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Seed of a Musclebear


That’s right twink… just drift down into a nice deep trance as you feel Brody’s strong muscled physique up against yours…

You love the power that exudes from such a build… and as you feel his fur rub up against you, you also love the pure masculinity.

Brody is a real man… the type of man you wish you could be too.

Go ahead, now, and show Brody just how sexy you think he is… that’s right.

You will swallow his seed, and as you taste it, you will find that it starts to plant the seed in you.

You will want to become a musclebear. But to make these changes permanent, you must be filled from both holes…


The more Brody fucks you, the more you crave to get in the gym to build that beefy muscle yourself… and the more you find your subconscious willing to do whatever it takes to produce more testosterone to spur both that muscle growth and more body hair. When he cums inside of you, these desires, these changes will become permanent. You’ll be a musclebear on the inside, working harder than ever to become a musclebear on the outside.

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Becoming a Leatherman


That’s right. Just becoming more of a leatherman with each thrust. 

Loving the smell. Loving the feel.

And especially loving how it looks on you… and on others.

And whether you’re wearing your leather or not, the sight of another man in leather always gets you so horned up.


“Damn Coach, I look awesome… and this leather… fuck… I love how it feels on me man.

But damn I’m nothing compared to you in your leather there.

As much as I love all this, how about we strip down some … you gotta know just how grateful I am…

and how fuckin’ sexy I think you are.”


Images courtesy of ButchDixon.com.




Discovering a Jockpup


“Fuck yeah Coach, your hypnosis has us pumped up.”

“Totally. Me and my bro has never been so fit.”

I’m glad the workout hypno is motivating you, guys.

How would you like to use it to explore other desires you may have?

That’s right jocks… 

just stroking each other’s cocks as you each drift into a nice easy trance….

soon we’ll be going deep down into your most secret desires… and yet…you feel so safe to explore those here now.

It just feels so good.



That’s right Tim. Deep down, you had wanted to experience life as a dog.

Just give in to those desires now as you be a good jockpup and lick your favorite bone….

You know your teammates would love to have you as a mascot any time you wish to come back to that full pup mindset.

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New Year, New Desires


“Man Johnson, you’re starting to get some real muscle.”

“Nah, it’s nothing.”

“No man, you’re gettin’ swole.”

“Yeah, what’s your secret bro?”

“Here’s my gym buds now. I’ll show you.”

“You guys have been workin’ with Coach, right?”

“Yeah man, we’re totally jockin’ up.”

“Well, if you want to bulk up, it’s all about getting that testosterone flowing through you.

You just feel Coach’s words inside you as you work with your gym buds on getting that pump before you hit the weights.”




“Like this Johnson?”

“Attaboys. Let’s activate fuckin’ beast mode!”

“Fuck… I think I’m gonna cum.”

“Don’t do it man.

We gotta work out first, and then after we’ll get that release bros.”

“Oh hey Coach, we just had a killer workout. And we both wanna be muscleheads.”

It’ll take a while for a skinny jock like you to bulk up… but don’t worry… I have just the mp3 I can play for you.

“Awesome man! 2015 is gonna be the year of gains!”

–Soon the two jocks were giving in both to the lust and the trance, their eyes glazing over even in the midst of action… thinking about that muscle that’d be so good for flexing and fucking.


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Succumb to the Spiral


As they watched the spiral Coach had made ahead of the big game, the jocks found themselves starting to drift…

they couldn’t help it… it was just so easy to drift into a nice, pleasurable trance…. even as that relaxation sent a rush of blood to their cocks.

The spiral flashed words like ‘Teamwork’…. ‘Together’…. ‘Bonding’….

It felt good to be watching it together… after all, they were bonding.

They didn’t notice the subliminal messages that also began to flash… the ones to embrace the horny jock inside.

Soon they both had succumbed to the suggestions…

This was an intimacy that would only help them connect winningly out on the field….


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Someone’s Been a Bad Boy



“Yo, cumbreath, Coach is here to do some more rehabilitating of your sorry ass.”

“Thank you, Sir.

“Damn, I love how obedient he makes you inmates.”

“It’s right to obey those in charge, Sir.”

“That’s right Patrick. It’s so easy for you to just submit to your guard. It’s so easy for you to obey authority figures, most of all me, your Coach. You are becoming so well-behaved.

And each suck of that cock helps you both to relax more. That’s right. Each of you can just focus on that pleasure of relaxation.Letting go of past deeds and embracing that desire to have a life where you don’t have to make tough choices. You can simply be so good for Coach.


“Man, what happened? Where am I?”

You’re in prison bud. You see, you used to be a guard. But someone’s been a bad boy, and it’s time you got a taste of your own medicine.

“It is what I deserve Sir?”

It is. You see, you’ve been abusing your power to make the inmates please you sexually.

But deep down, you realize now that it’s because you’ve had such a deep attraction to submit to them.You’ll still be a guard, but from now on, the only sexual pleasure you get in here is when you get fucked. And for your safety, you’ll only do this during my visits with the inmates I now control. So go ahead and give in while I’m here….because once I’m gone, you’ll need to be a good boy for me. And you want to be a good boy, don’t you? 


DSC_2612                Images courtesy of MenHardAtWork from Suite703.com – click here for more hunks getting horned up!

Team-Building Exercise


“Whoa Coach, that was like, truly awesome.”

“Fuck yeah bro. But I don’t remember nothin’.”

Don’t worry guys. All I did was reinforce the importance of working together. Now how about another team-building exercise?

“Sure Coach! What is it?”

Work together to achieve simultaneous orgasms.

“Bro, you’ve, like had an anal orgasm before, right?”

“You jealous?”

“Nah man, just thinkin’ about the best positions for us all. You best take middle.”

“You wanna fuck or get sucked?”

{It didn’t matter that two of the jocks -were- straight. Their conditioning made their objective more important than orientation… plus Coach had ensured it’d all feel so good.}


“Fuck yeah, we are nailin’ this. Double high five bro!”
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Getting Used to the Position



That’s right jock. Just allowing my words to help relax your jockhole even as those ropes help you get used to the position.

You are becoming such a strong and flexible bottom for your top jock.

 Soon you will be able to please him using any of the positions he so desires.


Even as we start to untie you, you find it so easy to remain in position. 

After all, the bondage is not just a way to train you physically, but a reminder that you are a rookie.

And as a rookie, you exist to be used…. for you cannot truly learn how to be a leader until you have experienced what it means to follow and please.


29838_13          Images courtesy of BoundJocks.com – click here for more handsome, horny jocks all tied up yet getting it on!

The Horny Jocks Inside Take Over

That’s right jocks. We’ve had separate sessions helping you each to let go and let the dumb horny jocks inside take over. 

You’ve both learned how to think with your dicks and you can tell even now that they don’t care how they get off.

It doesn’t matter whether you stroke or suck or fuck. It doesn’t matter that you used to each have girlfriends. All that matters is you’re both so horny as you think with those cocks now.

Your hard, thick cocks taking over. And Emmet, your jockhole is still so very sensitive.

You love to have it played with, especially when it’s other jocks working that hole. It just feels so good to give in.

No more inhibitions… just letting all that pleasure take over as you both let go of who you used to be and give in to the temptation of being such simple, fun-loving jocks.


And as good as it feels to play with each other’s jockholes, you know that it feels even better to fuck those jockholes.

It doesn’t matter that neither of you has done anal before… all that matters is you’re both thinking with your dicks as the horny jocks inside take over.


Images courtesy of HardBritLads.com – click here for more of these and other sexy jocks!


Rookie Initiation Camping Trip


That’s right Mark, just licking your new rookie’s cock and claiming him all for yourself.

This is the rookie you will be paired with for the rest of the season, and this weekend’s camping expedition will help to bond you more closely and intimately than you ever could have imagined.

Rookie, you’ll do everything you can please the jock that has picked you, for he has claimed you as his.

Mark has gone through this program himself and excelled, and you are to follow his example and fulfill his needs.

In learning to fulfill your jock’s needs, you learn to put the team’s needs ahead of your own. In becoming intimate with your jock, you discover that knowing each other’s rhythms helps you out on the court.

Go bond with each other now. There’s a long season ahead and a good jock takes every advantage he can get.


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