Dumb Jocks, Horny Men, and More!

I can’t believe I’ve not posted about this here yet, I just was put very behind on things by my father’s passing and have struggled to catch up. I also was hoping that offering two Patreon rewards at great deals would pick up some interest and mean less working on other things…. but so far it’s meant MORE work and still struggling to pay the bills. So any of you that can pledge, I really appreciate it…. and if I ever eventually get enough, maybe I’ll finally have time to more properly spend updating all these websites! And I do understand money is tight, but it is a great deal if you have any interest on the custom files advertised…

And this month has TWO great ones. One is Erotic Dumb Jock – right up the alley of everyone here! Stroke and dumb down, and feel the (temporary? permanent?) effects of starting to change into that simple bro … who loves the sport of _______ (or maybe no sports?) … well, the thing is, if you pledge, you get  a say and get a certain number of custom items includes, so long as it sticks with the general file.

The second file is Aroused by a Trigger – feeling that cock getting so horny each time you hear a certain sound .. or ??   Again, you get a say if you pledge. $89 each or $150 for both! You can pledge at http://patreon.com/themesmerizer – or e-mail me musclemesmerizer at gmail dt com to discuss other payment methods.

You can also e-mail me to get in on the following for $100 each, available until I record:
1) Drill Sergeant Workout – authoritative motivation in a brotherhood environment
2)  Superhero Workout – feel a superhero inside of you helping to push you for workouts.
3) Pup Play File – a new file about getting in touch with your pup side.
And if you don’t see this before June 30th, then Erotic Dumb Jock and possibly Aroused by a Trigger will get put on this list.

Or e-mail with your own custom file ideas.

Files I’ve worked on this past month include Shaving Addict, Erotic Redneck, and Cuckhold Slave,  joining the growing list of files I have done for custom but not edited down for release yet. Your support helps me have the time to focus on making these changes and getting them up, and is greatly appreciated. If you know dumb jock wannabes, let them know about this chance to get in on a custom file for a great price! And don’t forget to vote on future files for rewards! Vote one month – pledge the next – files done within two months after that (one month when I can, if I ever get caught up!).

Thanks all. Hoping to do more soon across all sites!