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Time To Enjoy It


“Coach, I’ve been working hard to make you proud of my body and now I think it’s time to enjoy it.

You really think you can help me let go and have some fun?”

Of course jock. A bod like that shouldn’t be held back by inhibitions… and I definitely have some ideas for getting you to let go.

“Great Coach!”

That’s right… just starting to feel so horny now. Your cock so hard and yet you need more… just a horny jock getting hornier and hornier. 

Go ahead now and start playing with your jockhole. It feels so good to explore it. And you can’t wait to let all the other jocks explore it too.

And when you cum for me, these changes become permanent. Just a dumb, horny jock ready for action.  


OscarRoberts_solo_0561smaller                  Images courtesy of HardBritLads.com – click here for hot videos, and stay tuned thru Saturday for two tie-in stories!

The Pleasure of Muscle for Master

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Continue to look at the musclemen in that book. You’ve spent many sessions staring at them, easily drifting into trance as you stare at their pecs… biceps… more. Knowing deep down you have wanted to do anything to look like them. And because of that, it’s been so easy for you to submit more and more during each session.

Submitting to me as you work out for me. Submitting to me as you eat right for me. Submitting to me knowing that I am pleased when you build muscle, and my pleasure is your pleasure.

My pleasure is your pleasure. You accept that totally now. It’s not just building muscle – any pleasure you bring me feels good. It’s when you do anything to please me. Go ahead and stroke your cock for me now, knowing that it’d please me as you do. 

By the time you cum, you’ll have completely submitted to me. You’ve worked to build the muscle for me, and I am so pleased. Now it’s time to keep pleasing me as my muscle slave. You wanted those muscles at any cost, and you accept this is the price. Feel yourself become my owned property when you cum.

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1 (10)

Such a good muscle slave, knowing that it pleases me when you clean for me. 

Do a good job, and Master will reward you later.



“Master, I have done all you have asked. I am here to please you.”

Good slave. Now get on the bed and prepare for your reward.

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Straight from the Tap


That’s right jocks, just using your toys to get off as we focus on building trust among teammates. 

There’s no one else involved as you use your own hand to work your toy.

And as you do that, you find it so easy to drift deeper for me with each thrust…. going deeper as you feel more pleasure… feeling more pleasure as you go deeper.

In this state, it’s so easy to accept that it’s perfectly natural to help each other out. I know you are both straight, and yet you don’t even have to touch each other’s cocks. Just placing your hands on those toys… as if you were still working your own toy.

Yet as you do this, you start to think about how your buddy will cum soon. And you can’t help but be curious about what it tastes like. It’s so natural to be curious.


Just allow that curiosity to take over now. There’s nothing gay about it… you haven’t even touched each other…. you’re just so curious as to if it tastes the same as your own. 

Yet as that cum hits your tongue, you realize it tastes better, full of amazing flavor… like an orgasm in your mouth.

As you wake, you’ll find yourself craving more, but wanting it fresh and warm… making you so eager to drink it straight from the tap.

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Horny Jock Inside



That’s right jock. The more you relax, the more you wish to take off those clothes.

And as you shed your clothes, you also shed yourself of any inhibitions…

just allowing yourself to let go and embrace that horny jock inside.


Each piece you take off starts to turn you on even more until you have no choice but to just stroke for your Coach.

Feel that horny jock taking over… and when you cum, there’ll be no going back.

You will be a horny jock so ready to be Coach’s good boy.


“Damn Coach, just came and still fuckin’ horny as hell. How about workin’ my jockhole?”
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That’s right jock… just relax into that nice deep trance. 

Feel yourself becoming even more of a muscle-obsessed jock… always working out… wherever you… at any time…

And the only other obsession that comes close is sex.


Even the thought of being that horny jock obsessed with sex and muscle is turning you on right now.

Feel it building up and take over as you climax and erupt in a spectacular orgasm.



“Hey Coach, I’m lovin’ the effects of the hypno. Damn, I am working out everywhere these days and getting buff as fuck!

Come back to my place and I’ll thank you.”

Images courtesy of Fratmen.com – click here for more jizzworthy jocks!


Unaware He’s a JockSlave

“Your hypnosis hasn’t been working on me. No way you can get me naked.”

You don’t remember any sessions, do you jock?

“No, because they didn’t work.”

Or perhaps you don’t remember them because they did work. GOOD JOCKS TAKE OUT THEIR COCKS.

“I’m not doing that.”

You already did.”

“Oh fuck, I did. And why am I so hard?”

Because you know you enjoy it.





And once you cum, you’ll accept not only my power over you – but how much you enjoyed your new Master molding and controlling you.You’ll know without doubt that not only has my hypnosis worked – but you want… crave… NEED more… and be so willing to submit to me everyday just for a taste of that trance.

ylj-arnaudLaurent2-WM15smaller              Images courtesy of YouLoveJack.com – click here for more quality visuals of hot young jocks jacking off!

Good Jocks Cum Now



…3 …. Wake up, muscle jock.

“Damn Coach, I dunno what just happen.”

You don’t remember that?

“Nah bro, my mind all blank…

feel good tho.”


“Fuck… fuck… oh Coach… oh God…. FUUUCCKK!

What happen?”

I gave you a trigger to cum on demand. Just a reminder of my power over you muscleslave. 

“Yes, Sir.

Fuck Coach, I don’t ‘member takin’ off my briefs but guess me did.”



Why don’t you get cleaned up quick, and then we can continue if you’d like.

“Oh yes Sir! Me know what want Coach to do next too!

So fuckin’ horny for your cock in my hole Sir!”


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New Erotic Hypnosis MP3: Muscle Worship & Growth Fantasy

I’m proud to offer a new erotic hypnosis mp3 for your enjoyment! Based on a custom file but with a few of the specifics edited down to a more generalized file, this hypno file has you stroke into trance so you can better visualize the following fantasy…

You, an average guy, are working out in the gym while also watching a hunky bodybuilder perfect his physique. You finish up before him and head to the locker room to hit the showers … before you get that far, you find a potion in your locker with a note saying it will help your own muscles grow. You aren’t sure where it came from – do you dare trust it? What are the effects? Yet, you know it might be your only chance to impress that bodybuilding stud that never seems to notice you. So you take it… and well, you can guess what else is involved from the title! It’s a hot story that hopefully gives all you muscle freak lovers an intense orgasm!

This file is available on NiteFlirt & In-Charge via My Hypnosis Page – you can of course also send $22.99 to me via alternative payment options, just ask and be sure to leave the memo lines blank! Here’s a short preview of what to expect:

Rookie Initiation 8/28/14



That’s right jocks. Just keep stroking each other into a nice relaxing trance.

Feel yourself bonding as a team as we become intimate with each other. Becoming so willing to help initiate your new rookie here.

And Jamison, you are so ready to join the team, knowing that it is your place as a rookie to serve the other jocks.


Just like that Jamison.

Taking turns sucking each cock, and using your hands to take care of the other two as you give each of the team MVP’s here their fair share of orgasmic pleasure.

Feel how good it feels to serve for the good of the team.




Once you’ve worked your teammates to the point of climax, they’ll shower you in cum – completing the initiation as you make the team.


Images courtesy of CircleJerkBoys.com – click here for more of this steamy locker room scene & more sexy circle jerks!


Hard In More Ways Than One


That’s right jocks. Just lusting for each other’s muscles. The more you lust for muscle, the more you wish to build your own muscle.

You will find yourself so hard ahead of each workout, but you will save your cum until after you’ve pushed yourself as hard as you can. That lust for muscle serves as your motivation.

You want to be with muscle. You want others to want your muscle. You want muscle.


Since we just came from the gym, for today you can simply imagine it. Imagine you’ve been working out feeling so hard as you get so hard. 

And now you’ve just come back after giving it your all. So ready to explore.

Go ahead and cum as you transform even further into my muscle jocks.




“Coach, you’re hypnosis is really pumping us up!”

“Yeah… it’s making us hard in more ways than one!”



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