Does hypnosis really work?
The key to hypnosis is taking an individual down to a deeper state where they are more suggestible. There are two types – short-term experience, and long-term goals. Examples of short-term experience are stage hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, and workout visualizations where your muscles actually grow! Of course, when people partake in a stage show, it’s easier for them to let go knowing there won’t be any long-term effects as hypnosis does fade with time. Because one hypnosis session isn’t enough to truly change someone, people often give up before they see results – and yet, people who stick with it have seen amazing results. Faster weight loss. Stronger muscles in a shorter time. The key is to experiment until you figure out what is best for you. It’d also be difficult to force anyone to do something they didn’t want to do, which is why individuals are suggested to spend money on those files and products that seem most in line with their goals and interests. 

But will hypnosis work for me?
It can, but some people are naturals at relaxing deeply and others take some practice. There are differences in the styles, techniques, and even voices of hypnotists and hypnotherapists, so if one thing doesn’t work for you, perhaps something else well. You could also try to experience trance at different times of the day, and are advised to avoid stimulants such as caffeine prior to listen. Once you do go deeper, it does become easier to reach that state of deep trance again. This is a key reason some free samples are offered when available – so you can try out the style of a hypnosis file before you spend money on other hypnosis files.

Will the effects of the hypnotic trance last?
As stated above, hypnosis isn’t magic and the key to truly changing your body, mind, and habits is repetition. 

So how often should I listen to the hypnosis file(s)? 
We know you’re busy, and don’t expect you to listen to these files every day of your life. That said, you might benefit from daily listening for the first couple weeks to really let the hypnosis suggestions sink in and make sure you are getting used to going deep with the hypno mp3. Then, gradually listen less, first down to a few days a week. If you find that satisfactory, you could try going down to once a week and adjust back up if needed. 

Will I remember the hypno trance? 
Some people remember hypnosis suggestions while others do not, regardless of what a hypnotist suggests. Neither is an accurate indicator of how well the hypnosis is working. Whether you wake up from a session having blanked out on the trance suggestions or find your mind wandering to other thoughts doesn’t really matter – your subconscious listens either way. If you are worried about a hypno file, try skipping past the induction and listen to the body of the hypnosis mp3 to ensure all suggestions are acceptable to you.  

Would I fall asleep listening to a hypnosis mp3?
It is possible, though most often it only feels as if you fell asleep but were actually deep. Certain files, such as the Muscle Mesmerizer files, give you the option to either wake up or drift off to sleep at the end. If you listen before bed, you’ll do the latter & possibly not remember the session – but your subconscious likely heard all the suggestions before you truly drifted off to sleep. 

Any tips on times to listen, or where?
The best time is a time when you can be quiet and alone to truly relax deep; otherwise the best time of day to listen to hypnotism depends on the individual. Be sure you turn off distractions first, such as silencing your cell phone and computer notifications, and don’t forget the pets. Wear comfortable clothing and sit or lie down where you can let your muscles relax easily. 

I bought a files with binaurals but have realized I am sensitive to it. Can I exchange it?
If it is a Muscle Mesmerizer file, e-mail Coach Josh at musclemesmerizer@gmail.com with all the pertinent information of your order so that your purchase can be confirmed, and he will see what he can do. Let him know if you prefer the non-binaural music version, or a version that has no music. 

The files aren’t working on me / for me. Can I get a refund?
Hypnosis is far too subjective and it’s difficult to say what might be in your subconscious blocking any specific file from working, so Muscle Mesmerizer generally does not offer refunds per both the refund policy & the liability policy expressing that there are no guarantees or warranties. That said, if it’s a technical issue please musclemesmerizer@gmail.com with the details of your order and the problem, and Coach Josh will look into it and send a corrected replacement file if needed. Otherwise, try some free files first and get conditioned to hypnosis before you make a purchase. 

Can I request a file?
Muscle Mesmerizer accepts requests but makes no promises due to time and a $150 fee minimum (possibly higher depending on request) would apply if Coach Josh agrees to make the file (allow up to a week once a project has been agreed to). E-mail musclemesmerizer@gmail.com with what you are looking for and do not pay until the file is agreed to. Once agreed to, you will be asked to pay ahead of the actual work on the file. You understand that this file, if generic enough, might be sold for cheaper on the site once completed but the fee includes a rush fee so that you move the file up ahead of other projects on the to-do list. 

Do you do one-on-one sessions?
Coach Josh does not offer free sessions at this time, but is open to arranging work via phone or Skype for about $2/minute with a recommendation of $40 for 20 minutes hypnosis (possibly longer for chatting before/after but 20 minutes for the actual session). Alternatively, one can call him through his Niteflirt line when the line is open for calls.