Wet & Horny Poolboy


That’s right jock… just go ahead and strip down to your swimsuit as you prepare to lounge in the pool.

And yet when that water starts hitting you, you’ll find it starts to make you feel so very horny.

Such a horny jock whenever he gets wet.

So wet and horny now, and yet able to relax deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Being in that pool feels so natural for you, even as you feel yourself letting go of all other knowledge… each stroke making you more simple.

Yet it feels so good, and you will love your new life as a dumb, always naked poolboy.


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The Laundry Trigger



“Coach sent me to get your laundry.”

“Whoa… I just felt light-headed when you said that.”

“In that case you better let me help you with that shirt.”

“Sure bro. I can help you with yours too.”

“And now for those shorts…”

Soon the jocks were filling up with uncontrollable lust.They didn’t realize that Coach’s hypnosis sessions had implanted a trigger word that only worked when in the locker room: laundry.

Any time one of the team or Coach mentioned laundry in the locker room, the jocks felt all their eyes glaze over and all their cocks shot right up.

In that moment, all jockholes were ripe for the taking, remaining in lustful trance until each teammate had cummed.


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Relax Jock



“You called Coach?”

Yes, I was wondering if you could stay behind for some more training.

“I’m supposed to meet my girlfriend.”

RELAX JOCK. It’ll just be a few minutes.

“Yes, Sir.”

Good jock… now just relax and we’ll begin.



“Damn Coach, dunno what you did but I feel good and horny!”

You off to meet your girlfriend?

“Nah, she’s just gonna want some, but she’s just not doin’ it for me anymore. I’ll break up with her tomorrow. Tonight, gonna go have me some fun!”

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Muscle Meant to Be Enjoyed


Just relax. You’ve worked so hard to build up your muscle, and now it’s time to enjoy it more than ever before.

The deeper you go for me, the more sensitive you start to feel – anything you touch makes you feel aroused. Anytime you flex fills you with ecstasy. 

When I wake you up, you’ll so easily embrace this new you – a man whose muscles give him pleasure as he puts on shows, serves as an escort, and does anything else where he might flex or have his muscles felt up. It all just feels so good…


“Oh yeah Coach – so horned to get out there! This muscle was meant to be enjoyed!”

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In Deep


That’s right Terry. As you relax, you find it easier for that cock to slide deeper inside your mouth.

This position will help teach you how to take it deeper.

Soon you’ll know how to work a cock deep down your throat from any position as you become a deep throat pro.



Now Flex, just relax as you taste that hole and realize you crave to taste more of it.

The best way to taste it is deep inside – you’ll be able to taste it with your cock.



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The Pig Collar



The deeper you go with each stroke, the more you accept that you are just a horny pig whenever you wear that pig collar. 

Just stroking deeper and deeper until you relax so completely that you have no choice but to soak in my words. 

You are such a dirty, slutty, kinky pig whenever you wear your pig collar.



“Oh yeah, come fuck my hole daddy Coach.

It’s so primed for your cock. Fuck I need your cock in me now.

See how hard my cock is waiting for you?”


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Ben’s New Boss


Ben’s new boss had been playing music while they worked together, but Ben didn’t notice his boss had also worn tiny ear plugs.

Had he noticed, he might have wondered why his boss would insist on playing that strange music if he was just going to wear ear plugs. 

Then again, maybe not, for ever since the music started, Ben found himself drawn to his boss’ cock… until soon he was mindlessly acting on his desires. 



Ben had thought it was strange how his boss barely asked any questions during his interview – after all, he was barely qualified and only went on a whim per Coach’s suggestion.

Now Ben was barely thinking at all…


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Lustful Twinks


Just gently stroking each other into a nice deep trance. 

It feels so good to bond with your teammate… to accept that it’s completely natural to work together for Coach. 

Each stroke helping you to accept more and more that you are such horny little jocks.

And when you wake up, you’ll both be filled with lust for each other…

and for each other’s cocks.


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Horny Jock in a Jock



Accepting this jockstrap trigger more and more with each relaxing stroke.

Whenever you are wearing the jock you have on now, you will become an eager, horny bottom jock.


“My hole is so ready for you Coach!”



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Unaware He’s a JockSlave

“Your hypnosis hasn’t been working on me. No way you can get me naked.”

You don’t remember any sessions, do you jock?

“No, because they didn’t work.”

Or perhaps you don’t remember them because they did work. GOOD JOCKS TAKE OUT THEIR COCKS.

“I’m not doing that.”

You already did.”

“Oh fuck, I did. And why am I so hard?”

Because you know you enjoy it.





And once you cum, you’ll accept not only my power over you – but how much you enjoyed your new Master molding and controlling you.You’ll know without doubt that not only has my hypnosis worked – but you want… crave… NEED more… and be so willing to submit to me everyday just for a taste of that trance.

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