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Put Out the Fire

“Coach said there was a fire to put out here?”

“Yes, it feels like my hole is on fire. Can you use your hose to put it out?”

Neither were aware they were both hypnotized. Each had been reluctant to be with another man. Yet, in this fantasy, it didn’t feel like sex, but a task that needed done to save a life.

Ryan wasn’t even really a fireman, but he believed he was… just as Terry believed he really had a fire inside of him. And they would continue to believe these things until Ryan had cum inside Terry. 


“Let me take a look… Oh yeah, there’s definitely a fire in there. Good thing Coach sent me with lube to help fit the hose through.”

Coach of course had also suggested amazing orgasms for them both. Neither would regret being tricked… for when Coach can help them feel that good with each other, why wouldn’t they want to keep fucking around … not to mention continue seeing Coach for more hypnosis? It all just felt so right.


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Using the Pool


“Rob, what are you doing by my pool?”

“Chillax, neighbor. Ain’t harming anyone to use your pool when you go to work.”

“I suppose you’re right. Go ahead and relax for now. In fact, if you don’t mind, I may call my bud over as well.”

“If he’s anything like you, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the view. Queers are always staring at my junk.”

“Here he is Coach, all nice and relaxed. You cool with teaching this punk a lesson?”

He didn’t leave much choice.
Rob, I know your subconscious can hear me. Relax deeper as I speak to your it now. You love to hang by the pool. Not just any pool, but a private pool like this where you can swim and tan completely naked. Hanging by this pool becomes your strongest desire, the desire growing even as I speak. You are so willing to do anything to hang at this pool.


That’s right Rob, so easy to remain in trance for me. Even in this deep sleep, you know we’re joined by your neighbor. Your desire to hang at his pool is so strong by now that you’d be willing to do anything to hang there. And that means you are so willing to submit. 

As you feel your new Master touch his cock to yours, you allow yourself to let go of your free will to him. It’s so easy to just let go, knowing that only in letting go will you get to hang by the pool.

Now go ahead and stroke your cock as you suck your new Master’s cock. Each stroke taking you deeper and deeper into submission. 

The more you stroke and suck, the more you just let go. All that matters is that pool. You don’t need to be smart. You don’t need to think. All you have to do is please your new Master… obey your new Master… and when you’re a good boy, he’ll allow you to spend time at the pool.


When your new Master cums on you, you will feel completely owned. For now this is only a temporary transformation. On Monday, you’ll return to normal.

“Is that a good idea Coach? I mean, won’t he report us?”

Deep down he knows this is something he needed to experience. Either he’ll be so ashamed that he never uses your pool without permission again…. or he’ll discover an inner desire for a simple life.

“Fuck dude, I was really your poolboy all weekend?”

“Yes. I hope you learned your lesson.”

“Yeah… but… I was wonderin’ if I could keep using your pool, Sir? Will do whatever you want.”

“I’ll give you one hour by the pool if you let me fuck you first, boy. Then we’ll have Coach make this permanent.”



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Top Dog to Bottom Dog


What’s this I hear about you bossing some of the other jocks around – even rookies that haven’t been assigned to you?

“Just remindin’ them I’m top dog, Coach.”

I suppose some enjoy it. Perhaps you’d like to bark even more orders at them?

“Fuck yeah Coach!”

Very good… then just relax as you stroke…

As one of my top jocks, you’ve been programmed so deeply and it’s easy to return to that mindless state.

Just stroking yourself deeper and deeper… it feels so good to just let go… letting go of who you are more and more. 

As you go deep, you know that you like to be top dog… but think of why that is right now… why is it that you’ve felt so insecure that you need to be the one in charge… and as you think of that, start to realize there is a part of you that’d rather just let go of it all….


Welcome back, pup. You’re probably wondering what you’re doing on the floor. You’ll find that you won’t be able to stand, or speak. 

Deep down, you had bullied others because you felt insecure yourself… so much anxiety running through your head. But it’s okay, because now you can just let go… and it feels so much better.

Thanks to my programming, you’ll accept this new life… loving your new role as the bottom dog for the team.

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Good Jocks Cum Now



…3 …. Wake up, muscle jock.

“Damn Coach, I dunno what just happen.”

You don’t remember that?

“Nah bro, my mind all blank…

feel good tho.”


“Fuck… fuck… oh Coach… oh God…. FUUUCCKK!

What happen?”

I gave you a trigger to cum on demand. Just a reminder of my power over you muscleslave. 

“Yes, Sir.

Fuck Coach, I don’t ‘member takin’ off my briefs but guess me did.”



Why don’t you get cleaned up quick, and then we can continue if you’d like.

“Oh yes Sir! Me know what want Coach to do next too!

So fuckin’ horny for your cock in my hole Sir!”


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Rookie Initiation 8/28/14



That’s right jocks. Just keep stroking each other into a nice relaxing trance.

Feel yourself bonding as a team as we become intimate with each other. Becoming so willing to help initiate your new rookie here.

And Jamison, you are so ready to join the team, knowing that it is your place as a rookie to serve the other jocks.


Just like that Jamison.

Taking turns sucking each cock, and using your hands to take care of the other two as you give each of the team MVP’s here their fair share of orgasmic pleasure.

Feel how good it feels to serve for the good of the team.




Once you’ve worked your teammates to the point of climax, they’ll shower you in cum – completing the initiation as you make the team.


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“Coach, that session felt awesome.

But there’s no way I’m going to do that homo stuff with the teammates.”

Yes, you did seem pretty resistant. It’s a shame… I think you’d really enjoy getting closer with your teammates.

Okay Steve, go ahead and twist Wil’s nipple. 

“Wait, what? I said I wasn’t going to do any of that gay stuff.”

“Dude, relax. Our clothes are still on. If Coach wants me to twist your nipple, I should twist your nipple.”

“Fuck… why does that feel so good…  but hot damn my cock is stirring…. so horny….”



“Damn, Coach – for a straight guy, Wil’s really going down on my cock!”

Getting his nipples worked is a trigger in him now that allows him to let go and embrace his need for his teammate’s cum. The desire was already there deep down… but he needed to have triggers to feel as if he’s not in control and go through with it. You should see what happens when you lick his nipples.

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Hard In More Ways Than One


That’s right jocks. Just lusting for each other’s muscles. The more you lust for muscle, the more you wish to build your own muscle.

You will find yourself so hard ahead of each workout, but you will save your cum until after you’ve pushed yourself as hard as you can. That lust for muscle serves as your motivation.

You want to be with muscle. You want others to want your muscle. You want muscle.


Since we just came from the gym, for today you can simply imagine it. Imagine you’ve been working out feeling so hard as you get so hard. 

And now you’ve just come back after giving it your all. So ready to explore.

Go ahead and cum as you transform even further into my muscle jocks.




“Coach, you’re hypnosis is really pumping us up!”

“Yeah… it’s making us hard in more ways than one!”



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Taking the New Rookie Out

“Oh man, do you guys have to do that?”

You have a problem with your new team captains showing affection rookie?

“I mean I appreciate them and you taking me out for drinks since I’m new here, but I don’t really wanna see that.”

Rookie, tonight isn’t just to take you out. Tonight is also to make you part of the team. You want that, don’t you?

That nod yes seemed a bit hesitant but it’s still a yes. Let’s go back to the room and begin your training.

With each stroke, you find yourself just allowing your dick to take over. You are a horny jock. You lust for muscle. You lust to be a jock. 

As you think of your desire to be a jock on my team, you start to watch your teammates. You notice how intimate they are. You realize it is such a strong bond that it has made them the team captains. The team MVPs. This bond allows them to connect whenever we have a game. 

You want to be a star player too. You want to be one of the top jocks. You want to feel that close bond with your teammates.



As you allow yourself to be sucked off now, you realize it isn’t so different from getting a blow job from a woman. In fact, you start to realize it is even better… because only a guy with another cock can truly know how to work your cock. 

Getting so comfortable as you become a horny jock. So horny to bond with your teammates. So horny to experience the best kind of pussy there is… jock pussy. You love being part of the team.

“Fuckin’ A, Coach, no idea why this grossed me out. This is the best sex I’ve ever had. Damn jock pussy feels good!

And I already feel so pumped for tomorrow’s game. Going to go from creamin’ in my bros to creamin’ the other team!”


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Whoever Gives the Other a Better Orgasm


That’s right my wrestling jocks, you’ve just been triggered by Coach. And it doesn’t matter if you are sitting or standing, you simply want to relax so very deep for me into a nice, relaxing trance.

And in this trance, you find yourself both filling up with lust for me. You both find yourselves wanting to go home with me.


That’s why when I wake you up, you will both your wrestling skills and your erotic expertise to rubs, suck and fuck each other until each of you has had a nice big orgasm.

Whoever gives the other a better orgasm is the lucky jock that gets to help get Coach off tonight as well.




“Fuck… that feels sooo good.

My orgasm is best. I get to go home to Coach.”

“Wasn’t about havin’ the best orgasm ya meathead. Was about giving the best.”

He’s right – I’m in the mood for an amazing orgasm tonight.

But keep practicing with the other wrestlers boy. There’s always next time stud.




Still up for a bit of wrestling jock?

“Ready when you are Coach.”


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His Cock Felt Right




“What is this from Coach?

Good jocks strip now?”


Matty wasn’t conscious of what he was doing anymore. 

He just kept staring at the flashing words with a confused look. 

Almost mindless. But his body obeyed.




Soon he was naked and stroking, not remembering he had turned on the cam for Coach.

He just had to stroke like a good jock. He just had to watch the words like a good jock.

It wasn’t long before the messages from Coach had sunk in. He no longer had to watch the screen.

His eyes were now drawn to his cock. 

Matty’s head felt fuzzy. Strange. But when he focused on his cock, it started to feel better.

His cock felt right.




*knocks* You in there Matty?

“Cum in Coach. Me leave unlock for you.”



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