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Learnin’ His Truth


“Uh Coach, how did we get here? Last thing I remember was being called to your office.”

I wanted to have a chat with you away from it all. I hear you’ve decided not to go to college this fall.

“Yeah, just seems like a waste of time; rather hang with my new crew.”

Well, Mickey, they aren’t a good influence, which is why I want you to spend the summer out here instead.


“Coach, I reckon ya know what’s best for these britches… whoa, where’d that come from?”

You were compelled to strip when you woke up, and the more you take off, the more you strip away your city past and reveal the country boy that’s been lurking inside.Just go ahead and let go… you won’t have to do much thinkin’ here so you’re also becoming dumber and dumber… and by the time you’re naked you’ll forget you ever lived in the city.

“What ya yappin’ about Sir?”


“I’s always been a farm boy.”

Seems like you’ll do just fine here. I’ll be back in the fall so we can explore all your options… Given how much the simple life appealed to you though, I think you’ll find you’ll rather like it here.

“Darn tootin’ I will, Sir… there ain’t no life better than a country life!”


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From Bully to Nerd

That’s right jock, just drifting down into a deep trance. In the past, you have loved to pick on the geeks… but through our sessions, you have realized deep down that this is because you have secretly been jealous of them. 

They can be passionate about whatever they want without caring what others think. And in a strange way, you have found them so very hot.

Even your cock is so hard thinking about how hot geeks are. And as you wear those prop glasses, you realize you want to become a geek too. 

To look like a nerd… to speak like a nerd… love sci-fi and all that. When I wake you, this feeling will only be temporary, but you’ll find that it feels so good that you want it to become permanent. And when you next cum, you will find yourself changed forever.



“You know Coach, I usually just jerk off to Star Trek fanfic but since you’re here, I have an idea.

How about you perform oral sex on me as I count as many digits of Pi as I can, and we’ll see who finishes first?”

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Ride It, Cowboy


As you prepare to slide that dildo in, the cowboy we’ve been building inside of you takes over even further.

Each thrust will help you to let go more and more…

And it will go from feeling like you’re sliding that dildo back and forth, to a feeling of starting to ride that dildo in just the right ways…

…the right ways to make you feel so much pleasure.

The more you ride that dildo, the more you start to think like a cowboy that loves to ride…

Riding horses out on the ranch…
Riding bulls at the rodeo….

And especially riding all that hot cowboy jock.



And once you’ve ridden that dildo so much that your cock finally explodes, you will find the transformation completely.

You’ll spew out more than just cum… you’ll also spew out any remnants of that city punk you used to be… forever forgetting you were ever anything but a hard-working country boy with a love of jeans, boots, and other cowboys.

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Surferboy to Farmboy

“Man Coach, what you got me waking up on a farm? Thought our sesh was gonna help me shred some waves.”

Perhaps harvest amber waves of grain.


I was just asking you why you’re taking you’re clothes off.

“Cuz it’s gettin’ darn tootin’ hot out!”

Darn tootin’?

“Fuck, where’d that come from?”

Perhaps the more you strip away of your old life, the more your true self comes out.


“Nah bro, I just wanna sweet ride.”

Sweet ride on what?

“My AT… V? That ain’t soundin’ right.”

But it feels right, doesn’t it? Taking off those clothes as you leave behind a slacker life for a life of real service, doesn’t it?

“I reckon… it just all seem mighty right fuzzy Coach.”

Do you need to lay down a bit?


“Don’t be a damn fool! These cows ain’t gonna milk themselves. You seen my overalls, pardner?”

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Top Dog to Bottom Dog


What’s this I hear about you bossing some of the other jocks around – even rookies that haven’t been assigned to you?

“Just remindin’ them I’m top dog, Coach.”

I suppose some enjoy it. Perhaps you’d like to bark even more orders at them?

“Fuck yeah Coach!”

Very good… then just relax as you stroke…

As one of my top jocks, you’ve been programmed so deeply and it’s easy to return to that mindless state.

Just stroking yourself deeper and deeper… it feels so good to just let go… letting go of who you are more and more. 

As you go deep, you know that you like to be top dog… but think of why that is right now… why is it that you’ve felt so insecure that you need to be the one in charge… and as you think of that, start to realize there is a part of you that’d rather just let go of it all….


Welcome back, pup. You’re probably wondering what you’re doing on the floor. You’ll find that you won’t be able to stand, or speak. 

Deep down, you had bullied others because you felt insecure yourself… so much anxiety running through your head. But it’s okay, because now you can just let go… and it feels so much better.

Thanks to my programming, you’ll accept this new life… loving your new role as the bottom dog for the team.

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Coach Said You’d Been Missing This


Caleb, this is Coach. I just finished my last session with your roommate. He is finally over his ex-girlfriend and has a new object of desire: You. But not to worry – you’ve been programmed to reciprocate. Your trigger is seeing Tanner in a towel, which he had been commanded to not ever wear in front of you – until now. Now you’re both ready.

“What is Coach’s e-mail talkin’ about? Tanner and me – we’re both straight!”

“You checkin’ out the latest scores online, bro?”

“Holy fuck… dude… when did you get so hot? … Fuck, why did I say that? What’s wrong with me?”

“Whatchya mean? We’ve lived together for months now – I  hope you still find me hot!”

“I don’t know. It just all feels fuzzy.”



“Come here and remember what I taste like.

Fuck yeah Caleb. Coach said you’d been missing this… damn was he right!’



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King of the Wild

1 (1)

When you wake up, you will allow this new you to be in control. 

Your primal instincts will have taken over. 

And as I release you into the wild, you will feel as if you are returning to where you belong.

You are, and have always been, a primitive man born into the wild.


“Me big. Feel strong.”

Me go home  now.

Me king of wild.”


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Soft Minds Need Hard Hats

“Fuck, Coach, I ain’t rememberin’ a thing.”

“Me can’t either.”

“I so horny though.”

“Me too bro!”

“Let’s fuck!”

Guys, you’re forgetting something… 

“What dat Coach?”

Soft minds need hard hats. 


“Thanks Coach! After lunch we head back to the work site.”

“Yeah man. It so rad our foreman think for us.”

What about law school? 

“Dude, we ain’t smart enough for that.”

Hmm… not sure where these student IDs came from then. Guess I’ll just toss them.


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The Touch of the Pool

“You are the man my Boss gets coached by, yes?”

In a way. I hypnotize him for workout motivation.

“Could you make some changes to him?”

I’m not really one to change someone against their will.”

“Nothing bad. Just to be nicer.”

What do you mean?

“The Boss asks me to work in jeans, but the sun beats down on me… I need to cool off. So I splash myself with water from the pool. I didn’t think it was big deal. I do it all the time when Boss is at the office. But he worked from home today and scolded me. He didn’t care that I was hot. He only cared that I touched his pool with my bare hands.He makes me wear gloves when I clean it. But he said I tainted his water.”

Is that so? I think I have an idea that will help make him more polite to you.



“Coach, I don’t understand how doing a stroke session with this goddamn illegal is supposed to help me in the gym.”

Trust me. You’ll be a newly motivated man after this.

“I do trust you, I just feel it’s inappropriate for the fuckin’ day laborer to be staring at my cock.”

Relax.  Just relax for me. 

“Coach, I can’t believe he actually signed over all his assets to me – and a contract to be my slave!”

His resentment masked his inferiority issues. I tapped into that to help him realize this is what he truly wants.

“Oh yes. Sir! I know now that you are so Superior to me, and that it is my place to serve you! I was always so moody at my job, and always so full of hate, but this feels so right.

I worship you and your cock Sir!”



“Thanks Coach! And unlike how Boss used to be, I have no problem with him touching or even being in my pool… in fact, it’s my favorite place for my new poolboy slave to suck me!”


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Always a Country Fella


“Coach, I’m tired of the big city. I feel like half my day is spent stuck in traffic jams, and by the time I get home I don’t feel like working out.

I want a simpler life. I don’t know what. Maybe something out in the country. Just away from it all, with more time to focus on my body.

Do you think you can help?”

I’ll do my best. Why don’t you go ahead and relax for me… and we’ll work on giving you a simpler life.



“Mighty fine of ya t’come visit me on th’ farm, Coach.”

You like it better than when you lived in the city then?

City? I’ve allus lived in th’ country suh. Country fella through an’ through. Love workin’ hard on th’ farm an’ on mah muscle.”


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