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November Patreon Pledge File

MANSMELLS PIG – smell those pits… those feet … that used jock .. OINK

Pledge the $75 reward tier this month to get a custom version of this month’s file, as chosen by Patrons with last month’s poll (and don’t forget to pledge and vote in this month’s polls!). Save $125 over my normal custom rates of $200 to get custom bits put in to your version of the file, plus get it much sooner than general release date! File would be worked on Dec./Jan. You can also pay me via other means, message me for details!

You can also message me about checking to see if there is time to join in on any of the following and the payment options if so:
STRAIGHT-TO-GAY/BI: This traditional file (though it may feel more erotic by the end) will help you focus on that lust for muscle and other traits as you accept that maybe you’re a bit more than just curious.  $100 JOIN-IN – this is next, so act fast if interested. Once recorded, too late!
SLAVE TO THE GYM: This would then be next, and is about feeling like the gym is your “Master” that you must obey as you stick to your workout and nutrition plans – until someday you master the gym and your diet.  $100 JOIN (patrons might get discounts on some of these 😉 ).
SUPERHERO – I keep putting other stuff ahead of this but I do need to get this done, been on my list too long as part of a trade. Feel the spirit of a superhero guiding you in the gym – custom versions can include specific superheroes! $100 Join-In.
LITERAL MINDF_CK – an erotic file about feeling my words truly penetrating deep in that mind. Since getting lower prices is part of the rewards of being a Patron and this one was listed all last month, those who haven’t already pledged can join in for $100.

Files up for consideration for next month include:
Stick to Your Diet * Giant Fantasy (Self) * Giant Fantasy (Other)  * Gym God * Muscle Toy/Pup * Exhibitionism * Chastity Self-Locked * Hypno Workout * Worship Women * Worship Straight Jocks * Worship Black Penis * Vampire Encounter * Rubber/Leather/Lycra Takeover * Best Set Ever * MORE

Only Patrons get to vote for the next discount custom file / reward! Thank you all for your support.

Limited Availability Notice

I have one or two more stories in queue but after that, possibly hiatus again – but hopefully much shorter this time. Apologies as I just didn’t get enough in queue before all this happened.

Happy Elf Recovery Day!

Every December 26th, the elves get to let loose!

elf2Image courtesy of – click here for more sexy jocks… er, elves… in action!

Happy Veterans Day 2014

porn-army-gay-07     Image courtesy of – click here for more hot men in & out of uniform. And a special thanks to all who have served – may you get all the action you deserve 😉

Trick With a Treat

“Fuck yeah, I’m rockin’ this jock slut costume.
[Doorbell] Isn’t it a bit late kids?”
52914_02smallest“Damn dude, you’re no kid. Who are you?”
“I’m a trick with a treat.”

The jock wasn’t sure why his head started to feel fuzzy, but he couldn’t help but drift off into an obedient state as the masked man spoke.

“You craved that treat. Who doesn’t crave a nice treat now and then? But on Halloween, one could just give in and overindulge on those treats. Give in jock. It’s time for your treat.”

The jock was helpless but didn’t care. Even if he’d been tricked into believing it, he accepted he was in for a treat.


Images courtesy of ExtraBigDicks – click here for more hung tricks offering up treats for your eyes!

New Oral Fixation


“You really think ya can get me to quit Coach?”

It’s not my specialty jock, but I have some ideas such as giving you a new oral fixation. Perhaps suckers.

“I dunno Coach, won’t my teeth rot?”

Why don’t you just relax for me and we’ll explore what your subconscious desires as a substitute.

Take a nice deep breath as you stroke and feel how good it feels. You’ll be able to push yourself more in each workout when your lungs are so full of fresh air. Yet as you stroke, you know it’s more than just addiction… it’s habit. But that’s OK, because we’re going to make you desire a new habit. Think of how good it feels to have that cigarette on your lips as I count up to 10. By the time we reach 10, it’ll feel 100 times better to have something else on your lips…and because it’ll feel so much better, it becomes the only oral craving you have.


“Damn Coach, I don’t feel like a cig at all. I still kinda wanna put somethin’ in my mouth though. Can’t put my finger on it but damn I just need to suck on somethin’ good.”

Perhaps my cock can satisfy your craving.

“Mmmm, was thinkin’ that Coach but didn’t feel my place to ask… yes Sir!”

Good jock, now come smoke my pole.

Images courtesy of – click here for more twinks and jocks!

Hard Muscles, Dude!


“Dude, did you get hard looking at that fitness mag?”

“Bro, not cool!”

“No way man, your dick is throbbing!”

“Don’t mean nothin’. Just been workin’ with Coach to crave that hard muscle, push harder in the gym, ya’ know?”

“Yeah, and I got a hard muscle for you right here.”

Soon both boys had succumbed to Coach’s programming. It wasn’t hard for Keith, who was already gay, to give in… but Toby had taken more work. Yet Coach’s words took over: You crave that hard muscle. You want that hard muscle yourself. When in your gym, it’s almost like you can taste it. You wish you could taste it. And as soon as you do get a taste of that hard muscle you’ve come to lust after, there’s no going back…. the desire for that hard muscle will consume you.


Before long you’ll need that hard muscle to enter you in any and all ways possible.
MyBrotherInLawSTG18small              Images courtesy of from – click here for more steamy videos of straight studs seduced into steamy sex!


Pre-Workout Stretch



It’s always such a good idea to stretch those muscles ahead of a workout**…

…getting more and more limber for all those sessions with your hot jock teammates

…staying as flexible as possible even as that mass keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Working that core…  building those muscles…. 

This becomes your new favorite gym, for everything about it feels so very right…. everybody here so obsessed with muscle…. both building their own, and lusting after the muscle of others.

Images courtesy of – click here for more this and other hot gym encounters plus more stroke-worthy videos.


43521_14**This is just fantasy talk. Do your research for the latest science on types of stretches for pre- or post- workout.

Rookie Prepwork



Just remaining in that nice relaxed state rookie as your top jock gets you used to his big cock. 

You already feel so turned on thinking of how good that big dildo feels in your mouth… and you know his cock will taste so much better.

That’s right rookie… it tastes so good. 

When you first looked at it, your eyes lit up in fear but all that has disappeared with each bob of your head over that hung stud’s packages.

And now that you know how good it tastes, you’re so ready for the next stage in your training.


Each thrust gives you more and more pleasure… that slobbered on dildo sliding in so easily and hitting all the right notes as orgasmic pleasure washes over you.

And yet again, you know this is nothing compared to that cock of your top jock, because now you know how good it feels to be fucked by such a big dick…. and you know your top jock’s cock will feel 100 times better than that dildo…

134                       Images courtesy of – click here for more studs having sex!

Craving That Jockhole

That’s right jock, just relax into trance as you slip on that toy. You’ll find that each thrust helps to take you deeper and deeper, and the deeper you go, the more pleasure you feel…. the more pleasure you feel, the deeper you go. 

And because it feels so very good, you’ll want to experience this feeling again… this feeling of fucking a jockhole. You’ve fucked pussy before but it’s never compared to this… how amazing it feels to slip your dick into the hole of one of your fellow jocks.

“Damn Coach, I never knew jockhole could feel so fuckin’ good. When you gonna assign me my rookie?”

Some new recruits are coming in very soon.

“Awesome Coach. Does jockhole really feel that good? I mean, maybe ’til I get my rookie I can have some teammates practice on me.

Don’t wanna deny them this sweet pleasure, ya know?”


img011                   Images courtesy of – click here for more dirty jocks in action!