February 2018 Patron File

Been having issues updating the musclemesmerizer site … and issues with my eye. Apologies. But some exciting files in the works, and to vote on at my Patreon page.

The ancient gods & demigods – such as Apollo and Herakles/Hercules – are the inspiration for this musclemesmerizer motivation file, which will serve as the inspiration for you to get the body of a gym god! Pledge $75 anytime during February to get a custom version of this file! You may also pay me other ways – just message me directly at musclemesmerizer -at- gmail-dt-cm.

The following files may be joined in on for $100 each, if you hit me up before recording. Message me directly for any of these – don’t pledge, as that will be too late by the time payment goes through. 
FIT FOR SEX – an erotic stroke file tying desire to have good sex (be it attract more partners or have increased stamina/etc) to desire to fitness.
STICK TO YOUR DIET – a standard musclemesmerizer file encouraging you to stick to your nutrition plan (be it calorie counting, paleo, keto, etc.).
SUCK FANTASY: BODYBUILDER – or possibly could do custom fantasy with someone else (actor, athlete, etc), but the eventual edit to general version will probably be a bodybuilder. Erotic/stroke file.
ADDICTED TO CUM – an hypnosuperior file about being addicted to getting cum whenever consensually possible.  Could be stroke or traditional.
HOUSEBOY – Hypnosuperior file involving serving in a submissive role as a houseboy/butler type. Could be stroke or traditional.
TOTAL SLAVE – erotic stroke hypnosis about becoming a total slave

Want a different file? Hit me up! Though I do have a backlog as seen above, I can create something custom for just $200 for a normal file or $300 for taboo or rush jobs. Or find some friends with similar interests and make me an offer for a split custom files. Know six guys wanting to be in self-locked chastity or be a muscle pup, each willing to pay $50? Or four guys each willing to pay $75? Get together, work together and pay together to get the file you seek made sooner than later.

Also, if you simply are a fan of my work, please pledge what you can. $25, $10, $5, even $1 a month – it is all appreciated. Thanks to those who do, and thanks so much to those that already have! Those who are patrons also get to go vote on what will be the pledge file for March 🙂 From hypno workouts to bodybuilder worship, to transformation fantasies for things such as being a geek/nerd or becoming a giant or being a circuit jock, to training for fetishes like chastity and exhibitionism, to experiencing kink fantasies involving rubber, leather, lycra, vampires and more … there’s bound to be something you’d enjoy pledging! Just click here to go to my page 🙂 

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