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From Rich Prep To Boxer Thug

James was so arrogant. The rich prepboy loved to boss me around at the exclusive club where I worked.

Little did he know that I had started mixing a special drug in his drinks. It started making him so horny for me, his smirk changing to a lustful gaze. When he loosened his tie and unbuttoned a little, I knew he was mine – for the special concoction also made him more suggestive.

He came back to my place for some hot sex, then crashed.

As he slept, I played relaxing music for him. But you and I both know it wasn’t just music. There was also my voice, guiding him and transforming him.

He slowly started becoming less and less of a snob and more and more of a dumb thug. Although he was already in decent shape, he became more obsessed with working out. After a few weeks, he even went to the tattoo parlor and started getting inked up. Soon he would be a boxer ready to fight in Рor throw Рany match for me. 

For Jimmy, as he was now known, may have now appeared as a cocky boxer to the outside world… but whenever he came home to me, he was ready to get down on his knees and be my good boy.

We sold his condo, and I used that money to quit my job and focus on training Jimmy. Soon he didn’t even remember the condo, the club, or any of his old life. He was just a guy from the streets that was so glad I saw potential in him and is so willing to do anything for me.

Tonight is his first match, and the odds are against him – but I have a feeling he’ll win. I shipped his opponent a special case of his favorite sports drink a week ago…. mixed with my special concoction. I think I’ll give him a call to wish him luck in throwing the match right now. ūüėČ



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The Pool Stroke

That’s right jock. Each stroke relaxes you¬†further. And as you relax, you know there is a part of you deep down that has wanted to be a dumb, horny jock. Yet, you’ve resisted¬†letting go, afraid of disappointing others. Yet, when you enter that pool, you can simply allow relaxation¬†to wash over you.¬†No pressure. Just pleasure washing over you. Washing off all those fears. Washing away all that overthinking. And the longer you stay in that pool, the dumber and hornier you will become.

“Thanks for allowing¬†me take a dip in your pool Coach. It’s quite refreshing.”

Yes. It’s such as simple pleasure but feels so good.

“I¬†never thought about it like that. It’s like having a realize… why can’t I think of that word?”

You don’t need to think of it. Just enjoy yourself.

“Fuck Coach, I never get to just do that. But you is right.”


You getting out jock?

“Not yet bro, feelin’ so horny though I gotta do somethin.”

You still worried about disappointing your folks?

“Who care what they think. Better no think. Me young an’ horny, gotta have fun.”

Sounds like you know what you want.

“Fuck yeah… me wanna feel your cock in me Coach.”

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Dumb Jock Thinks With Dick

That’s right jock. You saw how hot it was to see your bud Emmet let go of his inhibitions and just have fun with his hot jock body… deep down, you realized you have wanted the same thing.

And that’s why it’s so easy for you to just let go more and more with each stroke.

Simply allowing all extra knowledge fade away as you stroke, your old self fading away as the dumb, horny jock inside of you takes over.

As we near the end of our session, I want you to feel the rest of your brain traveling down, down, down to the head of your cock.

That’s right. You will fully believe from now on that your brain is in your penis. It is what you love to think with.

When it’s hard, it is your dick telling you what you need to focus on. It’s so easy to just be a dumb jock who thinks with his dick.


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Time To Enjoy It


“Coach, I’ve been working hard to make you proud of my body and now I think it’s time to enjoy it.

You really think you can help me let go and have some fun?”

Of course jock. A bod like that shouldn’t be held back by inhibitions… and I definitely have some ideas for getting you to let go.

“Great Coach!”

That’s right… just starting to feel so horny now.¬†Your cock so hard and yet you need more… just a horny jock getting hornier and hornier.¬†

Go ahead now and start playing with your jockhole. It feels so good to explore it. And you can’t wait to let all the other jocks explore it too.

And when you cum for me, these changes become permanent. Just a dumb, horny jock ready for action.  


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You Look Sexy In That Hat



“I don’t get what the big deal is. Why’d you want me to try on this hat?”

“I just thought you’d look sexy in it. I was right.”

“Whoa, bro, ya know I’m straight, don’t ya?”

“I do. I also know you’ve been working with Coach.”

“What that got to do with it?”


“Whoa… what was ya sayin?”

“You feeling alright?”

“Dude, it’s all good. Just dizzy for a sec yo.”

“I’ll take your word for it if you think that’s all.”

“Me no think… make head hurt.”




“Looks like you’re getting nice and hard.”

“Fuck yeah man…. you suck it.”

“I thought you didn’t swing that way?”

“Me don’t care. Me horny.”

“Alright, bro. Let’s slip down those pants…”

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Focus on Simple Desires

“Coach, your files succeeded in motivating me for fitness, yet I have a hard time believing you can really dumb me down.”

Yet that is what you want?

“It is. I have so many loans from pre-med but I’m just so tired of ¬†stress. I don’t know that’s the life I really want.”

Then stop thinking about if it’s possible, and start thinking about what you want as you begin to stroke.

¬†You want to focus on being simple because you want to enjoy life. And to do that you just need¬†to let go more with each stroke.¬†Allow old goals to fade as you realize you want less stress, ¬†and instead focus on desires that are so simple.¬†Filling up with the desire for more muscle… showing off and using your muscle… just a simple man that works hard but doesn’t have to think about it… and because you’re not full of stress, you have so much energy at the end of the day. Energy to go out and embrace the dumb, horny jock inside.


“Fuck Coach, why I doubt ya?

Feelin’ fantasy man.”

You mean fantastic.

“Whatevs bro, just watch me flex.

Fuck flexin’ for ya is makin’ me horny.

You wanna shot at this ass bro?”

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Upping the Grade



“If you want to keep playing football at the collegiate level, your grades must improve. Drastically.”

“Bro, you gotta let me play.”

“And what do you expect to do when you graduate?”

“Flex my muscles for money, man. Me not need degree. Just play.”

“Do you have your dick out?”

“Fuck dude, don’t ‘member takin’ it out.

Just had a sesh with Coach. Left me super horned up.”

“It’s cool Embry. I didn’t realize you were in the FitDimWit program. Now that I know, we have some other options.

Go ahead and take off all your clothes.”


“Now get on the desk.”

“Fuck Teach, you ain’t even my type but it feel so good to do what you say.”

“It’s professor, and that’s because Coach has made sure all you dumb jocks do anything to please us¬†in exchange for playing sports.¬†In fact I’ll make you a deal…¬†the longer you can keep my dick up, the more I’ll bring up your grade.”

“Deal bro!”

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Horny Jock Gets Hole Ready for Coach


That’s right jock… deeper and dumber with each stroke… just letting all that intelligence fade out as you stroke your cock… becoming so horny.

Such a horny jock… still stroking that cock… even as you start to play with your hole.¬†Such a good boy already starting to prep your hole for Coach.¬†

Just letting that dumb horny jock inside of you completely take over.

Letting that dildo slide in… giving you so much pleasure as it does…. now just let it rest inside of you for a while.

That dildo now helping get that hole so loose and ready for Coach.¬†The longer it’s in you, the more excited you start to get for Coach’s cock….


“Coach me so horny for you’s cock. ¬†Me want you fuck jockhole.”


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Told to Strip


“Coach, I was thinking. I’ve been listening to your files and beefing up for a while now.

I think I’m finally ready to just let go and enjoy a simpler life. Think you can help me with that?”

Of course, jock. Meet me tonight and we’ll start getting you ready for you new life.

That’s it jock, just relax deeper for me with each stroke.¬†

Each stroke making you a bit more simple. It feels so good. So good to not think with your mind anymore as you let go….¬†

That dick always so easily aroused from now on…. that cock always so hard…

serving as a reminder that you’re just a jock…. a dumb, horny jock.

Kris Jamieson_WEB13



Thanks for inviting me over to your new job, bud. You sure it’s okay to take your clothes off here?

“Boss tell me strip. Me strip. Call you wanted you watch.”

Jock, I may have made you just a bit too dumb… but before I correct that, how about a little fun?

“Me like Coach fun.”

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Jock to Musclehead-in-Making

Just stroke into relaxation… it feels so good to let go for me.¬†And as you stroke, you’ll find yourself thinking more and more about muscle. How hot and sexy you think it is. How you wish you could be so muscular yourself.¬†

Muscle will become all you want, and all you need to think about.

When I wake you up, you’re going to feel so huge.. simply like a nice big musclehead. Even after I bring you back to awareness that you’re currently a lean jock, that feeling will stay with you…

And because muscle is all you need to think about, you can just stare down at that cock right now… and realize that this is what will drive your thoughts from now on. It’ll get so hard thinking about muscle, and drive you to build more and more muscle.

That lust for muscle taking over all your thoughts… pushing you to work out more… making it so easy for you to eat more… so ready to become that simple big meathead.¬†


“Love flexin’ for ya Coach. Look how swole me am! Gotta pump up again soon!”

Awesome jock… can’t wait to see you getting even bigger!

“Muscle all that matter Coach!”



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