Fix the Plumbing

“Yep, Coach, I know just what to say when he gets here.”

“Yo, Coach sent me ova, said ya needed some help with sumthin’?”

“Yes, I need help to FIX THE PLUMBING.”

“Fuck, man, your house could flood all over the shit. Betta let me take a look.”


“I think I found it man. Look at all this precum you’re leaking.”

“What dafuq you sayin'”

“You didn’t feel it? It’s all right here.”

“Oh fuck bro. What I do?”

“Only one thing we can do – suck it dry.”

“Thank God you here bro to stop my leak. Man, can’t believe this shit. I swear Coach just fixed the fucker!”

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Didn’t Coach Show You?


“Dude, you jerkin’ one out right the fuck under me?”

“Coach said to relieve tension before the game.”

“Didn’t he show you the right way to do it?”

“Well yeah but I was afraid to ask ya.”

“Bro, I’m coming down.”

“Let me show ya how one of Coach’s top jocks does it.”
“Now you do me, bro.”

“Fuck, that felt good, but I still nervous ’bout the game yo.”
“Then we gotta fuck those jitters outta ya.”
“Man that feels so much better.”
“I know bro … now show me what I taught ya.”

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Laundry Day

“Bro, why does Coach need two of us to do laundry?”

“I don’t know. But I like doing stuff for Coach.”

“Yeah, me too. Just seems like a waste of time. How do we kill the time?”

“Coach says he has other stuff planned for us.”

“You’re putting your shirt in? Actually, maybe I should too -pitted out at practice.”

“Here, let me help with that.”


The jocks didn’t mind being shirtless around each other, but suddenly their pants were starting to come down as both filled with lust.

The jocks didn’t realize that today’s sessions with Coach had left a special trigger in them – that whenever they heard the sound of Coach’s washing machine, they’d immediately become dumb, horny jocks.


They’d stop to change loads as needed, and then get right back to each other’s naked bodies.

They were in pure dumb lustful bliss as they fucked to the rhythm of the dryer. And Coach was all but too happy to watch on his cam feed.

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Game Balls


Relax boy.

I know you want to be a perfect jock for your Coach.


I know you want to be so ready to handle the game ball…

Just listen to my voice for a bit….


“Coach, I present my balls for your inspection.

Are they good enough to be your game balls tonight, Sir?”


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From Meeting to Meathead

“Here he come Coach.”

You ready?

“Ya Coach. Got on that special shit too. What it called?”

Cologne. It’s my own special formula. 




“You, sorry bro, just pumped to get to the gym, ya know what I’m sayin’?”

“Not really.  I usually just take a run before work…. and I’m not sure why I’m telling you that.”

“It coo, bro.”


“Hey man, found one more. Must a blown away.”

“Blown… eh, sorry, zoned out for a second. Thanks a lot! But how did you find me?”

“It’s on the antelope ya meathead!”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. … Wait, no it’s not. I’m feeling kinda strange.”



“Let me help.”

“Wow, this is not like me. I feel kind of… I don’t know. It must be the stress of a job.”

“Don’t this make ya feel better bro?”

“Yeah, it does. My work just blows sometimes…”

“A blow job?”

“What? That’s not what I … fuck you’re hot though dude. Why not?”

“That right bro. Drink my meathead juice and you be a meathead too.”


“Ya swallow that all dude. Fuck, it late though man, we gotta hit the gym. You one of us now!”


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Good Jock 6/28



“Coach, was I naked before? All I remember is you talking about your friend, what’s his name…. Mr. Right.”

Good jocks love being naked in Coach’s house.

“Not that I’m complainin’. So glad we can just let it hang loose at your place!”



Good jocks do 100 push-ups now.




Good jocks then do 100 crunches.



“I can’t believe I just did all that! Wasn’t even thinking – just had to do them.”

Felt good though to just obey me, didn’t it jock? 

“Yes, Sir!”



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Muscle Lust


“Coach, your files getting me swole! But that muscle lust one – wow!

Always hard as fuck when me workout now. See for ya’self!

But this jock not complainin’ – it give me more energy for the workouts. I is PUMPED!”


“Fuck so sweaty after that and now seeing ya there Coach…

I just gotta get these pants off….

Damn boots is in the way…

No worry Coach, me got another idea…”




“See Coach, I’m not such a musclehead where it counts!

And I’m lustin’ for these muscles to get fucked!”



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Loosen Up

image08 smaller

“Coach, I ‘m always so reserved. Uptight even. Always worried about my reputation. But I know that’s only because my dad has beat that into me – to not do anything that makes him look bad.

But I’m tired of it. I just want to let go and have fun. My dad’s an ass, so screw him and the tabloids. I want to just not care anymore. Can you help?”

Of course. Why don’t you go ahead and get comfortable…

image11 smaller

image04 smaller

“Hellz yeah Coach! This the real me! Whooo!”

So you feel much looser?

—the jock’s eyes glaze over—

“Yes, Coach. Much looser. Loose for you.”


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You Been Doing Your Squats?

cute-white-twink-03 smaller

“Yeah, Coach, been doin’ extra squats just like you asked. In the gym and extra dumbbell ones at home too.

But why you been havin’ me do extra?”

I think it’ll make more sense to you when I introduce the newest rookie, though I don’t think he’ll stay a rookie for long.

Meet Anton. 

“Holy fuck Coach! The extra squats definitely make sense now.”

cute-white-twink-02 smaller



“Thanks Coach for helping me to prepare for this monster!”




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The Paint Crew


Coach had invited the group to earn some extra credit by helping to paint his house. Two of the boys, Kip and Jensen, were typical skater stoners and it was no surprise to see they needed extra credit, or to see them giving in to their hormones. 

But the others…. was it the paint fumes? Or the special music Coach had insisted would their productivity?

Sawyer had been shy. His dyslexia meant he struggled with school and it was hard for him to make friends.

Now, here he was – letting Kip give him a blow job. This wasn’t him.

But it felt good. It felt right. His long floppy hairy was perfect for… he wasn’t quite sure. He just knew he had the look.



But the real surprise was to see George there – he wasn’t the type to normally need extra credit. But Coach had agreed he could skip a week of gym if he helped out.

He wished he wasn’t wearing his glasses. He’d have to go get some contacts. Yeah, that’d be much better, he thought. He was tired of being called a four-eyed geek. But why was he a geek? He wasn’t that smart, was he? His mind started to muddle.

Whatever had made them so horny, Sawyer and George didn’t realize just how much their thoughts were changing. Their new friends had been so accepting of them. Maybe they weren’t such bad guys. Maybe it’d be fun to hang with them some more. Maybe it’d be nice to join up for a skateboarding session. Going for a sweet ride… that’d be so badass, man!

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