The Bandanna Trigger


That’s right Brendan. Just laying there so mindless and passive whenever you have that bandanna on. Just as we hypnotized you. 

Knowing you allow this to happen because you want your boyfriend to be happy.

And while you are normally an aggressive top, from time to time Scott wishes to let out his inner power bottom.

This is why he paid me to create this trigger in you.

And so anytime you have that bandanna on, it is so easy for you to just let go and let him ride on top of you. 

It just feels so good to let go and enjoy the pleasure whenever you have that bandanna around your neck.


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From Twink to Punk


“Can you make me more alternative Coach? Craving tattoos and all that?”

Of course. Let’s have you go ahead and stroke for me. 

Each stroke will take you further into relaxation. Each stroke will help you to accept your desires. 

Each stroke will help those desires grow stronger until there is nothing you want more…. nothing holding you back…

You will be a tattooed punk jock.

I see you have some new tattoos.

“Yeah Coach, just a few small ones. I’m not quite brave enough for more yet… but I can tell it’s working. Take me further?”

Okay. Why don’t you go ahead and stroke for me again, back into relaxation.


Knowing that by the time you cum, you will feel yourself changing permanently into a tattooed punk jock.




“Coach, took a few seshes but you got me all inked up and shit, and I fuckin’ love it.

My ass is yours anytime you want man.”



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Good Jocks Obey 7/29/14

‘I’m so tired of working on this presentation.

Huh, it’s like Coach was reading my mind that I needed a distraction. But do I risk reading it? I don’t really have time.

Fuck, I can’t resist. What’s it say?’

Good Jocks Obey. Good Jocks Get Comfortable and Relax for Coach.

‘Head feels fuzzy…. must get comfortable. Feels good to relax and obey.’

Good Jocks Show Off for Coach.

‘Yes. I love to show off for you Coach.’

Good Jocks Are Hard for Coach.

‘I’m so hard, Sir.’

Good Jocks Are Horny for Coach ‘s cock.

‘Yes, Sir. So horny for your dick.’

Good Jocks Open the Door.




Good jock. I see you responded to my messages.

Now go ahead and show me just how much you want my cock.



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Ready for Your Teammate


As you relax, it’s so easy to push that cock down towards your hole. 

And as you do, the thought of being able to fuck yourself… or be fucked by yourself… it’s so hot to you. 

Even though you’ve never been with another man, it’s not quite as scary when you think about fucking yourself.

And as you relax, you realize that you are not just one man. You are part of a team.

You accept more and more that it’s perfectly acceptable for your teammates to fuck you.

As you realize how good that dildo feels as it slides in, you also start to realize how much you crave that feeling. 

You know that a warm cock of a fellow jock would feel even better up your ass. And you accept that completely that there is nothing wrong with being fucked by a teammate. 

For we are all one.




And you are so ready to be fucked by your fellow muscle jocks now. 




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The Cleaning Slave

1 (49)

Just stroking deeper and deeper for me, and accepting with each stroke that you will enjoy being my cleaning slave. 

Whenever you’re not working on building muscle or pleasing Master sexually, you will be cleaning my home – and you will love it. 

It feels so good to serve and obey, but you won’t even realize how much you enjoy cleaning for me at first.

You’ll simply feel so compelled to start cleaning when I wake you up. The urge will overwhelm you.

1 (4)
And with each cleaning task you complete, you find yourself taking off another piece of clothing. It’s almost as if being able to take another item off is a reward for a job well done.  By the time you are done, you will be completely naked. And you will realize being a naked cleaning slave feels so very right, for it also fills you with so much pleasure.
1 (8)

1 (12)
1 (35)
1 (42)

1 (46)


Each task done will leave you hornier and hornier, driving you to be as efficient of a cleaning slave as possible.

For only when you have completed all tasks to my liking will you be allowed to feel my cock inside of you.


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So Good to Flex



“Goddamn it feels good to flex for you Coach!

It always makes me horny as fuck too.

Not sure why that is.”


“But now that I’m done with the flex show, all I can think is how much I want you to fuck me.

Ready when you are Coach!”



{Earlier that day}

You won’t remember any of this session. All you will remember is how good it feels to flex for me – and how much flexing for me turns you on.


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Cigar Boy to Muscle Daddy



That’s right. Inhaling that cigar.  

And as you do, you relax deeper…

You’ve been such a good cigar boy for me, but now it’s time for you to grow up. 

now it’s time to start your journey towards being a muscle daddy.

As you breathe in that cigar, you feel it. How your chest rises and falls.

And how amazing it’d feel if that chest was even bigger. 



“Hell yeah Coach, your hypno helpin’ me get swole as fuck.

Think I’m ready for my own boy now.”




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Coach Works the System

That’s right Professor Lyman. In this tranced state, it’s so easy for you to accept your desire to have this cock inside of you. The cock of a young, hung college stud. You can feel its potency in your hand. So close you can smell the musk. So close you can taste the powerful precum.

And more than anything, you want this seed in your ass. To be bred by your student. But this only happens if you give my FitDimWits passing grades. Grades that allow them to stay on the team even after I’ve transformed them into meatheads and dumb jocks.


“Awesome of you to give me a B minus professor dude.”

“Keep fucking me like this and I’ll make it an A plus!”



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Obey Your Trainer


“Guess I zoned out Coach. Don’t remember much of nothin’. I’m just horny as fuck and my…

Oh shit.There’s my trainer. I just want to obey him so bad.”

You’re going to do everything he tells you to do, aren’t you?

“Yes Coach.

Very good. Only after Jensen is satisfied will you be rewarded.

“I swear I’ll work extra to make up for last time, just wanna keep ya happy dude.”ManMuskDMH02smaller


“Fuck Coach, I ain’t never missin’ a session with my trainer again!”




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Prepped for the New Team


“Yo, Coach! Me and Sam needs your help.”

“Bro, leave me outta this. I ain’t gonna put up with those punks.”

What’s going on jocks?

“Ya know how we new here? We used to playin’ on down and dirty rugby teams. The one here’s all preppy & shit. We don’t fit in.”

I could help you with that if you’d like…


That’s right jocks, just getting down and dirty with each other. And yet as you suck each other, it feels like you are sucking all the dirty down out of each other’s cocks. You feel all that roughness draining out of your head and down to your cocks.

You can feel it now. As old desires start to fade away, new desires start to fill your mind. The desire to be elite. The desire be stylish. The desire to be proper. And when you each cum, you will find yourself transformed into distinguished young gentlemen. 

“Coach, Sir, Sam and I cannot express enough gratitude to you!”

“Indeed! We fit in splendidly.”

“We’re quite certain to make the starting roster now.”

“Yes, especially after we send the current captains your way. Their arrogance begs out for your FitDimWit program.”


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