yet, it’s not enough. You want to get bigger. You need to get bigger. You are becoming so obsessed with muscle.

When I wake you up, you’re going to flex for me, feeling yourself getting more and more pumped for your next workout. And after you push yourself in the gym, you’re going to come back and flex for me again -for you want to make Coach proud as you go from muscle beast to muscle freak.



Images courtesy of ManifestMen.com – click here for more bodybuilding studs and magnificent musclemen!

Focus on Simple Desires

“Coach, your files succeeded in motivating me for fitness, yet I have a hard time believing you can really dumb me down.”

Yet that is what you want?

“It is. I have so many loans from pre-med but I’m just so tired of  stress. I don’t know that’s the life I really want.”

Then stop thinking about if it’s possible, and start thinking about what you want as you begin to stroke.

 You want to focus on being simple because you want to enjoy life. And to do that you just need to let go more with each stroke. Allow old goals to fade as you realize you want less stress,  and instead focus on desires that are so simple. Filling up with the desire for more muscle… showing off and using your muscle… just a simple man that works hard but doesn’t have to think about it… and because you’re not full of stress, you have so much energy at the end of the day. Energy to go out and embrace the dumb, horny jock inside.


“Fuck Coach, why I doubt ya?

Feelin’ fantasy man.”

You mean fantastic.

“Whatevs bro, just watch me flex.

Fuck flexin’ for ya is makin’ me horny.

You wanna shot at this ass bro?”

43979_08        Images courtesy of MenOver30.com – click here for more hot hunks old enough to know what they’re doing!

Good Muscle Toy


So easy to relax as that water hits your muscles.

And in this state, you know that you love that you’ve been getting so big for Coach. 

You want to get even bigger for Coach. You want to become his prized muscled toy.

The thought of just being a simple-minded muscle toy makes you so horny, for you know that toys are meant to be used… and you can’t wait for Coach to use you and all those big, sexy muscles.


“Shit, Coach, that shower felt good.

Muscles feel all fresh like.. just check out my guns, dude!”

And who are those muscles for?

“You, Coach!”

Good muscle toy.

“Fuck… hearing that makes me so horny Coach.

Why don’t you come use your toy now?”


hmd057_023   Images courtesy of HotMuscleDudes.com – click here for more beefy bodybuilders and hot jocks in action!

Nerd to Cocky Jock


“Damn Coach, I feel so good wakin’ up!

Fuck the nerd that came in here. I just gotta flex my new jock muscles!

I gotta thank you somehow though Coach….

How about a piece of this hot jock ass?”


SOG_Mitchel-Knight_001_HiRes_053_02              Images courtesy of SuckGuysOff.com – click here for more hot jocks and hot gay blowjob action!

The Meathead in the Mirror


As you look into the mirror in this relaxed state, it’s so easy for you to see your ideal self looking back at you. You’ve worked so hard to become such a powerful, muscular guy that can get by on his muscles. And because you can get by on your muscles, you know you’re finally at the point where absolutely nothing else matters. Only muscle. That man in the mirror loves when he works up a sweat getting even bigger. That man in the mirror loves when his muscles are worshiped. That man in the mirror is a total meathead. Go ahead… reach your arms out to that mirror  now….and feel him take over you.



“Fuck yeah Coach, check out my muscle. You wanna feel Coach?

Or you wanna wait til I’m even more pumped after I go lift?”



Images courtesy of LiveMuscleShow.com – click here to see musclemen studs like this live on cam!


Big Flex



“Yo Coach, don’t ‘member nuttin’ but my cock’s fuckin’ hard as a rock thinkin’ ’bout flexin’ for ya.”

I bet you’d love to flex for me right now, even as I filmed you, wouldn’t you muscle jock?

“Fuck yeah… so pumped… love becomin’ a beast for my Coach and showin’ it off… everybody need to see this!”

JacksonGunPalmSpringsIII_10                  Images courtesy of ManifestMen.com – click here for more muscle men and bodybuilders flexing all their muscles!

Musclehead Takeover


Relaxing deeper and deeper with each stroke. It feels so good.

Remain in trance, but open your eyes and stare into that mirror. Imagine that your ideal you is staring back at you. Bigger than you already are. So obsessed with the gym. Loving to flex and enjoying a good fuck.

That horny musclehead is the you that you want to be. He’s the type of guy that loves to rub the nipples on his hard pecs… the type of guy that loves to lick his growing biceps… the type of guy that loves to work up both in the gym and in the bedroom. 



He is waiting to take over you.  Go ahead… touch your cock to the mirror now.

As you do, you’ll feel your energies being transferred. Everything that’s been holding you back… it travels into the mirror… never to hold you back again. You’re free from distractions. And that musclehead energy travels inside of you… forever transforming you.


“Fuck yeah Coach! Fuck I need to work up a sweat… wanna join me?”


bannerImages courtesy of UKNakedMen.com – click here for more hot muscle hunks from the UK!

King of the Wild

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When you wake up, you will allow this new you to be in control. 

Your primal instincts will have taken over. 

And as I release you into the wild, you will feel as if you are returning to where you belong.

You are, and have always been, a primitive man born into the wild.


“Me big. Feel strong.”

Me go home  now.

Me king of wild.”


Images courtesy of ArnoldFitch.com – click here for more hot muscle action.

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