Another Muscle You’d Love


“Dude, loving Coach’s files. So pumped for muscle and… oh my god, when did you start getting ripped?”

“Been using Coach’s files too man.”

“Your muscles are really starting to bulge, can definitely tell you’re getting bigger bro!”

“I have another muscle you might want to check out too man.”

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Rookie Initiation 8/28/14



That’s right jocks. Just keep stroking each other into a nice relaxing trance.

Feel yourself bonding as a team as we become intimate with each other. Becoming so willing to help initiate your new rookie here.

And Jamison, you are so ready to join the team, knowing that it is your place as a rookie to serve the other jocks.


Just like that Jamison.

Taking turns sucking each cock, and using your hands to take care of the other two as you give each of the team MVP’s here their fair share of orgasmic pleasure.

Feel how good it feels to serve for the good of the team.




Once you’ve worked your teammates to the point of climax, they’ll shower you in cum – completing the initiation as you make the team.


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Eager To Please Coach



Just relaxing so nice and deep for me.

As you go deeper, you become more and more of a horny jock, so ready and eager to please your Coach any way you can.

That’s right. You can feel yourself submitting more and more now. The horny jock taking over.

And you will just be so very horny for Coach when you wake up.

“Yo Coach … I’m ready for you. You want some face and cock time… or you just wanna fuck me Sir?”



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Part of the Construction Crew


That’s right guys… just stare at that cock and find yourselves going into a nice deep trance. 

You have both become FitDimWit grads and now it’s time to welcome the latest trainee to the work study program.

Jordan here will be getting dumber and dumber about everything not related to working out or working as part of the construction crew, and you meatheads are the perfect guys to break him in.

Jordan, as you take in their seed, you will become more and more like them. Just a dumb laborer, so simple and ready to obey your foreman.

Wearing your uniform, even just the boots, reminds you that you are just a simple man meant to do simple jobs.

Allow that simple laborer to take over your mind. You work. You obey. You go to the gym. And after sweating all day at work and in the gym, you go out with the guys for some nice, simple fun.



As you get fucked and sucked at the same time now, you feel as if your brains are being fucked out of you…

and when you cum, that transformation will be complete. You are a FitDimWit.



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Police Dog


That’s right boy. Just letting your human side fade away more and more as you go deeper into trance.

Each suck taking you further. And as you as you drift down more, you start to feel more and more as if you are sucking on a bone.

When your new partner cums in your mouth, you will feel yourself becoming His. He is your Master. You are his dog.

“That’s a good boy. Swallow it all up now.”

I think he’ll make a fine addition to your K-9 unit, Officer.

“Sure looks that way Coach! Thinking I’ll take this one home when he’s off-duty to double as my guard dog.”


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Sex Workout 8-24-14


And as Cooper cums into Taylor’s mouth, you’ll both wake up from your trance.
“That session was awesome Coach!”

“Yeah bro, I feel pumped up to work out!”

“Me too… but I wanna fuck even more.”

“Shit, me too. So fucking horny!”

No worries guys, you can do both.



Cooper, you’ll start with some push-up fucks.

Taylor, you’ll be doing reverse crunches in combination to that.

Once you guys find your rhythm, you’ll be having amazing sex and working those muscles in tandem in no time.




Then Taylor will continue working his abs as Cooper does a superset of squats and calf raises. 



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You’ve been working so hard to build that muscle. And the more you have worked out, the more of a musclehead you have become. It feels so good to be one of my fitdimwits. Now it’s time to use those muscles to make us money. Just feel all your inhibitions fade away.

This is why you have been building muscle. So others would find you sexy and want to worship you. Even pay to worship you. And you love to help their fantasies come true, just as I am helping your fantasies to become real.

“Yo, Coach, you so right ’bout this corner, man! Rich dudes walk by here all the time and almost all of ’em wanna worship these guns.

Been makin’ major buck. Got your share back at my place. Wud love to thank ya with a freebie too bro.”

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A Simple Boxer



Becoming just a bit more simple with each stroke.

You no longer rely on your brain. You rely on your instinct.

You have the instinct to get bigger and stronger as you build muscle.

You have the instincts that will help you in the ring.

You don’t think. You just fight.

Easily able to predict what your opponents are going to do, and defend from it.

Able to see what you need to do to surprise them.

Your brain will not be cluttered by thoughts. Just pure and simple, with all your thoughts related to the things that make you a better boxer…


“Yo, Coach!

I ready fo’ that big fight…

like all amped up and shit!

Gonna be a fuckin’ TKO, bro!”





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Rewards of Working Out


“Great sesh, Coach! Don’t remember much but feel pumped!”

Glad to hear it. Pablo here is going to be your spotter for the workout.

“Cool bro!”


“Great set man.

Time for your reward.”





“Damn I love this workout program Coach!”




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“I’m tired of being such a shy geek. Do you think you could make me one of your fitdimwits?”

If you respond to my hypnosis, certainly. Are you able to pay?

“Money’s a bit tight. But maybe I could find a way to work it off for you?”

I trust that you well. Why don’t you go ahead and get naked for me.

“I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that Coach.”

It’s all part of the process, boy. To truly have you dumb down, we’ll need to do a stroke session.

Simply allowing yourself to forget more  with each and every stroke. Becoming a blank slate for me to mold. You will find yourself so comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of others from now on. In fact, this is how you will make your money. You’ll be too dumb to do traditional work… all you will know how to do is dance, strip, and act as a mindless gogo boy. And when you cum, that transformation will be complete.


Because you will not be able to manage your own money, I will act as your manager, taking my fair share in exchange for the hypnosis that keeps you a dumb gogo boy.


“Me a dumbeh gogo boy Sir. Me likes t’ dance ‘n strip fo’ money.”

Good boy.




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